I’m going to “Go give `em heaven!”

DSC02942 - Copy

Becca’s District at the ever-famous MTC world map.

DSC02993 - Copy

Elder Matt Jasperson next to Becca – a friend since elementary school

DSC02987 - Copy

Her Zone

Let me just say that I am learning so much here at the MTC. I don’t think I have ever learned this much in my life. I love it here. The spirit is amazing!

Harry guess what happened to me this week?! I got your super, duper, awesome, cute, sweet letter! It made me soooo happy to get it. The cool thing is is that I got called down to the front desk from my room a couple of nights ago and I thought I had done something wrong. But, cool thing! You’re letter was HAND DELIVERED to ME!!!!! I felt so special Harry! Thanks for sending the drawing. I have it with me always in my scriptures:)

Okay so nothing big happened this week. I finally have the hang of things and it is so nice not to have not idea what I’m doing. Now it’s just in class….what are they saying? That is seriously how Chinese is. It is such a beautiful language but rough. I am just so happy that I am not tone deaf. That would make it loads harder. Did I mention one of the other sisters in my district is British. Ya so I’m picking up on her slang. Kind of awesome if you ask me.

I was thinking earlier this week that today is Monday! It’s October 27th! It’s Dad’s birthday!! It really is. Happy Birthday Daddy! I hope you have an awesome day full of yummy spice cake and love from everyone. Eat a piece of cake for me. Love and miss you dad:)

I committed my investigator Yiph Jimuih to baptism!! Sister De Ocampo and I taught her all the lessons in Canto! I can already feel the gift of tongues working. You have to give it your best first and then you will receive blessings. Always remember that. We taught her in Cantonese without speaking English!!!! Ahhhhh, it has only been 1 1/2 weeks and I talked and understood her in Canto! Sister De Ocampo and I get 3 new investigators this week Emily, Yanni and A Jeung. I know we will do well.

Funny thing happened this week, so when ever an elderly couple talks sees you they always stop and ask where you are going. I love it. Most people expect South America or the States but never Hong Kong! It is so awesome! I have been told like 2341385434 different times that I am going to open up China! How cool would that be?? I would love it and it would be such a blessing to those families who have been waiting hundreds of years to hear the truth and learn of our Savior. I just love it. This cute little grandma told me to “go give ’em heaven Sisters.” Cracked me up! Sister De Ocampo and I were laughing sooooo hard! We say it all the time now:)

So this week is kind of sad and happy at the same time. The P-Thai’s(old Thai’s) are leaving but we get some Hmong, Cambodian and Vietnamese missionaries this week! The Thai’s I have come to love so much! The sisters were our training leaders and I absolutely love them especially Sister Smith & Sister Lor! I will really miss them but we’ll keep in touch. As for the new members of our zone. I have no idea if they are Sisters or Elders. I guess we will find out.

I joined the MTC choir this week. I’m First Soprano but I can sing Tenor too so I sit next to each of them. Next week sometime I believe we are being broadcast in the CES devotional so find out when that is and watch it! Let’s play where is Sister Stromberg???? I love the choir. I feel the spirit every time I sing.

I have met so many missionaries here! It’s great! I say Leih hou to some 200 missionaries a day. That my friend is a lot of hellos! But it is so awesome! My advice smile and say hi always not matter where you are.

In our zone there is a thing called past downs. All the Sister’s leaving pass down an item that came from another missionary before them or just had an awesome story behind it. The Thai Sister’s are awesome. I got a pumpkin. Yes, a real one. An 8 ball from Sister Smith. It will help me make lots of important decisions! A hamper that every Canto since the beginning of the year has signed. And of course Sister Lor gave me her size 20 flip flops and I have to wear them to service for the next 2 weeks. Weird I know! But it is awesome!!!

I love each and everyone of you! Stay strong and live the gospel. This gospel is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I hope that everyone who reads this letter will want to learn more about it. There is always more to learn and grow from. Trust in the Lord because he knows you better than you even know yourself. One thought that I want to leave you with is that we should all want to become more like Christ. I listened to an MTC Christmas talk by Elder Bednar on the Character of Christ. So AMAZING! We should all try to become Christlike and think of others. Forget ourselves and loose ourselves in service. “When ye are in the service of your fellowmen, ye are in the service of your God.”

Ngoh ngoi leih (I love you),


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