Wong Ching Chong

Halloween – The Candy Corn Sisters

Well, this week was pretty great. Lots of little funny things happened this week. The MTC is a great place. There is no other place in the whole world like it. The people are so friendly and you can always find happiness and the spirit at every turn.

This week we focused more on teaching skills with investigators. We got 3 new investigators on Monday. For those of of you who don’t know this is how the investigators work. We have 4 teachers, 3 of those teachers become our investigators. They pick a persona and got with it. We are teaching a girl named Emily who is Catholic and she is learning a lot; A-Jung, a 19 year old volleyball player who doesn’t believe in God so he is one we are trying to get the spirit to help us on; and Yanni who is from Hong Kong. We taught Yanni how to pray last week. She is really progressing and a super duper cute little Asian!!

This last Friday was Halloween! So awesome! No one really celebrates it here so I knew I had to do something to bring their spirits up…..sooo I got my 5 lbs back of candy corn and passed it out every chance I got. Everyone loved it! I made some great new friends. There is a group of Elders and Sisters that I brought candy corn to and they call me Sister Candy Corn. Kind of silly! They would yell my name down a hall or in the gym if they saw me. They were really awesome. They leave for Tempe, AZ on Tuesday.

Coolest thing this week!!!! There are these 2 Elders who are going to Japan but are from Hong Kong. They literally spent an hour telling us all these things about HK. They gave us the best advice that was truly honest, especially about people on the street. I know it is going to be a hard mission but I am know I am going to LOVE IT!!! They just made me more excited for Hong Kong! If I could go now I would. One of the main things they focused on was making a good relationship with the members. When the members love you and trust you they invite you to teach their friends and family. Normally each family they are the only ones who are members, if they trust you they open up the door to their extended family and such. Think of how many people will come to know Christ and be truly happy! Think of the names that could be done in the temple! That would truly be a blessing:)

The Sunday night devotionals are always the best. The spirit is felt so strong and we normally have an awesome speaker. Last night was Sister Wendy W. Nelson and Sherri Dew accompanied her to the meeting. She is amazing and really opened my eyes on things that I need to work on. She shared a quote that Henry B. Eyring was told when he was 13.

It says, “someday, when you know who you really are, you will be sorry you didn’t use your time better.”

Isn’t that so profound! It really makes you think about what you have been doing with your life. If the time you spend on the computer, watching that entire season on Netflix, sleeping, what you learned from church. Everything! It is so important that we make time for the Lord. He is the one we need to learn from. I just loved this quote and there are definitely some changes that I will be making this next week. If any of you think of something that you could use your time better on. Do it. It is for the better. You will become a better person. I promise.

At the devotional I sat by Elder Matt Jasperson. He is great! I just love that kid. He leaves tomorrow for Indonesia. I wish him the best of luck. It was great to talk to a good friend about our fears, happiness and things we miss. Let me just say that old SBO stories came up. What great fun! Thanks Bre, Jos and Rach!

Also at the devotional we learned a new Hymn. Sister Dew played the piano (might I add beautifully! She is amazing!) and Sister Nelson taught us the words. It is called “Lord Make Us a Holy People,” by Victoria Wilcox. It is so good! I wish I could teach you the words right now. Look it up. I may not even be out yet but it is a great new hymn.

Ok now this is the funniest thing that happened this week!!!!! I was on the ground laughing so hard! We always start class out with a song and a prayer. We decided to sing “Carry On” in the Hymn book. We were singing in Canto and it was a glorious song until we got to the chorus. Oh man!!! Instead of Carry On its was Wong Ching Chong!!!!!!! Hahahaha! Just imagine all of these Cantonese students singing that while laughing because it is really stereotypical Chinese sounding. I love it. So from now on, when you hear or sing that song think of Wong Ching Chong!

Anyways, love you all so much! Thanks for all the support back home. It means lot and I can definitely feel the prayer all of you say. Love you all!

Sister Stromberg
Tong Jimuih


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