Week#4 Hard Work, Devotionals & The Money Walk

The Sisters in my District.  We are all pretty close.

The Sisters in my District. We are all pretty close.

A bunch of new Elders

A bunch of new Elders

This week has been filled with hard times and some of those heavenly times! I love it, even when it is hard. I have learned so much from the scriptures this week and I feel like I am learning so much here! Both Cantonese and Spiritually:)

This week was one for the books because it was my first week hosting! It is so fun! My district loves Wednesdays because we get “bebi chungaausih” – which mean “baby missionaries” in Cantonese. I get to greet new missionaries from their families and be the first person that they meet here at the MTC. Let’s just say that I had a smile on my face all day. It was amazing to see how ready they were to serve the Lord. There were the missionaries who were ready to serve and look back later & then you had the ones that knew it would be hard to leave home but were willing to sacrifice. Each of the Sisters that I helped had their own story of where they were going, why and where they were from. I hosted a total of 6 sisters which is actually a lot. Normally, you get 3. I was lucky I guess! Wednesday was a day when my energy was boosted with their happy spirits and I knew that the MTC and the Mission Field were for me. I just love new missionaries and their happy spirits. They will change the world with their powerful testimonies.

This past Tuesday was really eventful and full of emotions! We, as missionaries, were able to attend the weekly Tuesday BYU Devotionals. First one since the summer. I was excited to go mainly because it was another devotional. I LOVE DEVOTIONALS! They are so awesome! But I also knew that I might have the chance to see one of my best friends. I looked across the room looking for her. I finally found her! She came in walking down the stairs. I literally yelled her name across the bleachers! “BREANN!!!!!” She heard me and look straight at me. I absolutely love this girl and I could not believe that it was her. When she realized it was me she dropped to the ground. I could picture her face go bright red. I loved it! It was nice to see a familiar face. Throughout the devotional we made faces at each other and laughed across the room. Just like we were at home. I stayed after for a bit but I think she had class. Sad that I didn’t get to hug and talk to her but it was an answer to a prayer to see her that picked my spirit up for the rest of the day. I just love Bre! Later she took a picture which is probably on Instagram by now:)

Super funny note has something to do with Sister Allison (the one from England-blond) in my district. Her accent is hilarious and she is the funniest girl. We were talking one afternoon and she piped up that she has a money walk. The money walk. I had never heard the name. I just knew it would be funny. And it WAS! It is like a swag walk but super duper funny because she is British. I will have to send a video of it or something. She can always make us laugh. We do the money walk all the time now:)

All these things have been great this week. I have learned so much. One of the most recent things I learned here that the MTC is how much work missionary work is. IT IS HARD WORK! Like you have no idea. You can never be prepared for it. Lots of people have asked me in letters “what missionary work is like?” I really can’t describe it. It is the hardest work I have done BUT it is the HAPPIEST work I have done. You are so worn out all the time from learning the language and you are going non-stop. I haven’t even got into the mission field. But although I am working really hard…. I am the happiest I have ever been. In Relief Society yesterday Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson came and talked to us. (The MTC has the best speakers) She shared a thought that I really like. She said, “Missionary Work is hard work but happy work.” It is true. I love this work so much and I am just at the beginning. I have only had a month. I am ready to face more and work even harder than now. I LOVE missionary work! I do:)

This week our zone was so lucky to get new members added. New Missionaries! We got 2 new Laotian missionaries and the week before we got some 12 Elders who are speaking Cambodian and Hmong. So cool! They are all so funny and uplifting.

I hope this makes sense because my brain is going at like 2567 mph right now. I love each & everyone of you! The letters I receive are so uplifting. I will write back to you later this week so expect a letter. Well, 1 Month down for Sister Stromberg & many more to come but filled with Asians and the Spirit in the next months. I love you all! Stay strong! Feel the spirit! Feast upon the scriptures! Love everyone around you!

Sister Stromberg


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