#5 First Snow for Filipina, Hong Kong Candy & the Slovenian Sister


My District Sisters

TDSC03048 (4) - Copy

Sister Nydeggar, going to Slovenia

Sister Nydeggar, going to Slovenia

Me & My Comp!This week was a great week! We started off amazing with more great devotionals and amazing people. I just love the MTC! I have made some great friends here who are going to take the gospel all around the world. It is so amazing to see how many young people are sacrificing their time to serve the Lord. When everyone is here for one purpose, we become close and share our experiences.

Everyone in Utah knows that it got pretty cold this week. Really cold at the MTC! It even snowed! Now most people in my district don’t love snow but I DO! I really love snow:) I even prayed for snow and guess what?! My prayer was answered. Sister De Ocampo was super excited that it snowed! It never snows in the Philippines so she was super duper excited! She couldn’t believe it! She just kept smiling and saying….”Snow!! It is sooooo cute:)”. She would go to a leaf that had snow on it and just poke it to make sure it was there. She was so excited! She concluded that she loved snow…but didn’t like the cold that came with it. I have told her that it will snow even more this week. She is excited:) I have the BEST companion EVER!!!

This week we were able to host again. Another cool experience! I just love greeting the new sister missionaries. They are so cute and ready to serve the Lord!

Mom, thanks so much for the package! We all loved the salsa. The Sister’s loved it because they have never really had good salsa. So we basically have it every night and it is delicious. Reminds me of home and the how good the outside world food really is! (MTC cafeteria food is not the best, but I am still grateful:))

Saturdays are basically EVERYONE’S favorite day because we get to teach TRC! Which stands for Teaching Resource Center. Pretty much the coolest thing ever! Volunteers who speak Cantonese come and act as investigators. We teach them a lesson and get to practice our language skills with real people who aren’t our teachers. I love it! We taught two Sisters who were both from Hong Kong. One of them, Sister Burr, is so awesome! She is the cutest little Asian and I love her to death. I only even met her that morning. We taught her about revelation through the Book of Mormon. One of my favorite topics. We could feel the spirit so strongly. When we finished she gave us some HK ginger coconut milk candies. They were really good! It made me more excited for HK (which by the way is in like 3 1/2 weeks!!!!!!) She gave us some advice and told us more about the culture in HK. She is the sweetest.

So there is the cutest Sister missionary here and her name is Sister Nydegger! She is a solo missionary going to Slovenia! How cool is that?? It is such a beautiful place. Anyways, I love her! She is so awesome! She leaves next week and she has been teaching me some Slovenian. It is pretty hard! We found out that my mom and her dad and aunt when to Elementary school together! Such a small world. She is great and we are pretty much THE same person!

Today, the Australian Sister in my district pulled out Tim Tams. Oh. My. Heavens. So good! They are like little cookies and you eat them with milk. Let’s just say that Australians can have the trophy for biscuit/cookies. Look them up on Google, you will drool!

Thanks for all of your support back home. I can really feel it. I love being a missionary and I am starting to get the language finally! It is making more sense and I can actually write some sayings in characters. I also figured out how to navigate the Book of Mormon in characters because it is left to right in columns. I love the MTC and I can’t wait to go to Hong Kong! Which is December 15th! I will get my flight plans about 2 weeks before I leave!

Love you all! Thanks for the love! I am giving you a bone crushing hug Right Now!


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