Week #7 Thanksgiving at the MTC

Ngoh ngoi ngohge gathing! (I love my family)

????????????????? Happy Thanksgiving this past week. Thanksgiving at the MTC was wonderful and one that was definitely one for the books. I loved it. It was filled with happiness, sadness, excitement, song and answers to many of my prayers. This particular holiday at the MTC is different than most and I felt like I really loved Thanksgiving – even without being with my family. I am so happy that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with giggles. I love you all.

On Tuesday we had a General Authority Devotional. Which was awesome and it was broadcast to many MTCs. Elder Oaks spake and he gave an awesome talk. Tuesday we also practiced for the song we were to sing at the Thanksgiving Devotional, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.” My oh my it is a hard song. I definitely chose to sing 2nd soprano. It was awesome.

On Thursday was an awesome Thanksgiving! We started the wonderful happy day with anther General Authority Devotional. Might I say you could tell that the spirit was there. Guess who spoke to us??? ELDER DAVID A. BEDNAR!! He is such an amazing apostle and he answered SO many of my questions and concerns. We sang for him the song we prepared and I don’t think I have ever sung that well in my entire life. It was so awesome. I love the MTC. For the Devotional he did a Q&A, which was cool. They passed out phones for this MTC and we texted in our questions. The other MTCs send it via email. So awesome. I asked a question but it didn’t get answered. It was so awesome! The questions ranged from faith to the importance of the fall to how do we overcome sleepiness. A couple of things he and his wife said…

—– “I am a missionary right now with a name tag. On that name tag I represent myself, my family, my church and my Savior.” It was definitely so true! I love being a missionary and I already don’t ever want to take off that name tag or come home from my mission.

—– Question: “How can I know the Book of Mormon is true?” Elder Bednar really tackled this one. You read, study, ponder, think and pray to know if it is true. It is either true or it’s not. I know that it is definitely true. No doubt in my mind. He brought one of the original pages that Joseph Smith translated and he read us the difference between it and Joseph’s journal. So cool. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and translated the Book of Mormon with God’s power. There is no other way he could have receive the Book of Mormon.

—– Last quote I want to share. He said that this was a “guarantee”. He said, “Pray meaningfully and feast on the scriptures of Christ consistently and you will NOT wander off the path.” It is so true. Read that sentence a couple more times and think about how you can change your habits.

After Devotional we had lunch, a fabulous turkey dinner and pie. I had pumpkin pie for the 2nd time in my life. I think I am addicted now.

After lunch we did a service project and we made over 350,000 meals for children in Utah. So cool. In the evening we watched Meet the Mormons. Which by the way is a great movie. I love it! It was definitely a treat for all of us. We even got popcorn for the movie. The movie brought back so many memories with my mom and I. I love you mom:)

??????????????????After the movie we were told that there was a surprise for us in the courtyard of the MTC. We went and guess what?? They had Christmas Lights lining the stairs, trees, bench, etc. It was awesome! I was so happy. Sister De Ocampo loved it too. She loves the MTC.

Last Monday we Skyped some people from Hong Kong. Sadly, it wasn’t someone who was in HK at the moment but we taught a Sister we had taught previously in TRC. So cool. I love Sister Burr (she is from HK and is super cute). We taught about faith and enduring to the end. We also made the connection that Sister Burr’s daughter went to Taiwan with Josie, one of my BFF’s. She was so happy when she made the connection.

Last night, Sunday Nov 30, we had another devotional. Vocal point came and sang and they were fun and really good. The spirit was strong and it was great to hear some somewhat regular Christmas music. One of them looks like Zac Efron and it made me laugh. They have some good songs so look them up.

?????????????????????This week was so great! The MTC is great! The Language is GREAT! I just LOVE being a missionary. I can already see the blessings it has in my life and those of my family and friends. Being a missionary is hard work but worth it in every way. I love you all! This Friday we get our flight plans for HK so that’s kind of fun. I will let you know next week when we fly out. Countdown to Hong Kong (The Orient, HK, King Kong)……14 DAYS!!!

??????????????????????????????Love you will all my almost adopted Asian heart, Sister Stromberg


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