#10 I’m an ASIAN NOW!!!!! Hong Kong!!!!

Week 10.7HONG KONG!!!! Oh. my. heavens. Two words and so many way to explain it. Let’s just say that I love Hong Kong and the people! I guess you could say that I am officially Asian because I am eating Asian food, I live in Asian, I speak Asian(Cantonese), I move about with Asians… I am now just Asian. DSC03268 (2) - CopyI love Asia! Hong Kong is great and the people are even more great! Ok so I am going to divide it up into days/experiences. Here we go. So much info in little time. You might want to buckle up!

Monday/Tuesday – We flew from SLC-HK! So crazy. I got sick on the plane but I learned a lot from the scriptures. It was so hard to fall asleep. I loved the plane ride none the less. We arrived @ 9:30pm in HK. We grabbed our luggage and hurried around down to the waiting area. That is where we meet President and Sister Hawks! They are so amazing! I love them both. I can already tell that I am going to love them and they will teach me so much. We stayed in temple patron housing the first night. It was basically sleeping on boards but it was nice.

Week 10.8Wednesday – We woke up bright and early. Oh by the way the times here for our mission is wake up at 7, bedtime at 11. So cool. Anyways, Sister Hawks made breakfast and it was french toast. I love her cooking. Then we went to get our Hong Kong ids. It was fun! After lunch (made by Sister Hawks) we had interviews and orientation. Lots of info but it was great! We went with the APs (Assistant to President) to get a traditional missionary dinner. Bowl of rice and meet. Really good. That night we did finding. I went on splits with Sister Dudley. She is from Reno, NV and super great. I placed my first Book of Mormon. I love finding because I get to talk to so many different people. They are all super great! even though it is hard to understand them.

My new comp is the one making a funny face... a perfect match!

My new comp is the one making a funny face… a perfect match!

Thursday – Bright and early I met my trainer, Sister Yong. She is from Malaysia. She is super sweet and crazy. She is so loving and she is willing to help me so much. She is really helping me with my language. How lucky am I to have her because she spoke Cantonese before she came. She is basically pro at Canto. We taught our first lesson with a lady named Ire (not her real name). She is learning a lot but very skeptical. We ate lunch at a members house which was cool. The food here is very different. Everything has rice. I guess it just part of the being adopted into Asian culture. I love it!

View from my apartment window.  Our building looks just like these.

View from my apartment window. Our building looks just like these.

Friday- We went and helped a member, TF Jimuih (not her real name). She is having a really hard time and her boyfriend just left her. He was going to get baptized. So sad. After her we went and taught TF. She is so cute. Just imagine a short, slightly plump Asian with a bob in a super BRIGHT yellow parka and bright blue pants. That is her. She is so cute and willing to learn so much. We have a baptismal date with her for Sunday the 28th. I will send pictures then. She really helped me realize that I need to be in Hong Kong right now. I love her. After TF we went and taught Cherry. She is so cute! She is a nine year old girl. I don’t think I have ever met anyone so smart. She is so cute and patient. She has a baptismal date for 28th as well. I will send pictures of her next week.

Week 10aSaturday – We went and taught a Popo. A Popo is a super old Asian. This Popo was so cute. I can barely understand her but I love her. I just want to squeeze her cute little wrinkly face. I love it. After Popo, we went and had McDonalds. Yes that is a big thing because it doesn’t taste the same. It is so much better here! So good. After we went and taught TF again. We are teaching her just about everyday. She is so ready to be baptized. We taught her about the Law of Chastity and she understood just about everything. We felt like we needed to take her to the temple so we did. We walked across the street and sat in the waiting room. Her face lit up and I am so happy that she wants to learn more and come closer to Christ. That night we went over to a member bakery. Let’s just say it was so good! We had dinner there. The food was good/gross. It is just different. I actually ate Lotus root, fish, chicken, frozen turkey, crawfish, pig tongue(I think) and a lot more. I have sent some pictures. It was weird. I liked it though. The members are so great!

Sunday – It was so awesome! I bore my testimony in Sacrament mtg. I could only understand a little bit of what they were saying. Fun fact: when you get up to talk you say “Jousahn” They all smile and yell it back. So great! I love it here. The members are super awesome and really patient with me learning the language. It was so great. TF and Cherry both came to church. I can’t wait for them to get baptized so they can have access to all the blessings:)

Dinner at a bakers home.

Dinner at a bakers home.

Well, this first week in Hong Kong have been one for the books. Lots of ups and downs, homesickness, happiness, craziness, hard work, meeting people, confusion with the language and a lot more. I love Hong Kong! I love serving the Lord! I can’t wait for more to come! I am now Asian and I am now a missionary! I love this gospel and I am learning so much this week. I can’t wait to learn more. I will talk to you on Christmas I hope. Love you lots!

I love you more than there are skyscrapers in Hong Kong! (That is a lot!!)
Sister Stromberg

I go to church at the yellow chapel across from the temple. I live in Kwai Fong and my area is completely different.

For mail use the mission home address. 18 Dorset Crescent, Kowloon, Kowloon City, Hong Kong


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