#11 Two Baptisms! (Leunggo Sailaih!)

AHHHH!!! This week was full of so many miracles and happiness. I could definitely feel the spirit and the Love of God everyday. It is so amazing to be a missionary. It is hard and tiring but so much worth it. So my week was jam-packed so here we go:)

Dinner with Cherry and her cousin

Dinner with Cherry and her cousin

Monday night – We taught Cherry about Family History. She got so excited and wanted to start right away. I just love her. She was so excited and could barely make it through the lesson. She is the first one in her family to start. That makes me one happy missionary:)

Tuesday – We taught Cherry. She is so receptive to the gospel and wants to learn so much. Definitely the smartest 9 year old I know:) She had her baptismal interview and passed!!! AHH! I feel like a mother and her child just won first place in the science fair. And that was just when she passed her interview. Later that night we had FHE. It was really fun. We taught them how to play spoons. Let’s just say that when Asians play spoons it is so much more amusing and funny, especially if you add in the crazy Cantonese.

Wednesday(Christmas Eve) – Lots of studying and teaching. It was so great! We taught Tong Fong again in the temple. This time we talked about eternal families and why we need to do family history. When we taught about family history she was so excited just like Cherry. The cool thing about TF is that she is from mainland China. Her family history is so complex but so cool. She is excited to start and I am so happy that we were able to teach about families. She also passed her interview! Ahhhh!!! I am so happy!

Skype on Christmas

Skype on Christmas

Thursday (Christmas Day) – So we got up bright and early so we could meet at the church. Our lovely and awesome Bishop set up computers to Skype our families. It was so happy. We are so blessed. We were one of the only companionship’s in the mission that could Skype. I feel so blessed. It was so great to see my family! I love you all so much even though I couldn’t stop crying. I think it is something that happens when you come on a mission. I cry all the time here. It gets annoying sometimes. So seeing my family was so cool! I love you all and it was so great to hear your voices. It makes me so happy that you are all doing so well.

Ward Christmas party pig

Ward Christmas party pig

After we skyped we went and made cookies for the Christmas party that afternoon. We made cookies but ended up burning half of them. Sad day but happy day. We went and picked up and investigator at the station. He is so awesome! I totally wish we could teach him but we have to turn him over to the Elders. He is so willing. Jason is great.

Ward Christmas Party

Ward Christmas Party

Then the Christmas party commenced. First of all you should know that Christmas is not the same here in Hong Kong. It is about food! So much food:) Weird food but good:) Before the food, we watched a bunch of clips about Christ and his birth. We had a really awesome time and the spirit was so strong even though I couldn’t understand anything because it was in characters. I love Christmas. The Party was great. All the members say “Christmas Pa-tee”. So funny! So they had a pig for the main course. Yes he had a flower. He was huge. Then just after the prayer. A member held up a plastic covering and they cut the pig up right there. So crazy! The pig was good but I had to get over the fact that I just saw him whole a few moments before. I am sending a picture of him. We had games and funny times at the party. I taught the members the oreo minute-to-win-it game. They laughed so hard. We even had a whole bunch of pohpo’s play. Just picture 80 year old grandmas with Oreos on their heads. HAHAHA!

We went home and did our studies after the party and I had an awesome experience. My testimony grew more than it has ever previously before. I really wanted to learn more about Christ so I opened up Luke. Oh my heavens. The Christmas story is the best. As I read about the Savior’s life I was able to strengthen my relationship with Him. I can definitely feel His love around me and it helps keep me going strong even on the hardest of days. My testimony was strengthened so much and I am so happy that I realized I needed more of His help to teach our investigators the right things. I love my Savior and I am so grateful for His sacrifice and love.

Friday – It was a great day. We taught had member visits and finding. So great! I loved this week.

Saturday – We went finding and a lady we talked to thought I was French. So funny! She was a pohpo. She was great. I told her I was American and her eyes went huge! She laughed and smiled:) We gave her a flyer and headed on our way. Then we talked to a guy on the Subway that said I was German. It is so great here. The people make me laugh.

Tong Fong's Baptism

Tong Fong’s Baptism

On Sunday we had a very happy experience. Two of our investigators chose to be baptized. It makes me so happy. The baptism itself was so happy and exciting. You could tell that both Cherry and Tong Fong were ready to progress on their path towards Christ. One thing that I absolutely loved was Tong Fong’s testimony after she was baptized. I can tell that she has felt Christ’s love and she is happier now than she ever has been. This past week in the temple visitor room we taught a short lesson about temple and God’s love for her. The spirit was so strong. When we left the temple you could see the different in her countenance. She was so happy. I don’t think I could have seen a bigger smile on anyone. Anyways, when she bore her testimony it was so amazing. She truly has come to know who she is. She said that she is so excited and wants to go to the temple as soon as she can. It makes me so happy for her. I am so happy that she wants to follow Christ and Heavenly Father’s teachings. She has changed my mission. She has made the mission difficulties worth it and I can’t wait to find more people who are ready to have their hearts changed.

Cherry's Baptism

Cherry’s Baptism

I love the mission field and Hong Kong is even better than I thought. The members are amazing and I love working with them and for them. My companion is the best. She is always willing to help me have a happy day and strengthen myself. Sister Yong helps me become a better person. She truly is a blessing and an answer to my prayers and my family’s prayers. I absolutely love serving with her.
The mission field is more amazing than I can describe. I have grown so much and I love this work. My testimony is so strong and I love this gospel. I love you all. Stay strong and strengthen your relationship with the Savior.
I love you more than Asians love the peace sign:)


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