#12 Finding & a New Year!

Week 12.4I will just say that this week was quite interesting and you will love the stories. So take some Dramamine and read the crazy/happy stories from my week.

at Noah's Ark/nature walk - Becca has great Ooompa Loompa legs!

at Noah’s Ark/nature walk – Becca has great Ooompa Loompa legs!

Monday– We went to Noah’s Ark. It was pretty cool looking. It turns out it was pretty expensive to get in since it is an amusement park and a hotel. So we just looked around it. They did have this cool nature walk thing. We hiked to the top of a hill (yes it is a hill. I am surrounded by them:)). We got some great pictures and was finally able to see a lot of Hong Kong skyscrapers.

Tuesday– We taught a lot today.We were teaching 2 of our investigators about the Restoration. While we were teaching the father of the family came in from work. We asked him to sit and participate in our message. He said he would. After we shared a short video about Joseph Smith he said that he felt that it was true. His wife and daughter smiled and he showed an example to his daughter. She could not stop talking about it. We committed all 3 (Icy, Yuki and Tong) to baptism.

Later on Tuesday night I had a very spiritual experience. One that I hold dear to my heart and am very grateful for the experience. We were teaching a former investigator that has a lot of questions. His name is Peter. He went to church for a year when he was 15 and likes learning from the missionaries. He is super amazing and golden. The only thing is is that he has a hard time stating what he believes. He is kind of stubborn in that way. During our lessons the Holy Ghost told me something that I was not ever expected to hear in my entire life. It really surprised me and I now have a greater desire to help Peter and his family learn about the gospel. Their family needs the gospel and their lives will benefit so much more.

Week 12.5Wednesday – We taught English class on Wednesday! I just love it here! We also went to a really cool ASIAN park! It had a pond and lots of ladies doing Tai-Chi. I really wanted to do it with them. I will one day:)

Thursday – It was New Years Day. It didn’t really feel like it. We did a lot a planning and finding. This week we had quite a bit of finding involved. We were finding in Mei Foo and I had the feeling to talk to a woman with headphones on. Normally they don’t stop and talk to us but she did! We started talking about life and religion. She immediately started asking us all about our church and what made it different. We ended up talking to her for about an hour. We helped her find some guidance for some marriage problems she has and gave her a Book of Mormon. She was so excited to read it. She said that she wanted to read the Book of Mormon the moment she got home. It made me so happy to hear that. We concluded with prayer and we are hopefully going to see her (Kimmy) this week. I know it was the Holy Ghost who urged me to start a conversation with one of God’s children who really needed love and a friend.

Week 12.6Friday – We had zone training. It was so great! I was able to see half of my MTC district there. They are so great! I also talked to a Sister Robinson. She is best friends with Tara Wilcox. I had heard of her before but never really met her. Anyways, she is super great and Tara will be so happy that we finally met. Please tell Tara if you can:) I just love her. We are going hiking to Lion’s Rock today. It should be fun.

Saturday – We taught Tong Fong again all about temples. When we talk about temples her face just lights up! She is so excited and wants to learn as much as she can. She is going to go do baptisms for the dead soon. Also, she was confirmed yesterday!!

Week 12.7Oh and I can’t forget this!! Saturday was moms birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I am so happy that you had a great birthday full of fun, surprises, skiing and family! I can’t really send you a package home so I made something and I attached it to the letter:) I love you mom! I wanted to let you know I celebrated your birthday here in Hong Kong too:)

Sunday – We had a great Sunday. One of our baptized Sisters got confirmed. Yes, Tong Fong! Cherry was sick this week so she will be confirmed next week.

We went finding in Mei Foo again. The prettiest place. It also has the Asian park! We talked to a Buddhist lady for about a half hour. We found out some cool things and gave her a Book of Mormon. She was sweet. Cool thing, her mother is a Pohpo (81+ years old) and she sings Chinese opera and lot of other crazy stuff.

I am so grateful to serve the people of Hong Kong. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost and his whispers. He really helps me understand our investigators and teach them what they need. I know that if I am not listening to the spirit then I need to change somethings in my life. I love this gospel and I love all of your letters. I have heard so many of my friends are going on missions. I just want to cry with happiness. Just know that it is hard and a lot of work but the blessings out weigh the work. Love you all so much! Happy New Year from the Kong!!

Much love!
Sister Stromberg

Here are some answers to questions…
– We go finding in parks normally. There are all lot here, or we go finding in the courtyards of apartment buildings. We go finding everywhere though.
– We just say hi to people. That is how we find. We ask them how they are doing and get to know them, then we ask if they have a religion. Then we share about the gospel. It is really a hit or miss. You just have to rely on the spirit to guide you.


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