#13+ The Temple & “Oh, the Hong Kong drama”

Me on top of Lion's Rock

Me on top of Lion’s Rock

Yes, this week was very productive! We had so much to do as always and I can never fit in everything in my letters. My brain is going so fast. Anyways, It is jammed packed and I love missionary work. It is the best out there!!

On top of Lion's Rock with Sister De Ocampo

On top of Lion’s Rock with Sister De Ocampo

Monday – (Jan 5) We hiked Lion’s Rock. It was way fun but I sweat like a pig in an oven. I can feel the humidity here. I do enjoy it though. Ask me if I like humidity in July though:) We hiked with some fun Sisters and got to know them better. We have a great zone!

Tuesday (Jan 6) – We had district meeting and I gave a wonderful spiritual thought on Our Purpose as Missionaries. Yes it was great. That night we went finding and talked to lots of great Hong Kong people. Man, the people here are so cute!!! I just want to hug all of them!

Week 13.7Wednesday (Jan 7) – We visited with Irene. She is the first investigator that I taught in Hong Kong. She is really great but has lots of questions about the Plan of Salvation. She is slowly progressing but we need her to come to church. We taught English class that night. It was so good. We talked about gifts. I helped Tong Fong learn how to read English and she is really good at it. English class is really refreshing because I can speak English but I do have to translate. Yup:)

Thursday (Jan 8) – We met with a member Sister Yeung. Mom she added you on Facebook. She is super great. Her family is part-member and she has a son who comes back from his mission from France in February. We also helped her and Tong Fong know how to use family history. They are great and they are both so excited! The Chinese here have books and books of ancestry that just needs to be put on the computer. Can I say gold mine? This will also help them find names to take to the temple.

Friday (Jan 9) – We went and visited Lam Pohpo. She is so old but so cute! We had some food at her house. It was rrreeeallyy interesting. It was like a purple soup (Weber State purple) and Pig skin. Yes. Pig skin. I ate it. It was gross. We taught her more about the Plan of Salvation and she loved it. We are committing her to baptism next time we see her.

After Lam Pohpo we went finding. We met some pretty awesome people. Just as we were finishing I was literally greeted by a cute Asian man, Mr. Lee. He put his hand to his head in a salute and said, “How are you today? Do you speak English?” I was startled but answered yes. Then he just went off speaking English. He is a Mandarin teacher but speaks Cantonese and English. He spoke to us in all three languages in one sentence. Luckily Sister Yong knows all of those and like 4 more. She knows 6 languages. Anyways, we talked to him and gave him a flyer. We decided to meet with him on Saturday to help him translate a letter into English. He is great and looks like a typical teacher! That night we went and visited Cherry. She is finally better. She loves reading the scriptures and she is doing well. I just love her!

Ready to proselyte

Ready to proselyte

Saturday (Jan 10) – We went and saw Mr. Lee. We helped him translate this letter that he is sending to a family member in Indonesia. It is a Hong Kong drama! Just think of the Spanish soap operas that you see on TV. Now times it by like 60, that is a Hong Kong drama!

I’ll give a summary about the letter because it is really good. It is a true story though. So he is from Mainland. His family had a soy factory. His parents passed away so his brother secretly sold the factory without telling anyone. He has a share in the factory. They owe him a lot of gold. His brother died so he is writing a letter to his brother’s wife(she has all the money). They live in Indonesia but he wants his fair share and he is basically chastising his brother’s wife. She doesn’t seem like a pleasant lady.

We are going to give it to him this week and we will see what comes of it. We are also going to teach him a little bit about the gospel. Mr. Lee is quite a character and he puts a little bit of spice into the work.

We taught the Chan family again. They are great and really eager to learn more about the Book of Mormon. They committed to baptism and now we just need to get them to church and to strengthen their testimonies. They are so great and cute! They have 2 daughters – Bik Ha (nicknamed Pizza) and another one in Boston, MA. We will see them every Saturday.

Sunday (Jan 11) – A successful Sunday full of helping an Indonesian find the temple. He was one of those miracle stories that only had enough money to get to the temple. He was baptized last March. He is bringing his family to be sealed this next winter.

Week 13.17Monday (Jan 12) – We met with an investigator that we hadn’t seen in a long time this week. Her name is Ruby. This was the first time I have met her. She works all the time and takes care of her mom and kids the other waking hours. We met with her and talked about Christ. Her testimony of His love and mercy is so strong. She just needs to come to church. She is coming this Sunday which makes me very happy! She want to get baptized and is always eager to learn more and read more from the Book of Mormon.

Tuesday (Jan 13) – We met with Wendy. She is a tough investigator but is now willing to read the Book of Mormon everyday. She is slowly progressing.

~Ok, so below are a couple of experiences that I want to share but I didn’t want to put them in the days.

Finding Emma
We did more finding this week than regularly simply because we didn’t have as many lessons. The finding was quite successful. We talked to lots of people. There was one in particular that really struck my interest. Her name is Emma. We asked her for directions to a House. She gladly helped us and then I honestly felt that someone kept poking me on the shoulder. I turned and she was looking at us. I knew I had to give her a flyer. I gave her a flyer and started a conversation with her. We talked as we walked. We asked her about religion. She has no religion but is open to the idea. I could tell that she was looking for something. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she even wanted one to give to her friend. It was so awesome! We said a prayer and parted ways for just a little while. We will try to meet with her later this week.

Going to the Hong Kong Temple
Today I was able to go to the temple. It makes my week so much better! I love the temple. The love I feel there and how much stronger the Holy Ghost’s power is makes me so happy. I just love the temple and it was a great time to spend my first time in the Hong Kong temple. It is truly beautiful and I can’t wait to go again.

Here is some updates on what you asked. Peter is going down hill. We are trying to work really hard to help him. I hope he makes a u-turn. Mr. Tong, Icy and Yuki are great. They came to church. We will see them this week.

Family! It was so great to hear everything that is going on! Harry you are a TV star. So cool. Jamison your hair looks rad but don’t let it get too long okay. It is cool that you started tennis. It sounds fun. Jake good luck at the tournament. You will do great. Carter you are so cute and I just love you. Work hard on those Shakespeare lines. Mom and Dad thank you for all the updates. Sorry, I didn’t email you telling you about the P-day change. I will be better next time. I remembered just after we left the library. Our transfer Day is the last Thursday in February.

I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers and love. Congrats on all my friends who are putting in their papers. I just love you all and the Lord wills send you where he needs you. I hope you have a great week! Work hard and remember to pray:)

Love you more than Asians love weird food:)
Sister Stromberg


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