#13 A Great Work of Missionary Work

KOWLOON TONG DISTRICT @ The Temple!!!!! Elder George (Monticello, UT), Elder Ma (Australia-family from Hong Kong), Elder Falk (Holladay, UT). Elder Smith.(Korea and SLC, UT). Elder Barker (Mapletown, UT), Elder Qu (San Francisco, CA), Sister Takahashi (Sunshine Coast, Australia), Sister Dudley (Carson City, NV)  Sister Stromberg ( Layton Utah), Sister YONG (Malaysia)

KOWLOON TONG DISTRICT @ The Temple!!!!! Elder George (Monticello, UT), Elder Ma (Australia-family from Hong Kong), Elder Falk (Holladay, UT). Elder Smith.(Korea and SLC, UT). Elder Barker (Mapletown, UT), Elder Qu (San Francisco, CA), Sister Takahashi (Sunshine Coast, Australia), Sister Dudley (Carson City, NV) Sister Stromberg ( Layton Utah), Sister YONG (Malaysia)

So…. there is not much this week other than Missionary Work. Yes! That is the great part. Probably one of the best is that I am serving the Lord. As a missionary much is expected of you, you work hard and eventually you start to see the many blessings from your hard work. That is what makes missionary work so happy!

I heard about some crazy things going on back home! Jake I am so sorry that you broke your collar bone. That must really stink and know that I am praying for your fast recovery. Jake please heal fast:) Family, I am so glad you had a fun time in Southern Utah (I love the red sand) and that you were able to unwind a little bit. Sounds great! Well, here is my week in a nut shell….

Shopping at the mall where everything is cheap.

Shopping at the mall where everything is cheap.

Wednesday (Jan 14, 2015) – We went to the temple and just chilled around. It was a great P-day and super great!

Thursday (Jan 15) – We went and saw a Former Investigator. She called us up out of the blue after dropping the missionaries from a couple of transfers back. She really wanted to meet us. We were really excited. We had to get permission from our District Leader because we had to leave the area. She was on her lunch break and that was the only time we could meet. We were excited. When we got there it turns out she pranked us. She kind of used us for brownie points at her work. We tried to get out of there as FAST as we could. It was really interesting.

Friday (Jan 16) – We visited lots of Less-Actives and Recent Converts. They are so great and the members here are so strong. We met with Tong Fong and talked more about the Plan of Salvation. Her testimony is so strong and the members are helping her prepare to attend the temple for Baptisms for the dead. Yipee!!! We also taught Cherry that night and I just love them! They are so happy and some really great members who I adore. They are so cute:)

Mr Lee - isn't he cute?!

Mr Lee – isn’t he cute?!

Saturday (Jan 17) – We had a ward finding activities with the Kwai Chung Ward (Sister De Ocampo & Sister Kartchner; Elder Powell & Elder Boyd). We met up in Mei Foo and did survey finding. Survey finding is when you ask people to take a survey on religion and their views about God and Jesus Christ. It was really successful. We had one of our members. Cheng JM, join us later in the afternoon. She really helped us. We found 2 teenage girls at the park and started talking to them. We shared with them the Book of Mormon and just as we were about to end with prayer our member, Cheng JM, talked about Joseph Smith. That opened up another door. We didn’t know if we should pursue it or not but we did. We talked with the teenage girls for about a half hour. They were really interested. For one of the girls the doctrine that really interested her was Joseph Smith’s vision. It is so great to see the influence of the Spirit through people around us. I am so grateful for our member and her willingness to follow the Spirit.

We visited the Chan family that evening. They are doing great and their faith in Christ is growing. We were talking about Jesus Christ and had planned to talk about the Restoration more in depth. Of course, the Spirit had another plan. We followed his path. We had the feeling to ask them to be baptized on March 22, 2015. It was a rough thing for them. Chan JM accepted and was so happy she almost cried. The father and daughter had a harder time. Bik Ha, the daughter, continuously said no. We have a pretty strong relationship with her and asked her why. She said she didn’t feel quite ready so we are going to help her prepare more and learn more of Christ. She is willing to learn more. Chan Hingdaih (Brother Chan) said that he couldn’t because he couldn’t give up smoking. We explained to him more about the Word of Wisdom and we really made him think about why he needs to quite smoking. He had committed to try to quit smoking because he wants to be baptized. It was a great and learning experince with them. Tears were almost shed but happiness and the Spirit of the Lord were felt. I love them so much!

This is a pomelo!

This is a pomelo!

Sunday (Jan 18) – We had church and it is a great experience. I am learning more about the language each week and it makes me so happy. One thing that I have come to love about the Hong Kong people is their singing ability. Yes, I love it. My first week I noticed it and it makes me laugh even harder now. I am sad to say that they sound like dying ducks each time they sing. Literally. There is so trying in sounding beautiful. So if I come back singing like a dying duck you know why:) but I do love them and I love my ward!

Week 13.4As a missionary in Cheung Sha Wan I am learning a lot. I am learning about myself, the work, the language and my Savior. I love being a missionary and hope to be faced with more challenges so that Heavenly Father can shape me into the person that I need to be. I am being an instrument in the Lord’s hand today.


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