#14 I Witnessed the Most AMAZING Thing EVER!

Tasty chicken feet

Tasty chicken feet

I love being a missionary. In my short time since I have arrived in Hong Kong I have learned so much. I have seen the gospel change people’s lives and their confidence. It is so amazing! Witnessing this really just makes missionary work so much more worth it. It makes every little thing that happens day to day so amazing. I love Hong Kong!!

My  new haircut!

My new haircut!

Monday (Jan 19) – So this was an interesting P-Day. I got my hair cut by an Asian man. Yes, an Asian man. It was really interesting. First of all it was only $40 HK = $5 USD. It was cheap but when you are on a small budget you just do what you gotta do. It was really funny. He was like dancing and playing with my hair the whole way. I will never forget his face when I walked in. Oh and cool thing. He vacuumed my hair when he finished. It was nice. Another perk of Hong Kong is the cheap clothes. I got 2 skirts for super cheap and they are way cute. I am also an official resident of Hong Kong! I have my ID card:) I feel special.

Week 14.3Tuesday (Jan 20) – I gave my first training in District Meeting. It was pretty good. I was a little nervous but I counted my blessings as I saw the Lord help me convey my thoughts and help strengthen those missionaries in my district. My training was on ‘Using Scriptures on the Street’. I didn’t know how to go about doing this training at first but through prayer I was able to make it work. It was really great and we had a good training. What I learned most from it is the truth of the scriptures and how powerful they are. That the Lord will help magnify our weakness. It also reminded me of something my brother said about working hard and preparing for the Lord. He said, “Work hard for the Lord and the Lord works harder for you.” At the time of my training I did not feel adequate but through time and help from the Lord I was able to conduct a great training. I could feel the spirit so much and I learned a lot from those in my district.

I made mom's famous cabbage salad in CHINA!

I made mom’s famous cabbage salad in CHINA!

We also saw one of our progressing investigators, Wendy. She is super great. I can see the gospel slowly changing her confidence and her over all appearance. She has some troubles with self-confidence but is doing well. She promised to read the scriptures each day for the entire week. She is really progressing and I am praying for her to receive answers to her prayers. I love her so much and I love seeing how much the Lord is in her life even though she may not realize it.

This day was a very monumental day. You won’t believe it! I witnessed something that very few people have seen. I witnessed 3 Mainland Chinese baptisms!!!! AHHH! They came from Mainland Tuesday morning, were taught all of the lessons, had a baptismal interview, baptized that night and then went back. This was all in the same day. It was so amazing!!!! The Lord really is hastening His work. When they were baptized I could not help but cry. It was so powerful. These women had waited years to be baptized and were finally able to receive baptism. One of the women was so over come with the spirit that she collapsed in the font and just sat there in so much joy! It was so amazing! I could not understand anything that they were saying (Mandarin) but the spirit testified to me of the power of their testimonies. :):):):)

Wednesday (Jan 21) – We taught English class and had a couple of really great lessons with Lam Pohpo and Ruby. They are doing great and I pray that they will continue to progress.

Thursday (Jan 22) – We visited a member, Erica on Thursday night. We had some really good food. I had eggplant and some awesome Filipino food! (Her helper is Filipino) The only sad thing is that I had a Chinese herbal drink that tasted like tree bark. It was for the digestive system and let’s just say that my body did NOT agree with the drink. I had a complete cleansing and couldn’t hold anything down. I was sick until about Sunday afternoon:(

Friday (Jan 23) – It was a rough day when the drink didn’t agree with me. We got lots of studies in. We went hymn finding with our district. They are great! We sat outside of an MTR station and sang hymns. It was great and I loved seeing some of their faces to all these white people trying to sing Cantonese hymns. Haha! It was great and we found some really awesome people who are interested.

We had a new investigation on Friday night too. Her name is Selena. She is 17 and so AMAZING! She is so ready for the gospel. We committed her to baptism on the first meeting and she is so ready. She asks lots of questions and wants to learn as much as she can before! She is so cute and so strong!

Friday night we had another amazing experience. We witnessed another Mainland baptism. An entire branch from Mainland came down for two baptisms. The women were so amazing! One of them had heard about the gospel in 2006 and had waited until now to be baptized. Her testimony was SO strong and I could see how happy she was. Once again, I couldn’t understand her but I know that the spirit helped me understand! It is so amazing! Seeing all of these baptisms makes me want to go to Mainland so bad!!!! There are so many people who need the gospel there! They have no clue. This is just a testimony of how the Lord is hastening His work.

We took Tong Fong to the baptism and it really helped her. She was so happy and she cried just about the whole time. I could see her really understand why she chose to be baptized and how the gospel blesses peoples lives. It makes me so happy. This baptism really opened her eyes up for more blessings and to know that she is not alone.

Delighted at my unexpected package

Delighted at my unexpected package

Saturday (Jan 24) – We had a phone lesson with an investigator, A Pui, whose mother doesn’t allow her to be involved with the church. She is 18 and so strong! We talked with her and shared a gospel message. At the end we committed her to baptism! She even wanted her baptismal date to be sooner. It made me and Sister Yong so happy! She is going to be baptized on April 26th, 2015. AHH she is so great!

Sunday (Jan 25) – A great Sunday with church and amazing people! I love the gospel and I love how it is the same everywhere you go!

This week has been super awesome and filled with so many more miracles and happy moments. I have noticed recently that my language skills have gotten so much better. My companion, Sister Yong, has helped me so much progress with my language and everything. She really is a blessing and it really helps to have a fluent speaking Cantonese companion. I love her!

I had a really eye opening week. One where I learned how important it is to be the BEST missionary you can be even when times are tough. I learned a lot about Mainland and how the members there are so amazing and willing to risk their life for the gospel. I love the Chinese people! I am so happy that I am a missionary in Hong Kong at this exact moment and I couldn’t ask anything more! I love the gospel and my Savior. Thank you for all the support. One thing that I wish you go away with this letter is that…. Prepare now to serve the Lord and be on His side forever! Do not falter because the temptations are going to be harder than ever before.

I Know that this church is true.

I Know that missionary work is the greatest work one can ever do.

I love you all more than Asians love chicken feet.
(Oh by the way I had them on Saturday and they were good:))


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