#15 It’s a Small World & Zone 24’s

?????????? ??????????I just love missionary work! It is the best thing ever and I have learned so much. The work is so great and the blessings that come from serving are more than you can ever imagine. I am very blessed to have the privilege to serve and give the Lord my all. It truly is a blessing.

This week was super great (as is every week). We visited a lot of members this week and some of our investigators have really progressed! It makes me happier than a chubby kid and an ice cream truck ๐Ÿ™‚ but really though!

Monday (Jan 26) – It was a great p-day. We went with some of the Sisters in our zone to the Star Ferry. It is basically a little ferry that goes from the Island to Hong Kong and its like $3 HKD (0.30 USD) It was way cheap and super cute. Just picture a bunch of Sister missionaries riding on a little boat across the water with super happy faces:) People around us thought that we were crazy. It was really fun though.

With the members on Monday night

With the members on Monday night

That evening we were going to a ‘chang-out’ with some of our members. A ‘chang out’ is when the members take you somewhere and you just eat so much food it is insane! Literally, you could have rolled me out of there:) We met with the Poon and Li family, oh, and Bishop Gwok! So great and such amazing members! The Li family have a son serving in Dallas, TX. Get this! Their son, Elder Li, is companions with Dallin Stout (Monica’s son – mom’s cousin)! Such a small world and it was great to talk to them and see how the work was going in Texas. We shared a super sweet message and got some assignments from the members. It was great and I learned a lot from them:) Oh, I almost forgot. At the dinner I had 100 year old egg. It was black. I also had some real sweet & sour chicken. It was really good.

Happiest picture of TF

Happiest picture of TF

Tuesday (Jan 27) – We went finding most of the day and had a few successes. But the best was when we taught some review lessons to Tong Fong JM! She is so cute! She is learning so much and hopefully going to go to the temple soon:) Afterwards we had sports night with investigators and members. We met a new investigator (the Elders invited her) named Ada Ho. We are teaching her and her son this week. They are super great and really looking for some direction in life. Her testimony is growing and it is so great. Also, I got a picture of the happiest Asian ever!!!! It just makes me so happy and laugh every time. It is of Tong Fong JM playing basketball. Surprisingly she is soooo good at basketball!

Brother Lok (Hingdaih)

Brother Lok (Hingdaih)

After sports night I had a super great experience. I was coming out of the gym and an American man peeped his head into the gym. He didn’t look familiar but I was going to ask him where he was from. I turned the corner and guess who was there! Sister Suzette Wilson from the Stake YW’s! It was so great to see her and it was such a tender mercy. She and her husband are teaching English in Mainland through BYU. They are in HK for a conference and were just visiting the temple. The thought they should come to the church and it was perfect timing. I love seeing her!

Wednesday (Jan 28) – We taught English class and I conducted the music in another baptism. One of our investigators attended and really enjoyed it. I just love being a missionary.

Thursday (Jan 29) – We met with one of our progressing investigators, Ruby, who just has Satan at almost ever aspect of her life. It is really hard sometimes and we get frustrated. She wants to come to church so badly and her testimony is so strong. She loves reading the Book of Mormon and praying each day. Sister Yong and I prayed just about every prayer that she would be able to come to church and guess what. She did!!!!!! It made me so happy. She was so happy. We asked one of our members to give her a priesthood blessing after church. It was really powerful. She has been really sick and asked us to have a member give her one. She said it was the most powerful thing she has ever felt. It made her so happy and this experience just renewed her to continue coming back to church. I just love the way that the spirit works. She has a baptismal date for March 8th!!! AHHH!!!

??????????????????????????????????????That night we also visited a member. Lam Pui Sim JM and her mother. They are so cute and I love them to death! I included a bunch of Week 15.8pictures for y’all!

Friday (Jan 30) – The Kowloon Zone Training was so great! I learned a lot and my attitude changed on somethings. I really just wanted to record the conference so I could go back and listen to it again. I could feel the spirit so strongly and my testimony really grew. After conference we had Zone 24s. I love zone 24s – zone 24s are when you switch companions in the zone for 24 hours and you just go about learning even more and serving the Lord.

Zone 24's with Sister Robinson

Zone 24’s with Sister Robinson

I had the feeling that I was going to have Sister Robinson as my exchange companion the night before and the spirit told me right. She is so great and I learned a lot from her. She is so amazing and such a great missionary! Turns out that she is best friends with Tara Wilcox and a couple other of our friends. (I think I mentioned this a couple letters ago) It was so great to serve with her! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sister Robinson

Sister Robinson

We taught our new investigator Selena and she brought a friend Caroline. They are so great and so ready for the gospel. It is really nice because they are so eager to learn more about the church and we are definitely helping them learn more about Christ. It makes me happy:)

Saturday (Jan 31) – We switched back companions. It was sad to say bye to Sister Robinson but it was great to have Sister Yong back! I love the work. We met with a Less-Active, Fong Pohpo/JM and read the scriptures with her. She gave us an awesome service opportunity scheduled for this next Friday. I love service and it is really hard to find some here in Hong Kong. This is definitely a treat:)

Sunday (Feb 1) – RUBY came to CHURCH!!! AHHH!! It makes me so happy and she is so ready to be baptized and continue following the Lord. She is so strong and the gospel has helped her so much!

On our way to church Sunday morning we got on the train and there were a whole bunch of white people. Yes I mean Americans. It is really weird sometimes. I basically feel like I am one of them already. One of the Asians. Turns out that they are from the same group of BYU teachers teaching in Mainland as Sister Wilson. It was a small world. Here you go mom…We were talking and one of them Carolin and Jeanon Leavitt live across from Stewart and Heidi Stout in Hurricane. Small world. Another, I forgot her name, is related to Aunt Roma Ann. She is related to uncle Phil. You should tell Roma Ann. It would make her so happy. It was such a small world especially when we made a connection from Hong Kong to good ole Hurricane:)

???????????????????????Sunday night we had dinner at a members house, Tse Olan JM. We had Indian food! Like literal Indian food. It was so spicy that my face was sweating, I started crying and my nose was running. It was really spicy but sooooo good! It was really great and the food here is getting better and better:) I love our members! We are so blessed that our members feed us well. All in all it just means we work even harder for them and their service to us:)

This week was super awesome! I have learned even more and I continue to learn more. We had a week of miracles and blessings. I have started to write down things each day that make me happy, a blessing or a miracle that has happened. It really changes my perspective on things. I love my family and love hearing about the blessings and miracles at home! Ga yauh! Good Luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

Love you all more than I have come to love Indian and Asian food:)
LOVE….. and even more!!
Sister Stromberg

Wan Chai Chapel

Wan Chai Chapel


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