#16 Asian Children Are The Cutest!

Lam Pohpo

Lam Pohpo

Well, as you can tell by the title it has been a great week! The work is still going strong and there are so many people to teach – we just have to find them. I love being a missionary! It is a lot to take in, it’s emotional, it’s fun, it’s hard but it shapes who you are and you learn so much from a mission. It is great!

Monday (Feb 2) – Holy Moly! It is already February! I just realized that:) Well, we had an interesting P-Day. We met up with the Mandarin Sisters and went window shopping. I guess that’s what they call it. We just kind of looked around. We went to Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei and Jordan. We went to Ladies Market too. Wow! There is so much stuff there. Now I can see the Hong Kong is really materialistic. I am so happy that I am in smaller Hong Kong with the real down to earth Asians:) It is great.

Tuesday (Feb 3) – We have been visiting this cute family of 3 lately; Ada, Ben and Mr. Choi. They are so great. We have been helping Ben learn english and help him excel more. After we teach Ben we share a message with them. The trust between us has grown immensely over the past couple of days. They are much happier. Ada wants to get baptized. Their whole family is coming to church on Feburary 15. We are so excited! Ben is the little Asian child I am talking about! He is so stinking cute:) He is so happy and is missing almost all his front teeth. He is about 6 and couldn’t be any cuter. Well, I will try to get a picture of him this week so you can see how cute he is:):)

Wednesday (Feb 4) – We had Zone Conference. It was a mighty good one for that matter. I learned so much from it and I have quite a few things I am studying about and changing in my life now. I could feel the spirit so strongly and the spirit really does help me learn. It made me really think about what my focus is and if it is the same the Lord has for me. I learned a lot about the Law of Consecration and what it really means to be an instrument in the Lord’s hand. I think that over time if we have the right focus then the Lord will use us to teach on of His specific children He is preparing to have their heart changed. We just need to do our part and then the Lord will step in and send us to those who need the gospel and His love. I know that missionary work is important and the scriptures basically testify of the Savior and missionary work. This week I just finished D&C, Pearl of Great Price and Words of Mormon. I love the scriptures so much and I have learned more about who I need to become for these people in Hong Kong.

At Zone Conference they announced something cool! So on Feb 25th we have the awesome blessing of having General Authorities come and speak. The Hong Kong mission is different. Every 6 months we are visited by an apostle. It is awesome! M. Russell Ballard is coming this February along with The Area Presidency, The Bishop and a whole bunch others. This will be the first time Hong Kong has ever had this many General Authorities at one time. I am so excited! It makes me really happy:) Ruby and Tong Fong are coming with us to the conference. I am so excited!!

Youth in the ward.  Kid in the center is named Sparkle Sing :)

Youth in the ward. Kid in the center is named Sparkle Sing 🙂

Thursday (Feb 5) – We had a great time helping the Mutual learn how to make cookies. Afterward we shared a message and they are going to be doing missionary work too. A bunch of them are doing summer missionary service. This just means they become a missionary for 2 weeks and they serve in Hong Kong. It is pretty exciting and really different. We also taught Ben. He is really progressing.

Friday (Feb 6) – We visited Lam Pohpo. She is so cute and old. She has a lot of wisdom. I love teaching her because she is so lively. I don’t think I have ever met anyone so happy yet so old. I love her and I included a picture so you could put a face to her name:) She is so cute! We also had a phone lesson with Ah Pui! She is amazing and miracles happened everyday in her life.

Saturday (Feb 7) – A very busy day. We had lessons with Tong Fong Jimuih and Ben. Then we went finding in Mei Foo and it was great. It is so awesome how the Lord prepares people for a specific time when our paths are to over lap. I love it!

Week 17.13February 7th is also a very special day! Harrison turned 9!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY!!!!

It is so great that you turned 9! I am so proud of you and know that you are one of the cutest little brothers! I love you so much and I loved your cake! It looks so cool. I glad you had fun at Surf-N-Swim! Happy Birthday Harry:):)

Sunday (Feb 8) – We had church and ward council. It was so awesome and the Cheung Sha Wan ward members are so great! I love serving with them and they help us out a lot. The best is that we balance each others work load. I have found that missionary work is more successful if the members are involved too:)

MIRACLE – We had one of our investigators (Ah Pui) come to church half way through. It was a miracle she was there and we were quite surprised. She has such a strong testimony and wants to come to church but her parents banned her from coming to church. So her mom scheduled her tuition (extra classes) on Sunday. This past week her teacher said that the tuition class was moved to Saturday. She didn’t tell anyone and came to church! It made me so happy and her face was so bright and full of happiness. I could definitely see this as a tender mercy from the Lord to let Ah Pui come to church:)

Miracles happen everyday as a missionary. There are even ones we hardly recognize. I love being a missionary! I have had an awesome week full of humbling experiences and trying to become more like my Savior. Over the past couple of weeks I have tried to learn as much as I can about the Savior and His teachings that I can. I went to the scriptures to best know Him. As I have read I have recognized some amazing attributes that the Savior had for others. His diligence and perfect obedience to all the Father asked Him to do. He didn’t take to thought what other people thought of Him and He didn’t compare himself to others. I definitely took this to thought. I have noticed that when I do what the Father asked of me, missionary work is just a bit easier. I work hard for the Lord and he blesses my family and I even more so than I could ever imagine. I have also seen Him blessing our investigators in everything they do.

Char sieu faahn (delicious)

Char sieu faahn (delicious)

I love you family so much! Keep following the Savior and remember that He loves you more than anyone can express. I love you more than I have come to love rice:) (and that is a lot)

 QUESTIONS:  So Sean asked for clarification on the languages in her mission.  She said they are the same mission. They have 4 languages – 4/5 are Cantonese speaking, 14 people Mandarin, 10 Tagalog, and 6 English. “It is really cool.  We are all one big family!”


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