#17 – 32 Chinese Books of Mormon & Pre-Chinese New Year

Week 17.5I just love being a missionary here in the good-ole Asia! Hong Kong is great and more than I could ever have imagined. The people are even more exciting and adventurous. It is always a new day full of craziness and sharing the love. I love it!

  ~Monday (Feb 9) – We made cookies at the church (only place that has an oven). They were good. Sister Yong made them and I slept in the church kitchen. It was a good nap:)

Jessica Choi/Tang Family

Jessica Choi/Tang Family

We visited the Tang family with one of our less-actives, Jessica Choi. They are so great! I just love the members here. They are so strong and always willing to help us missionaries out. When we were there they gave me a tomato drink that looked weird. I tasted is and to say the least it was gross. I was like drinking ketchup. Ya, no. Oh the foods you find in Hong Kong:)

 ~Tuesday (Feb 10) – We went finding and found this super cute lady named Kitty. She is so sweet and we are seeing her this next Wednesday before Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year here is a BIG THING! It is bigger than Christmas, Black Friday, Thanksgiving …..everything. The Chinese go all out! Basically no one works and they all go visit family. The majority of people go to Mainland and don’t come back for like 3 weeks. It is awesome! Us missionaries call it the “Mainland Monster” because then it is hard to schedule lessons. I love it though and their enthusiasm is great!

 ~Wednesday (Feb 11) – We visited with a Former Investigator named Connie this week. She is the cutest almost Pohpo and is really wanting to learn more about Jesus Christ. I love it! Just before English class we went and helped Ben with his homework! He is learning so fast and I can’t help but think a whole bunch of angels are helping him learn English. He is so great! After we taught him Ada insisted on taking us out to dinner. We went to Cafe de Corral and it was really good. The food was good and I just love Ben and Ada. They are so great and the gospel will bless their lives a lot!

Week 17.6 After English class we needed to bring back Book of Mormons to the apartment. We needed a bunch and I volunteered as tribute to carry the heavy box of 32 Book of Mormons! It was awesome! It was 44 lbs and I carried it 45 minutes home:) It was a great work out!

 ~Thursday (Feb 12) –  It was CARTER’S BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday little brother!! I hope that turning 12 has treated you well. I am so excited for you to get the Priesthood and I am so proud of you! I have uploaded a video to dropbox for you:)

Week 17.11We visited with a referral family who are strictly Bai-seun. It means that they worship their ancestors. It is a big thing here and super interesting. We met with them and talked to them about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. They were very open and the spirit was so strong. We are going to see them after Chinese New Year (everyone goes to Mainland).

This day was a monumental day! Our recent convert, Tong Fong Jimuih went to the temple!!!!!! She went and did baptisms for the dead. I was so great to hear how it went and you can tell that the temple has been set into her viewpoint as a place she wants to go to. I am so proud of her and it is such a blessing to see those that you help come to know Christ choose to continue in learning.


Ada & Ben

 ~Friday (Feb 13) – We taught the Plan of Salvation to Ada & Ben. The spirit was so strong and you could tell that the Holy Ghost was really testifying that what we were saying was true. It was so awesome! We also met with Selena who is progressing. She has lots of questions and is getting answers through prayer. It is amazing to see how she is so busy at the age of 17 yet wants to learn so much about the gospel:)

Week 17.8~Saturday (Feb 14) – Well it was Valentine’s Day and I wore the shirt you sent me mom. It was great and lots of people liked it. That evening we had FHE with Cheung Sha Wan Ward. They are so great! We invited some people that we met finding earlier that day and it was really great to get to know more of the members.

 ~Sunday (Feb 15) – Sunday studies are always the best! I learned a lot about the 12 Tribes of Israel. It really makes sense how missionaries today are so important. I am a part of this giant plan to bring Heavenly Father’s lost children home. The scriptures really do have answers to everything. They connect everything. I have found that when I am learning from the scriptures each day my perspective of what is important comes into focus and I can really understand more of what my purpose is as a missionary. The scriptures are so amazing!!!!

super sweet HK kpecan

super sweet HK kpecan

This next week should be awesome! It is my first Chinese New Year and I am planning on learning a lot. We are going finding a lot which I am excited for because everyone is going to Mainland (going to be eaten by the Mainland Monster). I am excited and ready share the gospel to those who are prepared to have their heart changed. I love being a missionary and wouldn’t trade this happiness, experience and service for anything.

I love you more than how much Chinese people love Chinese New Year!

~Sister Stromberg

PS- today we are going to a place in Mong Kok that the whole street is covered in Chinese New Year decorations! It is all red. I will send a picture next week:)?????????????????????


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