#18 Chinese New Year ~ Santai Ginhong

Week 18.6This week was AWESOME!!! Chinese New Year was great! I don’t think anyone parties as much as the Chinese. Literally though:) I love it here! The people are amazing! I love the culture and I am constantly learning from the people here:)

Week 18.2Monday (Feb 16) – We went with the Mandarin Sisters to a Chinese New Year Fair! It was so great and really fun. It was not what I thought it would be. It was awesome! I drank from a real coconut. I was good and I also saw the coolest stuff at the fair. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid you know they have balloons that walk here? Yeah! I want to fill our entire apartment with them:) After our fabulous day with them we went and visited the Lok family. They are super great! I just love them. Sadly, I didn’t get a picture but when I do I will send it.

Week 18.4Tuesday (Feb 17) – We exchanged with the Sister Training Leaders. I learned so much from my exchange with Sister Choi. She is so great and helped me realize some things that I can use to improve my language and become a better missionary. We were able to find a good rhythm. She went to Weber High and she is friends with Sydney Heaton (Annilee’s daughter). It was my first time out of my area so it was quite an adventure for me. A time when I was able to see how different each area of the mission and Hong Kong can be. I love serving in Cheung Sha Wan Ward. They are so great! I don’t think that there is a better place to serve. I am constantly surprised by their support, love and how much we help each other. I love it!

Week 18.1Wednesday (Feb 18) – We exchanged back companions and not much else happened. It was a great day of studies and finding.

Week 18.8Thursday (Feb 19) – CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!! ….Day 1! This is where it all begins. The Chinese all go crazy! The streets are all empty because they are all partying. Most people go to Mainland (they get eaten by the Mainland monster). We missionaries have a really great CNY. We clean all day. All day. All day. I had to put it 3 times because we cleaned for more hours than I can count on 2 hands. Week 18.7Yes! It was awesome! I don’t think I have ever loved cleaning that much. We found some great treasures – a potato that was growing another potato. I don’t know how long it had been there. But needless to say, our apartment is spotless:) It is a really drastic change from before and you can feel the spirit so much more:) It was great fun cleaning and listening to Mormon Tabernacle Choir! …..also Amanda got married on that day!!! AHHH:)

Friday (Feb 20) – For the Chinese New Year season we went banner finding with the Cheung Sha Wan Elders and the Mandarin missionaries. WEek 18.10It was really awesome! It was really nice and we chose the best place. We met some really interesting people and hopefully found a new investigator (one we have desperately prayed for). The work is progressing forward and there are miracles everyday:)

Saturday (Feb 21) – We had such a busy day. We saw Tong Fong Jimuih and Ngai Jimuih. Ngai Jimuih is a member who is Chinese but grew up in Thailand. She is finally back and we went and saw her. I had some weird Thai food that was good. Also, a tiny-miracle happened – She reads Thai not Chinese. We were going to read Enos together but no one knew how to read Thai. It is really hard. So I just had the feeling to grab the Book of Mormon and try to find it. I was led to the exact page of Enos without even knowing any Thai. It was an awesome little tender mercy! Such a great moment:) The Lord really helps out with even the smallest of things.

Week 18.11Miracle – So back in December about the first week I was in Hong Kong we contacted a guy named Chris. He seemed “golden” (ready to accept the gospel) the first time we met. We tried to reschedule him but he never picked up the phone. We finally decided to just let him be for a while. Turns out that this last week he texted us to see if we had a CNY activity this week. He is in another wards boundary and they had an activity so we invited him to their activity. It was perfect. We attended with Chris and turned him over to the TST Elders. It was really great to see how well Chris just clicked with everyone. It was like they had already been friends. Chris will accept the gospel in time.

Week 18.16Sunday (Feb 22) – We had a great 3 block church! Ada and Ben came to church!!! Hallelujah! Afterwards we had a CNY party! It was great and we ate so much food:) After the party we went back and did our studies. That evening we went to the Yim families for dinner and shared a great message. They are so great and I can always feel welcome and the spirit when we are with them:)

Week 18.3This week was so great! A first Chinese New Year was a success! Oh! The best thing that happens is when you say “Sanlihn faailohk” (Happy Chinese New Year) they always say a wish for you. The normal one is “Santai Ginhong” (Have a healthy body). I love it! You talk to all these old people and young people and they say all these wishes/blessings for the new year! It is great! I love you all and congrats on all the cool things happening at home:) I love you!

Sanlihn Faailohk tuhngmaaih Santai Ginhong! (Happy CNY and have a healthy body!)


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