#19 The Apostle & Week of Changes

Week 19.5Well, I am writing my email and I am looking at the dates and holy moly we are in March people! That is so crazy! This is really weird to think that I have been on my mission for this long. It has gone by in the blink of an eye. I love being a missionary here in Hong Kong. I am constantly learning, meeting new people and of course sharing our great message!!!

Week 19.6Monday (Feb 23) – I am living in Asia and of course we have to go to Asian things. So, this past Monday we went to Big Buddha! (It kind of makes me think of the game) Big Buddha was great! It was so awesome! It is huge and there are soooo many people. I loved it. I just want to stay in Asia Week 19.3forever. That would be cool. We went with the Tsing Yi Sisters apartment and had a blast. The architecture is super cool here and everything is “gudoih” – ancient. We had a grand ole time:)

Tuesday (Feb 24) – Every Tuesday we have district meeting here:) I love district meeting. This week was really different though. We had some “move calls” (where you are told who is staying and who is moving this week). It was pretty sad because I found out Sister Yong was leaving me in charge of Cheung Sha Wan. She went to Kowloon City. I’m not going to lie, I was scared and still kind of am. I am in charge of my area and it is kind of hard when the language is still rough. I found out that I was going to get a new companion on Thursday.

Week 19.4After the news of Sister Yong leaving we finished off our day. We luckily had planned to see some more members. We went and saw Yan Jimuih with Tong Fong Jimuih. They are so cute. We got lunch and shared a message about sharing the gospel to our friends and family. After Yan Jimuih we had the awesome opportunity to do some service in the ward. It is really hard to find service opportunities in this busy city so we were excited to do so:) We helped Sister Cherise Wong move apartments. It was kind of funny. We moved her into our ward boundaries. It was a great time to do service and we ended up seeing a lot of members which was good for Sister Yong. One thing I have realized, even more so now, is that I love my ward! I love them so much! Cheung Sha Wan is the best ward in Hong Kong! It was the ward I was “born” into and I hope it will be the ward I “die” in:) We have great members and they are so willing to help us share more of the gospel.

Week 19.13Wednesday (Feb 25) – Sister Cherise Wong and Sister Yvonne Tse took us out to breakfast. They were really sweet and it was kind of a last goodbye for Sister Yong. We shared with them about how we can spread the gospel to even more parts of Hong Kong. These two women are really great and members really do help a lot when it comes to missionary work.

Week 19.17In the afternoon we went down to the Wan Chai chapel for the Apostle Conference! It was so great! We took a mission picture and it was so great to see my district from the MTC! Elder Ballard came and spoke to us with Elder Rasband, Elder Stevenson and our Area Seventy Presidency. We had quite a few of General Authorities. It was such a great opportunity to be taught by a prophet and apostle of Jesus Christ. It was like a one on one council. We received a lot of instruction for our mission and how to bring more people to Christ. Let’s just say that there are no breaks here in the China Hong Kong Mission. I love it!! The Spirit was super strong in the meeting and we were able to shake all of their hands. They were super sweet and even his wife attended. It was a really special treat for us.

Week 19.8After the Conference we went and visited one of our members, Sister Leung. She is the cutest! I loved visiting with her and we are helping her share the gospel with one of her friends. Like I said, members make missionary work even better and more productive. So, family I hope you are helping the missionaries out in the ward even if it is just giving them some food every once in a while. I love the members:)

Thursday (Feb 26) – We changed companions Thursday morning. I welcomed a Sister to the Cheung Sha Wan area!! Sister Nuttall is my new companion and she is so great! Turns out that we are both from Layton (yet we don’t know each other) and doing great! I love serving here and she is going to help out the Cheung Sha Wan area so much more! I am excited to work with her and we will see how it goes:)

WEek 19.10We had the Apostle Conference with the Hong Kong members. Tong Fong Jimuih came and A-Pui! A-Pui even brought a friend and she is still going strong and will get baptized on April 26th! I am so excited for her!

Friday (Feb 27) – We had weekly planning and went finding for more prepared people with Tong Fong Jimuih! She is so cute and just wants to share the gospel with others too:) I love her so much! She truly is a great member and so eager to learn more:)

Saturday (Feb 29) – We had kind of a rough day. Our lessons didn’t go very well but we know it is just part of being a missionary. We think it is because we are a new companionship, Satan is trying so hard just to beat us down. Ada and Ben are doing okay. They are struggling but we hope we can help them really realize that Heavenly Father loves them and wants to help them. Our investigator, Ruby, is slowly progressing. We hope that she will get better this week:)

Week 19.9Sunday (Feb 30) – We had a great Sunday! Full of meeting new members and attending a baptism for the Elders.

I love serving in Hong Kong and hope that this week will be really good! I am getting kicked off the computer so that is sad. I will write more next week:) I love you so much and hope all is well. The pictures are on Dropbox and I hope you can send some:) I love you so much! Love you lots!!

* I was on-line at the time, so I was able to ask her for more details about her new companion.  Here is what she sent:   Sister Nuttall is from Layton right on the border of Layton and Clearfield. She went to Clearfield High and graduated in 2013. She has 3 younger brothers. She sings opera and is really, really good. It makes mornings quite interesting. She has been out for 6 months (since June).


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