#20 Happiness After Trial & Good `Ole Asia

Her new companion from Layton!

Her new companion from Layton!

What a wonderful and blessed time it is to be serving and doing the Lord’s work. This is the best thing I could ever do! I love it! I am loving Hong Kong and couldn’t ask for a better place to serve these wonderful Asian people. The culture is different and I think I am finally adjusted to the food until someone throws some pig colon jerky at me and I just eat it. This is just the type of stuff you do as a missionary in Asia. It is great! These people are amazing!

The work is progressing and blessings do come after trial and hard work.

DSC03971Monday (March 2) – We had a great P-day. We didn’t have much to do so we did what Asians do when they want to have a good time. We played P-I-N-G P-O-N-G! It was a super awesome thing to do and I think I am getting pretty good:) After we went to Tong Fong Jimuih’s house and had dinner with her and a friend. We had some really good food. I will send a picture so you can drool over it:) We get fed really well here and as you can tell I have rice cheeks:) It is a real thing here:)

Tuesday (March 3) – We had a really productive day. We saw two of our investigators with members all before noon. It was awesome! They were really good lessons with Ruby and Wendy. Might I add that we have lessons in McDonald’s all the time. It is really interesting and I feel like sometimes I am in Utah because most McD’s look the same.

DSC03970After we went and met with a new investigator the Elders gave us from a street contact. Her name is Karen Lau. We visited with her and talked about the basics of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. It was going really well. She was understanding and really wants to learn more. As the end of our lessons she explained to us a miracle in her life. Years ago she had a friend sick in the hospital. She visited the friend and there were two young men who visited her too (Elders). She took a picture with them. She remembered that they were kind and friendly. She pulled out a picture of a missionary from a couple of years ago. It was an old picture with her and the Elder. I was so amazed at the Lord’s hand in her life. He had led her to the Cheung Sha Wan Elders and had her remember the picture. There is a reason she recognized the Elders. She came to church on Sunday and had a great time. She wants to come every week to church. We will see her this next week and bring her closer to Christ. She needs this gospel. Amen.

DSC03982Wednesday (March 4) – We had an awesome day of finding here in this lovely city of Hong Kong. We met with a Less-Active, Jessica. She is super great and is doing well.

Thursday (March 5) – We planned a lot. During our planning and studies we were talking about faith and how it connects to our Savior. Sister Nuttall said something that I really liked. She said, “Faith is confidence in someone who is perfect, Jesus Christ.” It is so true! What she said just hit me right in the heart. Faith is just like that. It is comfort and helps us learn more because we put our trust and confidence in Christ.

That night we met with the Bishop as Cheung Sha Wan Elders and Sisters. It was a really good meeting to get on the same page for the same work with the Bishop. As missionaries before we had our work separated and not working necessarily in unity. We are working hard these next couple of weeks to be on the same page helping progress the same work. I have already seen blessings from it and the ward is responding well to the Bishop’s request and member missionary work. I love it and this ward is my favorite. The members are great and I just want to serve them and love them forever. Friends and family at home, make sure you are willing to and are helping the missionaries and the Bishop out. We are all working together building the Kingdom of God.

DSC03993Friday (March 6) – We had Zone Training. It was super great! I really enjoyed learning and thinking of ways I can improve as a missionary. One thing that really stood out to me was the “1-2-3- Do it!” saying. (Elder Ballard talked about that a lot when he visited) I am working on that this week and I know that we will get more investigators and we will be able to continue planting more seeds of the love of Christ in each person we meet.

Saturday (March 7) – We went Less-Active finding which was really interesting. We basically went to a lots of different apartments and knocked on their doors. It was fun, talked to some people and we got to know our area more. We walked from Prince Edward to Lai Chi Kok. Here that is unheard of because we have the MTR. It was great and my legs were sore but it was fun!!

Sunday (March 8) – RUBY CAME TO CHURCH!!! She came and all on her own. She is super happy and really felt help from Heavenly Father this week. She is expected to receive baptism by the end of April if she continues. She is so cute and I know that Heavenly Father is strengthening her. Also, our new investigator Karen Lau came too. She is great and said she wants to come every week.

This week was really interesting. We had so many people scheduled with members too. It was going to be a great week! As each day progressed the scheduled lessons slowly became canceled and we found ourselves finding a lot more. I count it as a sad thing that we didn’t see them but definitely a blessing that we were able to go finding. We were able to plant some really good seeds this week and help others learn of Christ and feel His love for them.

What a wonderful week it is to serve here in the Hong Kong Mission. I am so blessed and I have learned so much from serving here for just about 3 months. I love my new companion, Sister Nuttall. We work well together and teaching with her is going to be the best and an awesome learning experience. We have had some tender mercies and small miracles this week. I have enjoyed helping her get to know Cheung Sha Wan and I am excited to see what she can help us with in the work. I love serving here and I know that this is where I am supposed to be – doing this exact work – Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ’s work.

I love you all more than I love seeing Asian people doing weird work outs:)
Love,  Sister Stromberg

PS: Weird things that happened this week
– I had some pig colon jerky. Ya it was weird.
– When we buy Chasiu Faahn (Pig and rice) we get it at the same place. Everytime he looks at me and say, “Leih hou leng. Leih yauh mouh laahmpahngyauh?” (You’re very pretty. Do you have a boyfriend?) It makes me laugh so hard and that is our favorite place to buy Chasiu Faahn.
– Hong Kong is so great!


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