#21 Serving in the Best Place Possible

Week 21.4As a missionary in Hong Kong you are constantly talking to people in parks, on the MTR (train) and everywhere else you go. You find people on the street since you can’t go knockin’ on doors. It is super happy work and you can find the most prepared people out there. It is great to serve these happy Chinese people and to hear their stories of life and what makes me happy or sad. The Chinese are really special people and need this gospel so much! And that is exactly what I am doing. I am sharing the gospel that will give them more happiness than they have ever felt.

So with all this in mind and the fact that I have rice cheeks (It is such a real thing) here is what this week brought:)

Week 21.10Monday (March 9) – We had a great p-day. We spent the day in Mei Foo with some of the great Sisters in our zone. We had a picnic in the park and walked around Lai Chi Kok Park. Let me tell you. It is the prettiest park ever! They had a cute Chinese garden and pond with some great things to do. They have everything here. It is one of the biggest parks in Hong Kong.

After we went and taught Ben some English. He is really progressing and I guess he will only learn with me. We have become really good friends. He did a practice test with me and got a 100%. We took a picture to commemorate the moment! He was so happy!! We read the Book of Mormon with Ada after and it was really good. We were able to help resolve some of her concerns and she found a scripture she loves. It was really awesome! They are coming to church for all three hours on the 22nd. So happy!

Week 21.1When we were done with Ada and Ben we walked over to Nam Cheong to teach Chan Jimuih and Bik Ha. Bik Ha was in the hospital earlier that week so it was great to see her. Her health is better. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. They are doing great and all we need is for them to have a desire to come to church. That seems to be a big problem to the people here in Hong Kong. They just need to come to church.

Tuesday (March 10) – We had district meeting which is always great. I love it so much! We taught Tong Fong after and it was really great! She is so cute and such an amazing member. She is so persistent and has the calling of a greeter in the mornings. It is the best to see her open the door when we come up the side of the chapel. She is the first member I see every Sunday. I love her so much! She is so cute!

Week 21.3Wednesday (March 11) – We had a great day. We took the MTR a lot and it almost seemed like we were MTR finding. It is sometimes successful. I mean it is almost the perfect setting. You are in a train and they are stuck with you until the next stop. We have got them trapped:) Just kidding. It is great to talk to people on the MTR. Some are funny, some are nice and some are just kind of weird. They always compliment me on my Cantonese. It is quite a booster. They are so cute. The best is when you talk to multiple Pohpos and they say you are pretty. Then you tell them they are pretty. Then you just let them go and they talk about who is prettier and by the end it turns into an old lady arguement at who is prettier and you are not in the conversation at all. It is super cute. I think I am going to be a Pohpo is Hong Kong when I am old.
We did some finding, taught Karen Lau and had a great English class.

Week 21.6Thursday (March 12) – It was a super great day. We did some awesome planning sessions and visited an LA, Fung Pohpo. She is so cute and sent us off with a big bag of oatmeal. I have noticed lots of Chinese people love oatmeal. It is really funny:) Oh we also got in contact with Icy and their family after the Mainland Monster ate them up. That was a miracle in itself.

Friday (March 13) – Yes it was Friday the 13th. Nothing too bad happened. Actually some cool stuff did happen. We went and visited the northern part of our area of Cheung Sha Wan. It was really good. We were up next to the border of our area and away from the busy and crazy part of Hong Kong. It kind of felt like what a small Cantonese village in Mainland would be similar to. It was great. We talked to these two moms from mainland for about a half an hour and they are coming to English class this week:)

We taught Selena in the evening and it was super great! She is progressing and doing really well. She even brought her friend Caroline again which is super awesome. They both really want to learn about the gospel and we know that it can make them happier.

Week 21.9Saturday (March 14) – It was pie day! It was actually MEGA Pie day because it was 3.1415! AHHH!!! So cool. So they don’t really have pies here so we got the closest we could find which was egg tarts. They are really good:) We taught Ruby and she now has a new and solid baptismal date. We continue to pray for her and hope that she can overcome the trials of not coming to church. She wants to be baptized so bad and I know she will be baptized in April. We went together to the Relief Society party. It was great to introduce her to those in the ward. They welcomed her with open arms. It was such a great experience.

Sunday (March 15) – We had ward conference and we had 3 investigators come to church; Selena, Caroline, and Karen Lau. They are doing great! The Young Women really helped us welcome Selena and Caroline. They just all flocked to them and sat with them. It was great! After church we met with a recent convert, Chan Jimuih and her two girls Ching Ching and Ying Ying.

They are so cute!

Week 21.5This week was super great. I have learned a lot and I have talked to some great people. I know that there are people waiting for me here in Hong Kong and all it needs to start out with is “Jousahn.” Just that one greeting can change the path of someones life. It is so interesting how the Lord puts people in our path and all we have to do is start the conversation. I have learned that it takes a while to get the courage up to talk to people but I have already seen blessings. We have been teaching and talking to more people and sharing the gospel. It is a wonderful work going on here. We are growing with the ward and I am loving serving these wonderful people. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Hong Kong is a special place and I know I am supposed to be here spreading the gospel right now. This week in my personal studies confirmed that. My testimony and understanding grew a lot more about my Savior and why it is only through Him that everything is possible. I am sharing this gospel because I have that testimony and I want everyone else to feel the same way, happy:)

I love you more than how much I love Pohpos!

Love, Sister Stromberg

PS: Pictures of Ben and I and then of Sister Nuttall and I in Mei Foo


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