#23 The Lord’s Hand in His Work

Week 23.1The work here in Hong Kong is moving and doing well. We are finding His chosen children one by one who are ready to hear the gospel. There are some amazing Children of God here and all they need is a little nudge to get them going on the right pathway home. That is my job as a missionary. I am giving them a little nudge or tap on the shoulder to help them return to Heavenly Father. This is the best job if you ask me; a missionary:)

Monday (March 16) – We made cookies with Sister Hawks. She is super great! We made oatmeal chocolate chip Twix cookies. They were soooo good:) It was nice to have something from an oven and to talk with Sister Hawks. It was also really cool that we cooked in the temple. (That is where President and Sister Hawks live)

Tuesday (March 17) – We had a really great day filled with teaching two lessons. We taught A-Pui in the temple visitors room:) It was super sweet and she is so ready and eager to be baptized! When you look at her you can just see it in her eyes! She bore her testimony and she just started to cry. The Spirit filled the room and she shared how much the gospel has blessed her. It is amazing how much the gospel can change someone. A-Pui will be baptized on May 10th, 2015! YEAH!! We also taught Tong Fong Jimuih and she is doing great! She has been to the temple a few times for baptisms for the dead. She loves it and shared her testimony about how it really is serving our family and Heavenly Father. We are preparing her for when she can receive her endowment. She is a special spirit and I am so grateful to be part of her journey back to Heavenly Father.

Week 23.5Wednesday (March 18) – We had a lot of finding and taught Selena and Caroline. They are doing great and we hope to give Selena a baptismal date next time we see her. When we were finding it was super great! It was a warm day and lots of people were at Nam Cheong Park. We were walking around and then I realized that there were like dozens (yes I mean probably 12 dozen) people taking pictures of nature. They were on every corner. It was great! They had big huge cameras taking pictures of bark or each other with peace signs. It was a classic Asian moment. I was so happy to just soak it all in. Sister Nuttall and I laughed about it for a good couple of days. It still makes me giggle:)

Week 23.3Thursday (March 19) – We taught Ruby (who is doing so great!) with our Bishop’s wife Sister Kwok. We also visited with one of our Less-Actives Fong Pohpo. She is so cute! We read Moroni 10 with her and she bore her testimony and it was so strong. I could feel the spirit and I know that she loves this gospel and our Savior, Jesus Christ. She is super sweet and Fong Pohpo is an amazing woman. Just a little bit of background about her that makes me love her so much. She is in her 80’s; she is a cardboard collector by day and a 7:30pm asleep Pohpo by night; She has one eye that doesn’t know where it is going (It is hard to tell which eye I need to look at); and she is the sweetest, funniest woman ever!

Friday (March 20) – We taught a new investigator Mandy who is 16! She is so cute and has lots of questions. This gospel will help her so much and she said that she is totally wanting to learn more! We went and taught Ada and Ben! They are so cute! Ada bore her testimony at how she knows that this is the true church and that she wants to be baptized! It has been like a 180 turn around for her! She is so cute and the Lord is working miracles in her life right now. Thank you for all the prayers. They are working with each of our investigators:) The Lord really does bless His missionaries, our investigators and our families:)

Saturday (March 21) – We went finding all day and then had dinner with the Yim family. We taught them the Restoration and then asked how we could improve (something President Hawks said we should try) It was really good and we got some good feedback from them:)

Sunday (March 22) – Ok! So this is a big Sunday for me! I spoke in church…..in Chinese!!!! YA! It was really crazy and super awesome:) I shared my testimony and my favorite story of Christ. Of course, I chose 3 Nephi 11 when He appears to the Nephites. It is amazing how when you put your trust in the Lord he just works to help you. I didn’t once stop to think of what to say. My Chinese has gotten better but it takes patience and a lot of trust in the Lord. After church we had some great studies and visited a couple of people in the hospital.

Week 23.4Monday (March 23) – We were finding just about all day! It was super great! The weather was nice and we planted lots of seeds in the hearts of God’s children. What a great time it is to be a missionary:) We walked just about our whole area. It was really nice and taught some more people about the gospel.

Tuesday (March 24) – We had district meeting and I learned a lot. The best thing though was that we went and visited one of our members who is ancient! She literally is ANCIENT!! What I have noticed about Asian people is that they all look like they are 20 until they are about 70 and then when they turn 70 it’s like they have become the age of ancient. It is the best! It is hard to tell peoples age though. Ok, back to the story. Her name is Gu Pohpo and she lives in a cubicle (old folks homes are just a big room with cubicles, kind of sad). She is so cute! She comes to church every Sunday and it just looks like she is going to fall over! One thing that we learned when we visited her with Yip Jimuih is that she can’t hear a thing when she goes to church. She just knows that she definitely needs to go and she just listens to the spirit. She is the kind of Pohpo I want to be when I am old. Ancient but still active and learning in the gospel. She is so cute!!!!! I just want to hug her all the time. I will send a picture of her next time we see her:)

Wednesday (March 25) – We taught Ada and Ben again! They are really cute and we hope to help her progress towards baptism! We also had English class and it was great! One of our students Lai Yee is 99 years old! You must think there are so many old people in Hong Kong! Well, there are! They are so cute and great to talk to:) Lai Yee is really cute and her English is outstanding! She is still going strong at the ripe age of 99. She turns 100 this year on October 6th! We all can’t wait:)

Week 23.2Thursday (March 26) – Today we went to the temple and it was great! I love the Hong Kong temple and I am learning so much when I attend! I am so lucky to be able to go to the temple as a missionary:)

As you just noticed I wrote my heart out! I have so much on my mind and so much to tell you! In the end though it all comes down to how much I love being a missionary!

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! It is the greatest job in the world. The best part is that you get to serve people and you get to see first hand the Lord working with you. It is really great and a mission is the best thing you can or will ever do to serve the Lord!

I love you more than I love talking with old people on the street with no teeth!

Squatter Toilets!

Squatter Toilets!


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