#23b BBQs in China are an Adventure!

Week 23.7This week was great. I mean it has only been 4 days since I emailed last. It was a great couple of days with the regular thinking about our investigators salvation and stuff. That is what you do as a missionary. You think all the time about these people. It really is amazing how much you learn from these wonderful children of God who need His gospel. We had lots of lessons scheduled but almost all of them fell through. The investigators cancelled at the last second. It is really stressful sometimes but it is just part of the work. We just do our best and not stress over the things we can’t control. We do our best and the Lord amplifies our work.

So here is how our week went….

Friday (March 27) – We had two of our investigators cancel so that was “chahm” (sad). We did however get to teach Selena! She is so great and her faith in Christ is developing. We extended a baptismal date to her for the first of May and she said she will pray about it. She wants to be baptized but she wants to know first that the church is true. We will continue to pray for her. She did however say that she believes what we are teaching her is true. I was happier than a little kid with candy. She is progressing and we have faith that she will accept a baptismal date.

Saturday (March 28) – Saturday was interesting. We had a ward activity and invited lots of investigators. All backed out at the last second except for our investigator, Icy and her daughter. We went with them to the ward activity and they had a good time. We hope that they made some good friends and will want to come to church on a Sunday.

DSCN2181 - CopyAt the BBQ we went up to a park on the way to Lion’s rock. It was really awesome and there were lots of people there. We BBQ-ed some weird stuff. We roasted bread (Toast), corn, meat, hot dogs, sardines, chicken. It was pretty cool. The best thing was that they had HUGE live shrimp the size of my hand! They were so weird and they would just cook them live. I didn’t try it but I know Jake would love it! Maybe we will try it one day. The BBQ was awesome and it is definitely not like American BBQs.

DSCN2182 - CopySunday (March 29) – Ada and her son Ben came to church for all three blocks yesterday! It was super happy and they enjoyed it. At church we really executed getting the members involved and called them a few days before. It really worked. We had members sitting with them and they met some great friends in the ward. It was a really great Sunday!

A-Pui our longer term investigator who is ready for baptism came on Sunday. I am really seeing her sacrifice her time to come to church because she is always busy. Her testimony is so strong and her desire to follow Christ is strong too. She is a walking testimony that the gospel puts desires into someone’s heart that otherwise would not dwell there. She is really great and I am so excited for her to be baptized in the beginning of May.

DSC05326That was a great couple of days. I love serving here in Cheung Sha Wan! Missionary work is so amazing and I am the happiest I have ever been!!!!!! I love these people and I love sharing my testimony with them. Cantonese is coming slowly but surely. I have adapted to the food and the wonderful weather. I actually saw blue sky yesterday! It was truly a miracle! It made me so happy. It hasn’t gotten humid yet (or I am used to it) but the members just say to wait until July and August. So here we go into summer.

I love you so much!


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