#24 Humidity is like a warm hug… all day long

DSC05344Ok, so it is starting to warm up here. Just a wee bit but enough that I can feel the humidity starting to kick in. This past week we went running at 7 and then when we came back to pray my knees were so sweaty I slid across the tile floor. Ya, it was gross but I am excited to be tested with heat and sweat. It will just make the mission experience even more exciting and surprising!

With a warm hug each day here is what my days consisted of this week…

DSC05296Monday (March 30) – So we went to the Peak, Sister Nuttall and I. It was super great and I really enjoyed it. Everyone we were going to go with backed out because it was “supposed” to rain. Well, it didn’t. Sister Nuttall and I still went and had a great time. We didn’t go all the way to the top because it was really “gwai” (expensive). So we just found some cool places that you didn’t need to pay for. After we went to an aviary which was really pretty and we saw some cool birds. I have lots of pictures from the peak!

DSC05298Tuesday (March 31) – We visited Lam Pohpo. She has been in the hospital and finally got out. She is super sweet, old, and just needs the gospel but isn’t willing to accept it quite yet. We will work on it. After we visited with Lam Pui Sim Jimuih. She is super cute! The Bishop Kwok gave us a message he wants us to share with the ward. We started that and it is going well. We are hoping to get more member missionary work.

So in the Zone people call me Sister Soup. Literally. It is really awesome. One of the Office Elders, Elder Ma, found a soup shirt and has been begging me to go buy it. After lots of thinking I decided it would be awesome to have a soup shirt and then introduce myself to lots of people. I went and bought it. I now have a soup shirt and I look like I could be a walking Campbell’s Advtertisement:) I took some pictures.

DSC05331Wednesday (April 1) – I went finding all day. Psych! April Fools! Ok, so we had a pretty good day. We taught some lessons: Ada & Ben and Icy as well as English class. It was great and I love serving here.

Thursday (April 2) – We had the coolest opportunity to do service here in HK. We don’t really have many options so this was one to take. We did Soap Recycling. It was really awesome! So what they do is they collect all the one time used soap from HK hotels and clean them. Then they ship them off to countries in Asia that need hygiene soap. They send most of the them to the Philippines. It was really awesome and we got to know some members who speak English. They are really nice and it was a great service. Service is like medicine to the soul. You just feel so good after.

Friday (April 3) – We had Zone Training and it was super great! I love Zone Training and I learn so much from it each time. We are focusing on faith this month and we are ready for our faith to be tried. We have some great goals as a Zone and we will be improving the work here in Hong Kong. After we had Zone 24’s and I went with Sister Dudley in Sham Shui Po. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. I realized that my area is really blessed and that each area is different. We have different trials and people but we are all doing the same work, sharing the gospel. I really enjoyed working with such a wonderful Sister. She is strong and works really hard. I learned a lot about finding with her and how important it is to bear pure testimony.

DSC05351Probably the highlight of my week was when I got to see my recent convert for the first time since January. Cherry Lee, the Tong families niece, moved back with her mom to Tuen Mun. I haven’t seen her in what feels like FOREVER and didn’t know what happened with her. It was really great to see her at the church and ask her how things were going. She is still the cutest little Asian 9 year old! She is going to church there with some members and missionaries each week. She really likes it and her testimony is still very strong. I just loved seeing her and knowing that she is taken care of in Tuen Mun.

DSC05313Saturday (April 4) – Sister Dudley and I went finding in Lok Fu. It was really awesome and the people are great. We talked to this one group of like 12 or 13 year old girls. They really wanted to come to English class and they should be coming this Wednesday. One of the girls was super sassy and cute and wanted to give all her friends flyers. She took like 10 of our English Class flyers. It made me laugh and she was quite a character.

– First of all it was EASTER! I mean what a wonderful holiday it is to celebrate the resurrection of the Savior. My testimony was really built up this week as I have studied more about the Savior’s teachings and how he is the most supreme being. I cannot thank Him enough for all He has done. His teachings are wonderful and I feel very blessed. In sacrament meeting the YSA sang “He is Risen”. It was super great and I loved their voices. It is a beautiful song in Chinese. I just about cried it was that good. I love Cheung Sha Wan Ward. They are so awesome! Their testimonies are strong and I love serving them.

~General Conference – so our General Conference is this next weekend. It is an entire Saturday and Sunday of Conference and creating better relationships with members and investigators. I am really excited and it sounds super great! AHHHH!!! Conference is so exciting! It is like the feelings from Christmas all over again. I am excited to learn more and listen to the words of the prophets because I truly know they have been called of God to teach us each day.

DSC05319I had a super great week and I learn so much each week! It is starting to warm up but I am thinking it will prepare me for other places that I might live in the future. I am enjoying serving the Lord and His children. It is such a blessing and I love it. I love studying the scriptures so much and I know that the Book of Mormon is true. There is no other more correct book on earth. I am grateful for my Savior and His example. I am very blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to become a better person and receive my own resurrected body in the future. I love having this comforting knowledge. Now, I am sharing this knowledge and love with all I speak with. I love you all and hope you realize how blessed we are to have the Restored Gospel on earth right now.

I love you all more than I am learning to love these “warm hugs” (aka humidity) each day! Love you!!!

Sister Stromberg
Sister Soup


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