#25 The Lord Leads Us & Pigeon Man

I had a great week and of course General Conference was one of the highlights. It has a whole new meaning as a missionary and I feel like I have prepared now more than I ever have. What a wonderful experience it has been to watch conference(in English) and be a missionary. I had prepared some questions to be answered for the first time and only got a few answers, but the most rewarding was receiving answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. How how the Lord works in mysterious ways:)

We have had kind of rough week here in Cheung Sha Wan but you’ve got to have the hard times so the happy times are even more happy and exciting. We had lots of lessons that cancelled or didn’t show up so my email will be a bit different than normal. We exercised a lot of faith this week and had the outlook that with trial comes miracles and it sure did happen on Sunday night finding.

Sunday Night Finding
We had finding time scheduled. We prayed and decided to go to Lai Chi Kok. We went out an exit that we normally don’t take because it is all industrious. We got out and it was really dark so we followed the lighted path on the big road towards a park. We walked and we passed a girl who was pushing a suitcase pretty fast down the sidewalk. As soon as we passed her I knew I had to stop and talk to her. We stopped, introduced ourselves and continued walking and talking. We exchanged numbers and the cool thing is that she has been looking for a church that is suitable for her. AHHHH!!! We were sent to her to help her!! We shared a short message with her and she kept asking lots of good questions. She has genuine interest and we will hope to see Mika this week. It is really awesome to see how the Lord guides us to where we need to be and urges us to talk to the right people.

Another miracle was when we parted ways with Mika we just walked down the street. We normally stop and ask which was to go but we didn’t, we were both led in the right direction. We came upon these two African men who had noticed that we spoke Chinese when we were talking with Mika. They were surprised and wanted to learn more. We gave them a flyer and then headed to the station. We got a call from them about 4 minutes after we parted saying that they wanted to learn more now. We shared with them about the Book of Mormon and they want to read it. They are from Togo and speak really good French. I tried my best to speak what I remember but it is all mixed with Chinese. We will see them this week, give them a French Book of Mormon and turn them over to the English Elders. It is really a blessing to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands. We were able to find 3 solid people who have interest in learning more. The Lord knows us and knows who we need to talk to, we just have to live righteously to let Him guide us and teach us.

Pigeon Man
Since we were finding a lot we met some interesting people. In one day we had people take pictures of us and put it on Facebook, people say some not nice words and meet some interesting people here in Hong Kong! Ok, so this story is Pigeon Man. We were walking up at the northern part of our area which we don’t normally go to. We were walking up this road and noticed that a bazillion pigeons were following a man (I know Emma would probably die).  We watched him and figured out he was feeding them – it’s very illegal here. We laughed and watched him. We shouted our hellos across the road. He said hello and then put his finger to his mouth as if to tell us to be quiet. We just watched him. He pulled out these two HUGE bags of bird feed, I think, and spread it out all over the sidewalk. We laughed! He was totally breaking the law and the birdseed was all over! I don’t think you could see the sidewalk. It was just yellow. Then he started doing a weird worship thing. It was really awesome and I will never forget this experience. The best part was we had a rough day finding that day and the Lord led us to have a little bit of laughter in the work. It was a tender mercy and definitely lifted our spirits that day. I love Hong Kong people!!! They are quite characters:)

Our Investigators
They are going through a rough patch but we are praying for them. We just remember that through time and trial comes miracles!

I enjoyed Conference this week and I especially enjoyed recognizing the Lord in our missionary efforts. It is such a sweet experience to be a servant of the Lord in this beautiful place. I love it and would not trade anything for it. I love you family and I am so happy to hear about things at home. I am also happy to hear about the new temples, I can’t help but think how much the Thailand temple is going to affect Hong Kong. (HK Temple is currently the temple for 1/3 of the worlds population). It is really awesome! I love this gospel and know without a doubt it is true!

I love you!
Sister Stromberg

PS: It was cold this week ….about 65 F. I think I am becoming a baby:)


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