#26 I’m a Farmer Just Plantin’ Some Seeds

Week 26.3Well, this week was interesting. Nothing super crazy but a time of realizing that there is always room to improve the work. Here is just a glance into what we did this week.

Monday (April 13) – We had the super awesome opportunity to go to Monkey Mountain. It was cool and there were lots of monkeys. They are really crazy creatures and I think I saw one that looked like Jake:) We were able to get so close to them. We went with some of Sister Nuttall’s last area’s ward members and it was fun. They are some pretty cool people and I just loved our p-day up in Tai Wai and Shatin. Definitely a place to go again. We ended the day off with some finding and we stopped by the Chan Families house to say hi. We haven’t seen them in a while and they will be moving to Shatin in July.

Week 26.2Tuesday (April 14) – We had a great time finding and we are learning each day of things we can improve. We also played Ping Pong at FHE. Might I say I am getting pretty good. I have some great Asian Ping Pong Masters to look up to:) Jake you better get ready for a competition when we get back!

Week 26.7Wednesday (April 15) – We had service in the morning which was great and not to mention it was my 6 months on my mission!!! (4 months in Hong Kong) I can’t believe it has been that long! I don’t want it to end! This work is so fun, exhausting, happy and rewarding. I love it! This is such a great privilege and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We had a phone lesson with A-Pui again. She is so cute and her big test was on Friday. Before we hung up she told us, “wan dodi yeung” (Find more sheep) It really made us chuckle! A-Pui is so cute.

Week 26.1Thursday (April 16) – We visited a member who is like 1000000 years old. Do you remember Gu Pohpo? She is so cute and I just love her! She shared some interesting stories with us and it was nice to make her happy. When we came into the old people home she smiled and pointed at us saying “Chyuhngaausih!!!” (Missionaries) We laughed. We talked with some of the other old ladies and it was grand. They are so cute and we talked a bit about Christ. We had one lady come up to us and ask us to bust her out of the old folks home. It made us laugh but we couldn’t do anything about it:)

Friday (April 17) – We went finding just about all day, visited Tong Fong Jimuih and went to dinner with a member and investigator (Chan Jimuih (I) and Cheng Hingdaih (M)). When we find sometimes things happen of it but what I have learned is that if nothing comes of the visit we at least planted a seed for future missionaries and helped them realize that life can be so much happier and meaningful. I am a farmer just plantin’ some seeds of faith, hope, love, curiosity, the gospel and the love of Christ.

Week 26.5Saturday (April 18) – We had the wonderful opportunity to help the Kowloon Stake with a Mini MTC. It was really awesome! We were able to help them know how to answer questions and get them excited about missionary work. It was really great and we found out that one of our young women in our ward really wants to serve. It was a happy moment!

Sunday (April 19) – Church was great! We were able to see Ada and Ben! They are so darn cute! Ada had a really great experience with her testimony of Christ and we hope that this will help her come to really desire to be baptized. She is coming along slowly but we will continue to pray for her.

Monday (April 20)– Today we are going bowling in Tseun Wan. It should be fun and a great day.

I am so happy to be a missionary and I love serving. I am starting to learn more about Cantonese and my companion really is amazing at helping me. She knows soooo much Cantonese! It is insane! I hope to be able to learn so much more from her. We sometimes forget what some words in English are. It is awesome!

Home sounds like an interesting place as always. Jake I hope you can fix the neighbors car window you shot out. The snow sounds so crazy and awesome! It is pretty hot here so enjoy it:) I just love you family & friends. Thank you for your support, prayers and love. I can definitely feel them and know that the Lord is preparing some miracles for us here in Cheung Sha Wan. I love you!

I love you!
Sister Stromberg

PS: I am so happy that I got some new baby cousins. They are so cute! Thanks for the pics mom:)Week 26.7


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