#27 There is nothing like Hong Kong, China!

Week 27.2Oh, I love being here and serving all these great wonderful people!!! I am surprised on the daily with how different Hong Kong is and how awesome the people are! I could not serve this mission anywhere else. Hong Kong is the place for me. We had a super great week! We witnessed quite a miracle if you ask me. The past 3 or 4 weeks have been long, hard days with not much success. But with faith and perseverance the Lord blesses you more than you can imagine. I still can’t fathom how much He is right by my side working to bring His children home. So with many blessings and happiness in mind here is how my week has gone…

Monday (April 20) – We went bowling for p-day in Asia. It is really hard to find a bowling place here. I guess it makes sense because everyone loves Ping Pong and Tai Chi. But, alas we found one and it was so much fun. Might I point out that we were the only white people and it was awesome! In the evening we were back to work finding and working hard to find prepared souls. It was a great day. There was one sad thing though. Recently we have had 6 missionaries serving in Cheung Sha Wan (CSW); us, Elders and the Assistants to the President. We have been super full. We found out though that since lots of Elders are going home this week (Thursday is transfers) they are closing the Cheung Sha Wan Elders:( It is sad but it is necessary. We are going to be working with the Assistants now in CSW:)

Tuesday (April 21) – We visited Icy and really got to help her. This past lesson confirmed that we needed to keep teaching them. We also visited Tong Jimuih and Hung Jimuih. It was super great. Also we had lots of members at our FHE. It was so great! We have been working on that lately. Miracle!

Selena is so cute!

Selena is so cute!

Wednesday (April 22) – We had finding planned out but then someone we had helped back in January called us saying he wanted to meet us. Miracle! It was Mr. Lee, the super cute one that we translated that letter for. Sister Nuttall decided to call it “Return of Mr. Lee”. BUM Bum bum…. It was great to see him again and he came to English class with us. After English class the Assistants had a turn over lesson for us. Her name is Ms. Wong and she is so cute! We hope to be able to teach her a good full lesson soon.

Thurday (April 23) – This day was one like none other. We started off visited and teaching Chan Jimuih the Recent Convert. She is super cute! We went with a member Lam Lam Jimuih. After she took us out to lunch and had us meet some of her friends who aren’t members! Miracle! Also next week she wants to go knocking door to her friends houses who aren’t members. We are super excited 1. because we get to meet her friends and help them come unto Christ and 2. we get to knock doors. We can’t do that here. It was great!

After we had a great night and experienced something that I don’t think many people get to experience. We went to a Chinese Funeral. It was awesome! Not that the old lady passed on but that it was super different. Sister Nuttall had been invited to sing and it was great. I have a really talented companion. Ya, she is an amazing opera singer. But at the funeral you had to bow a lot and other funerals sang chants for hours and flowers galore and so much more. We went with Bishop Kwok so he helped us know what to do. It was really different and super cool. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Friday (April 24) – We taught Lam Pohpo and her son bore his testimony which was so powerful. We also taught Selena and she is almost progressing. She opened up with us and shared some concerns! Miracle! I included a picture of her so you can match her name to a face. We are really praying we can give her a baptismal date soon:) We also taught Ada and Ben and that is always a delight. Our investigators are coming along.

with Tong Fong to Stake Conf in Ho Man Tin

with Tong Fong to Stake Conf in Ho Man Tin

Saturday (April 25) – We visited some members and had dinner with them in the mall in Kowloon Tong, Festival Walk. It was awesome! It was also one of Elder Barker’s (my District Leader and CSW Elder) & Elder George’s last time with them. They took all of us out and we shared a really great message. We have amazing members and I really do love them so much! After dinner we had Stake Conference. It was really awesome and I understood about 95.2% of it! Miracle! President Sam Wong (the one who spoke in General Conference Oct 2014 in Cantonese) came and spoke. He is a genius (and the Spirit is a genius) and I learned so much from him for now and for later in my life. It is amazing how the gospel works.

Sunday (April 26) – We had 3 lessons scheduled but they all got cancelled. No worries. We had Stake Conference and Icy’s daughter Yuki came with us and her friend, Grace. It was great! What a wonderful Sunday!!

I just love serving here in Cheung Sha Wan! I love the people and I am learning each and everyday. Transfers are this week and Sister Nuttall and I hope we are not being moved. But if the Lord needs us elsewhere we will happily go and do. I am a super happy missionary! I love serving the Lord and the miracles that happen are given by the Lord for His work. It is all one giant circle that continues to bless believers everywhere:)

I love you so much!

Sister Stromberg

PS: Today we are going to Diamond Hill where the first baptismal site in China, Hong Kong ever took place. I am super excited. Next week we will go to Mong Kok.


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