#28 Ward BBQ & First Baptism Site

Week 28.2Our week was great! Few things changed but we are preparing for a very exciting, long time waiting baptism for A-Pui! She is so cute! I will get into the details later. Soooo with that in mind here is how my week went…

Monday (April 27) – It was a spiritual, happy p-day. We were going to go to Mong Kok but decided to go to the first baptismal site in China Hong Kong. It was really awesome! It was really hidden. When we got there you couldn’t hear the cars or the craziness of the city. It was peaceful and you could

Location of first baptism in Hong Kong

Location of first baptism in Hong Kong

hear the waterfall behind it. What a special place it is. Most people walk by it but they don’t even know how special of a place it is. It was really pretty and I feel like I learned a lot more about my purpose as a missionary. It took me a little bit but I decided to take a picture. It is such a cool place.

Tuesday (April 28) – We taught Icy and Tong Fong Jimuih. They are so cute! This next week we will finish the last after baptism lesson with Tong Fong. It makes me sad I won’t be able to teach her every week. She is growing up:) She’s cute! Oh and we had District Meeting too, I am staying here in Cheung Sha Wan which is what I was hoping for. This transfer will be great! I love serving this ward and they are like family to me already. This next transfer will be great!

Wednesday (April 29) – We taught a new investigator Ms. Wong. She has no religious background and we hope to be able to help her come unto Christ. She is really cute and seems a bit lonely. After we went finding in Tai Kok Tsui. We don’t normally go finding there because it is all busy and lots of cars. But, we felt like we needed to go to a park that I had never been to. When we got to the park it was packed with Pohpos (old grandmas) and Suhksuhks (old grandpas). They just love to talk but not about gospel things. We finally met this guy named Rocky. He is Christian and want to learn more. We hope that this week we can see him again and turn him over to the Elders. He seems so have some great potential. We taught English Class that night and we talked about super heroes. It was really fun.

Herbal Dr.'s House

Herbal Dr.’s House

Thursday (April 30) – You know how last week I talked about possibly going door knocking to our member’s friends houses? Ya, we kind of did that this week. We went to one of her friends houses for lunch and kind of introduced our purpose. He is a Chinese Herbal Doctor and man His house was so cool! We ate some weird food. We had duck, lamb, Taris (look is up on google), some weird things that would help our body and of course bitter melon. It was an interesting but good meal. We hope to see him again and meet his daughter who is in WEek 28.13Mainland right now. That evening we met with a new investigator named Kelly. She is 17 and seems to be looking for direction in her life. She is super cute. We taught her how to pray and she wants to know God more. We are excited for her.Week 28.4

Friday (May 1) – We had a ward BBQ activity up in Yuen Long. It was so cool! Ada and Ben were able to come with us which was a blessing! We BBQued some really good food. They had a cooked chicken contest and played games. It was a grand ole time. We were also able to meet some friends of members who weren’t members. That was great! We had a fun day and it was so hot. It was hot hot hot but I hear that this is only the beginning. Wish me luck for summer:)

Week 28.5Saturday (May 2) – We taught Ada and she is right on the edge of miracles! She is really wanting to come to know Christ. She opened up with some concerns and is so willing to learn more. We really hope to see miracles in her life that allow her to progress and come to church because her job requires her to work on Sunday.Week 28.8

Sunday (May 3) – A-pui came to church and we helped her get ready for her baptism! We are so excited! She is so ready! She bore her testimony to us and I just about cried. How did I get so lucky to be a part of her baptism and conversion. She is so cute! She will be a miracle baptism this next Sunday! When we gave her the paper work for her baptism she just screamed and held onto the paper the entire time. I can’t wait to tell you more about A-Pui’s baptism!!!! That night we went to the Yim Families for dinner with Tong Fong Jimuih.

Week 28.1This week in all was great! Probably the highlight was A-Pui! She is so cute! We are excited and ready to prepare for her baptism. She is a walking miracle! I can’t wait to talk to you on Mother’s Day to tell you more! Love you all so much!

Love, Sister S tromberg


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