#30 Week of Learning & Calling Home

Week 30.3My oh my was it great to call the fam! I was so happy to hear your voices and just the way you interacted with each other. I loved it! It was literally the highlight of my week!!!! I just loved talking to all of you, hearing your voices and just having a good conversation. Thank you so much for your patience in my call and I hope all is still going well at home:)

Well, this week I learned so much! We had Zone Conference and might I just add that President Hawks is like the smartest President ever. I learned so much from him and of course from the Spirit too. So, here is my week in a rice ball….hehehe 🙂

Monday (May 11) – We had a fabulous p-day and ate lunch with Sister Yeung. She made this good rice ball thing and it was really good. Later we went to Tsim Sha Tsui to the Avenue of Stars and it was super awesome! I loved every second of it. Hong Kong is a cool place.

Sitting in the laundry room for the 45+min phone call home.

Sitting in the laundry room for the 45+min phone call home.

Tuesday (May 12) – I called Home!!! THAT WAS THE HIGHLIGHT! I loved talking to the familly and listening all about the things happening back at home. I really liked the conference call idea. Thanks Dad. It worked well. I was so happy to call all of you and I am truly grateful that we have the technology that I can call you. It was a little hard to hang up but hey the Lord “gives you comfort when you stand in need of comfort,” and I definitely felt comforted. The gospel is just so great!

Week 30.1Wednesday (May 13) – We had Zone Conference. I learned so much and came away with many things that I need to improve on. As a missionary you are constantly evaluating yourself, trying to be better and then repeating the whole process multiple times. The most important thing is that you realize that you aren’t perfect in anything. There will be hard times but a mission is supposed to be like that. A wise cousin of mine once said, “You have to have those hard days to make those Heavenly days even better.” I learned a lot about this in Conference. I learned a lot on how to become a better teacher. I realized the importance of teaching because not only will it bless my investigators and members now but it will bless my present and future family, those I teach in future callings and myself. Teaching is really important. I have started reading Teaching, No Greater Call and it is a really good book. I have learned a lot. I have realized that our lessons have gotten better and my personal studies have been more powerful and meaningful. I also realized how the Spirit just helps and teaches you all the time. He can teach you things that no one can teach you. With the companionship of the Spirit that is where the mysteries of the universe and God can be known.

Thursday (May 14) – We had a great turn over lesson for the Sham Shui Po Sisters and some finding.

Week 30.2Friday (May 15) – We did some great service and fed the soul that way. We also had another turn over for the Tsuen Wan Sisters. A turn over is when you have found and taught someone who doesn’t live in your area. You have a lesson with them to introduce them to the other missionaries and help them go to church in their correct ward. It was great!

Saturday (May 16) – We had a primary activity we went to with Ada & Ben. It was really fun. We made lunch boxes with rice and seafood. It was really cool to see how different Chinese lunch boxes are than American. I would just pack a sandwich, Capri-sun and chips. They went all out with rice and shapes and squid and everything Asiany. It was really interesting and I loved getting to know the primary better. Asian children are so cute! Can I adopt one?

Sunday (May 17) – Well I have been on my mission for 7 months! It is too fast! So crazy! I have loved every second of it and I have learned so much! We had a wonderful day at church. A-Pui was confirmed and she is now OFFICIALLY a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I am so happy for her. She was so happy and it was great to be able to be apart of it. She is so cute! We had a great lesson after about the Restored gospel. She asked us a question about eternal families, one that I had not thought of before. I was able to reflect on my testimony and how grateful I am to know that I am sealed to my family for forever. I will be with them in happiness for forever. I am so grateful that we have the Restored gospel because with it comes the restored gospel ordinances and happiness. I am so happy that I know when I hung up the phone on Mother’s Day that there will never be an end. This knowledge has blessed my life. I am so happy that now I have the opportunity to share this with others. I love this gospel and I love serving these people. I have learned a lot and I hope that this letter makes sense beacuse my brain is going at 10000000 miles an hour.

I love you more than Asians LOVE to eat rice for every meal:)


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