#32 English Fastin’ & Temple Goers

My District

My District

These past 10 days have flown by sooooo fast! I can’t even believe it! The mission is a great experience but sometimes it feels like it is going way to fast. Honestly, it feels like I just got to Hong Kong yesterday……. but I didn’t. So that’s that.

IMG_3990So, we have been doing the regular missionary work here but the coolest is that my Chinese is improving! I can understand about everything people say and I can respond, but I still find it hard to understand the Mainlanders. Boy, do they have an accent! We get to see a lot of people from Mainland because our chapel is in Kowloon Tong. Just yesterday there were some Sisters from Mainland that came for the temple. Sister Nuttall and I turned the corner onto the property and they just turned their heads. One of them put her hands way up into the air and yelped with joy! It was so happy but actually kind of startling. They speak Mandarin so it is really hard to understand. I can understand what they say better than speak to them. Well we took some pictures, gave some hugs and went in. I love seeing Mainlanders. They brighten my day because every time they see us they are SO HAPPY! Like Ecstatic because they never see missionaries in Mainland and we are the closest ones. It is a sweet encounter.

We had a black rain typhoon this week so we studied in the window sill.  The storms are nothing like home.

We had a black rain typhoon this week so we studied in the window sill. The storms are nothing like home.

*English Fastin’  Last week Sister Nuttall and I decided to English fast (not speaking English for a period of time). Okay so last time I totally failed and it was the hardest thing of my life. But this most recent one went as smooth as squid. Yup. Squid. I actually went like 4 whole days not speaking English! It was a miracle! It is especially hard because all of our meetings are in English but we made it work. I realized half way through that my Chinese has gotten so much better since last time we fasted! Sister Nuttall has really helped me improve my Chinese and really help me learn how to study the language. She is a Chinese Speaking Master! Really though. So now I have this little book that I carry around with me everywhere and I write down each word I don’t know. It has been so helpful and I have learned so much from just little conversations on the train or lessons. I know that I could not learn Chinese without the Lord’s help. Cantonese is the hardest language but it is all possible with the Lord’s help. The Gift of Tongues is real and it is my life. I love learning Cantonese. I love especially because it allows me to converse with these Amazing Hong Kong people:) They make my life:):)

Interviews  We had interviews with President and Sister Hawks last week. I learned so much from them and they are such great examples to me. In my interview President Hawks really helped me and Sister Hawk’s hugs are the best! I sure love them and I will be sad when they return home in July. I always wonder how blessed I am to have them as my Mission President and that I am so blessed to serve in Hong Kong! It is my favorite and I have changed so much! I am so grateful to be serving the Lord right now.

Week 32.4The Black and White Burger  Okay, so this burger no one else has tried it because it is only in China at McDonalds. Guess what! I am in China right now! It is so cool! So Sister Nuttall and I finally tried it after many internal arguments like it will give us cancer or make us sick. It was a good burger. I like the White but not the Black. So if you are ever in China at this time of the year you should try it and let me know what you think. Oh you can also Google it:)

Week 32.3Karen  We had a miracle her on our end of the work. One that answered lots of prayers and continuous thought. Karen disappeared back in April but last week she texted us and said that she wanted to see us again and change her life. We have been meeting with her and she wants to have a relationship with Christ again. We are super excited and really hope to help her a lot more this time. I sure love Karen. She is so sweet:)

Ada & Ben & A-Pui  Ada and Ben have been in Mainland lately. Darn that Mainland Monster! But we will see them hopefully soon. Ada just got a new job and isn’t making church a priority right now but we are praying and working hard to help her. We had lunch with A-Pui on Monday. She is the cutest thing and just brightens up my day all the time! She is super cute and it was really great to have lunch with her. I love A-Pui and she is still going strong! Thanks for the prayers for our investigators:) They really do help.

The fog around the picture just shows how humid it is here.  I

The fog around the picture just shows how humid it is here. I

*Temple Goers  Today we had the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple! I love the temple so much! I have studied a lot about the temple and how important it really is! I definitely received some answers to my questions. I know that you have to go to the temple as often as you can, no matter how busy you are, to really understand its importance and learn from this beautiful place. I encourage all of the people who read this letter to pick a day and go to the temple whether you do baptisms, a session or just walk around the grounds. The temple is a special place and it will bless your life. I promise.

Week 32.7These past 10 days have flown and I love serving as a missionary. You learn so much and you can change. I have changed a lot. “You really do change as a person, if you let the Lord change you that is.” -myself.

I love you family & friends and hope all is doing well! Thanks for the prayers and support. I love you with all my heart!

Sister Stromberg


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