#33 The SLAP has arrived

What the SLAP does to our studies

What the SLAP does to our studies

This week was great! We had some really awesome days of finding in which prayers of everyone were answered. We have hopefully 3 new investigators. One thing I have noticed that they have in common is that they all have been attending numerous churches and haven’t been able to find the one. This makes me excited because I have the opportunity to share the best message ever! The only true Church established by Jesus Christ today. I am so excited to share my testimony and help them come unto Christ.

lunch with Yan Jimuih

lunch with Yan Jimuih

Sister Nuttall’s Birthday
Wednesday was her birthday and she turned 20. She is so old but then I take a step back and realize I will be old soon too:) We had some members take us out to lunch and she got lots of cake. It was a lot but also really good. She is so great and is always super happy. She sang at Zone Training and is was super powerful. I really felt the Spirit and it made me proud of my companion. Her voice is gorgeous!

The amazing Lee family

The amazing Lee family

A Realization
We had Zone Training on Friday and I absolutely love it! It is one of my favorites. This one really opened my eyes as to what I am really doing here in China, Hong Kong. I have the greatest privilege to serve the Lord. I get to help and love people. I get to share the Savior’s love. I am serving in this wonderful city. I am serving in China!! You know sometimes you forget where you are. You forget to look around you. Now I remember. These people have a plan and a destiny with the Lord’s plan. These people are a very special people. I love them so very much and I love serving here! It is such a blessing. These people are truly amazing and I love all of them; the weird ones, the crazies, the happy, the sad, the Pohpos; everyone! They are all in this wonderful place. I love serving them!!!

Sister Yong's family that came to visit

Sister Yong’s family that came to visit

A Happy Encounter
This past weekend was my Trainer, Sister Yong’s sisters wedding here in Hong Kong. I had the fabulous opportunity to meet her family! It was so happy and it made me think of how great of a Trainer I had. I love Sister Yong! She is serving in Macau right now. She loves it! Her family is so cute. Her mother shared her testimony and it was really touching. I attached a picture for you to see:)

Well, if you can’t tell the title of my email is very awesome! It has been “hot” lately and let me just tell you that The Slap… has arrived. It is really hot and humid here. I have been told that it has not reached how hot is will be but that just makes me want to sei (die). No need to worry mom and dad. I am drinking a ton of water. I also attached a picture of how our studies go in the morning:)

I love serving here in Hong Kong! It is the place for me to be! I have learned a lot about the Lord’s timing and how exercising even the smallest particle of faith can bring about miracles! I know that Karen came back into our lives because of the prayers at home. When she texted us the first thing I thought of was how much Harry and Carter are praying for her. Thank you so much! She is so amazing and is starting to progress:) I love serving these people and sharing the biggest love ever, the Savior’s love. My mission is changing me and I really know that without a doubt that if you just allow the Lord to take charge, he will do miracles that even I can’t imagine. I love my Savior and I love my family!

~Sister Stromberg

Iron Man - he was huge!

Iron Man – he was huge!

PS: For p-day last week we went to SSP and took pics with the Iron Man and ate some really good burgers. It was the closest we could get to American burgers. McDonald’s here doesn’t count. Today we are going to Yuen Long! I am super excited! We are going to walk on the promenade, have some lunch with other Sisters and see the forbidden land! (Mainland!) I will definitely send pictures.
PPS: I am so grateful that Tilynn is doing well. That must be really scary for her up at Bear Lake. I will keep her, her family and her friends in my prayers. Thank you for letting me know. (Tilynn is her 2nd cousin that was one of the 2 teenage survivors in the tragic boating accident)
PPPS: Jake good luck at the Tournament:) Work hard.

Burger, almost like an American one

Burger, almost like an American one


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