#34 Good `Ole Cheung Sha Wan

Mainland is in the background

Mainland is in the background

This week was super great! I have learned a lot. This morning Sister Nuttall received the call to become a trainer. She is staying to train the only Sister coming in! Ahhh! So exciting!! I am super excited for her and she will be able to bless the new Sister so much. I know she will do well and I am really excited for her to train. I have assumed that I am leaving the wonderful area of Cheung Sha Wan. I have come to love these people so much and they are very amazing people! I love them so much.Week 34.4 I have come to love these wonderful Cheung Sha Wan people. They have greeted me with open arms. They are special. I am excited to serve where the Lord would like me to be and I will give them all my heart just as I have here in Cheung Sha Wan.

Good ‘Ole Cheung Sha Wan is so amazing! I am so lucky to have been “born” into the Cheung Sha Wan Ward. They are great! This place will always have a little part of my heart. At church yesterday I kind of had the feeling that I was going to move. It was sad and quite a few of the members asked if I was moving to. I don’t know where I am going to move to until tomorrow at District Meeting, so you can find out next week:) It is a little scary to move out of the place that I have adapted to but trust in the Lord and all fear disappears because you can have the assurance that He has a plan for you. He has a plan for me to serve other people of Hong Kong.

Week 34.2Week 34.5Yuen Long  So this past P-day we went to Yuen Long up in the New Territories. It is so cool! We walked out to the Boonies of Hong Kong. It totally doesn’t even feel like Hong Kong! I feel like I am in the Philippines or something! It was totally awesome! They best part was being able to see Mainland. We saw Shenzhen from the shore and it was beautiful. I am so happy that I serve in Hong Kong. These people are so amazing! I love the Chinese!!!!!!

Week 34.7 Week 34.8Investigators  Our investigators are slowly moving towards baptism. It is hard when you know what their potential is and what blessings they can get but they are moving slowly. The only thing that trumps this is that the Lord has a plan for each investigator and Less-Active. You just have to pray hard enough to find the answer of how to help them progress. So we go with what the Lord says and all is well. Our investigator Karen is doing great! We are helping her accept the gospel even more. She practiced her make-up on us this week as she is going to school to be a beautician. It was great! We taught Icy & Yuki again and shared about the importance of prayer and scripture! They were so cute! They should be coming to church again soon. Our prayers are working towards our investigators. I love these people and know that the Lord will continue to bless them.

Week 34.10Toto  Toto is a member of the SSP Ward but I have gotten really close to her. We went to lunch with her this week and spent p-day with her at the Science Museum today! It was so awesome! She was the first of the goodbyes to this wonderful area!

Week 34.9Cheung Sha Wan is the best place to have started my mission! I can’t even think of anywhere else. I have grown so much and learned to love so much here! I am sure going to miss this place but I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me to do. These people are amazing! I don’t have much to say as I am speechless in writing about how much I love this area. I guess that is all for now as my mind is going a million miles per-hour.

I love you Cheung Sha Wan.
Ga Yauh!Week 34.6


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