#35 I am now in…

Comp #5 Sister Warner from SLC

Comp #5 Sister Warner from SLC

This past week was transfers. I was the only Sister in the mission that knew she was leaving a whole 24 hours before move calls. That is golden knowledge as a missionary. I was able to pack and say my goodbyes fairly early. It made less stress for the moves. Cheung Sha Wan was great! It will always have a place in my heart 🙂

So, since I moved you are probably wondering where I moved to……hehehe. Should I not tell you?! Okay jokes. That would be mean. Well, I moved to Kowloon City with Sister Warner as my companion! It is such a great area! We cover a big chunk of Kowloon. We have places like Ma Tau Wai Rd, Hung Hom, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon City, Ho Man Tin and a couple others that I don’t remember. It is so awesome! We are on the water front and everything! I love it!

Sister Warner & I finding.  We look dead.  It was hot.  Amen.

Sister Warner & I finding. We look dead. It was hot. Amen.

We are soooo busy! Recently the mission has lost so many Elders with only 1 or 2 coming in. So they have closed lots of Elder’s areas. We are now at a 64 E/60 S ratio! We are so busy because Sister Warner and I are the only missionaries serving Kowloon City. We have no Elders. We now have all their investigators and teach brothers. It is so weird because before it was mhdak (not ok) to teach brothers. But now we can! and Wow my perspective on finding has had to change. I love it though.

Sister Warner is so great! Okay this may seem weird but mom you need to make sure Rachel Stout reads this email. So Sister Warner went to school with Rachel for a long time. They are pretty good friends! She knows the Stout Fam! It is so weird but so fun at the same time! She is super cute! I love Sister Warner! She is a super hard worker and her faith is so strong! She is just amazing and I can tell that I will learn so much from her this transfer. She is so great!

We live in Mong Kok which is were all the cheap shopping is in Hong Kong. I live on Garden St. (Fa Yuen Gaai). You can google it. It is right in the middle of everything! I love it! It is so convenient.

Also another cool thing is that my MTC teacher’s family (Cherri Chan) is in my ward. She came to visit yesterday and it was so great to see her again:) The ward is truly great!

The Promenade - across is the  Island and part of Kowloon

The Promenade – across is the Island and part of Kowloon

Okay so we went finding this week and it was really weird to actually be looking for brothers too. We went to the Kwun Tong Promenade which is just barely in our area. It is so pretty. You can see the island and there were lots of people. We were walking at the beginning of our finding shesh and there weren’t many people yet. There was one boy walking on the promenade. His name was John. Was stopped and talked to him. We shared about prayer. It was really powerful and we hope to be able to teach him again later this week. He had lots of good questions and really wants to know if God loves him. It was so great! I loved teaching John. In just our 10 or so minutes of talking the Spirit testified so much to me and I hope to him. I haven’t had a lesson like that in a while. It was so great and it reminded me of how great missionary work is! This work is so GREAT! It is so WORTH IT! I love being a missionary!

So another miracle! We have this investigator named Mr. Nguyen or Mr. Hung in Chinese. He is from Vietnam and doesn’t speak any English. He is learning Cantonese but is really basic. We have a translator for his lessons. He came to church yesterday. He didn’t understand a thing but he sat there as happy as can be. I could tell he really felt the Spirit. He even dressed in nicer clothes. It will be hard to teach him but it doesn’t matter the language barrier because everyone can learn the language of the Spirit and He is the real teacher. I will keep you updated because he is so cool and humble!

I love serving here! It is so great and the people are amazing! Sister Warner is so funny and we get along so perfectly! We have a lot of high goals for this area and will just work really hard to reach them.

I love Kowloon City! It is a great place! I love you family!


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