#36 The Brethren & Pig’s Blood

Glynis & Sister Warner

Glynis & Sister Warner

Well, the title of my email reaches just about every end of the spectrum if you ask me. You can kind of guess what my letter this week is about. The Brethren & Pig’s Blood.

This week in Kowloon City was super great! Miracles are happening left and right. The Lord is really blessing these people! Sister Warner and I are working so hard to be able to have more blessings happen. Our obedience and spiritual outlook is key. These people are ready and I am not going to be the one that hinders these miracles. We have made some great goals and our faith is building like kids building a sandcastle πŸ™‚

At the history museum

At the history museum

Monday (June 22) – We went to the History Museum. It was so cool! Chinese History is so much more complex than I could ever have imagined. This culture is sooooo old. It is so fascinating too πŸ™‚

I just realized it is already June! Ahhh! That is so fast! Can we just spin the mission dial back to February?

Tuesday (June 23) – Β Ok, anyways, we met this new investigator named Shirley. She is so cute and soo prepared to accept the gospel. Sister Warner met her on the bus a couple of weeks ago and we finally were able to see her. She accepted all of our invitations. She is going back to the UK for school at the end of July. We are praying more miracles can happen in her life πŸ™‚

Pig's blood (yes, it is a cube - and it's chewy)

Pig’s blood (yes, it is a cube – and it’s chewy)

We went finding with Glynis who helped us with the lesson. We ended up going to dinner with her after and it was good. I ate pig’s blood. It wasn’t that bad but you just couldn’t think about it for too long πŸ™‚

Wednesday (June 24) – We met with our recent convert Cathy! She is really cute and smart. Just a testimony of the gospel πŸ™‚ Later that night we taught a man named Frankie who has been investigating the church for a long time. He is just waiting for an answer to his prayers. He could be baptized any day. He is such an amazing person! This gospel is helping him! Prayers and faith will help him even more. It is really amazing watching the Lord work through you to help His children. It really humbles you.

Thursday (June 25) – We had 4 lessons on Thursday. We were so busy and the Lord even gave us a new investigator! Miracles!!

Week 36.41 – Β we met this Less-Active the other day LA Finding. She is so great! She wants to come back to the church and has been gone for over 20 years. She is so great!

2- We met another miracle on the street this week. His name is Gregory Chan. We were walking to the church to prepare for a lesson. A man came dashing across the road and stopped us. He explained how he has just retired, is bored, and really wants to find his belief. He agreed to meet with us and come to church on Sunday. He was so happy and church and says he wants to continue to learn more. He wants his life to change and I think it is so cool that he had the Spirit guide him to us and that he was willing to go out of his way to talk to us. The Lord works in mysterious ways and I believe his life will no longer be the same again.

3- We taught another Recent Convert named Sister Chung (Glynis)! She is so cute! Her lesson was on personal revelation and she is so amazing! The gospel has helped and will continue to help her!

Beautiful Kowloon City from the ferry.  The big red box is Ikea!!

Beautiful Kowloon City from the ferry. The big red box is Ikea!!

4 – Our investigator Edward is doing really well. He is preparing to be baptized on July 19th and is a little bit nervous. We have thought of ways that we can sacrifice things and really concentrate everything to the Lord so that Edward can receive baptism. In my personal study I came up with 4 simple things that I could do to be a more exact obedient missionary. I have started to carry out my goals for a day or so and I feel so much better. I know that with the help of the Lord our investigators will have more miracles happen in their life. I do not doubt it. Edward will get baptized! I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for him!

Friday (June 26) – We had a great day! Met some Less-Actives and a few potential investigators! It was a great day! We also met up with a former named A-Kwan and she will be turned over to some Elders on the Island. She took like 80 pictures of me. Yup…

Saturday (June 27) – It was such a great day! Lots of finding and a great time getting to know these wonderful Kowloon City people! The gospel can bless each and every one of them πŸ™‚

Sister Warner did my hair today

Sister Warner did my hair today

Sunday (June 28) – A great day at church! We had 5 investigators and they were all just about men. That is why it’s called the Brethren. We are working with so many! It is really awesome! My perspective has changed and I love it! These people are so ready and the Lord has a plan for each of them. The Brethren are soooo cool!!! We also met with a Less-Active named Sister Lam. For her lesson we felt it was a good idea to use the “Beta” lesson outline for our next meeting with her. The Spirit was immensely strong and she taught herself through the pictures. I took a second to notice the way she looked at each picture and examined it. She really knows that Christ is here to help her. My testimony was also able to grow because of her small act of learning from the Spirit. That lesson was the most powerful less-active lesson I have had on my mission.

Also I put together a few things about being in Hong Kong that I thought you might get a laugh at. They are good πŸ™‚

Being Sister Stromberg in Hong Kong

– I get hit my umbrella tops daily because I am taller than half the population.

– I am always asked to reach the top shelf or fix the lights.

– Random people take pictures with me even if they are awkward they just love it and then take more πŸ™‚ Β Still cracks me up!

– The Middle Eastern men always stare at me and Sister Warner all the time w/o fail. They are sweet.

– I eat rice or noodles for just about every meal.

– People are still surprised this tall, white girl speaks Chinese.

The area is doing great! Sister Warner and I are so grateful for the blessings the Lord is pouring out on these people of Kowloon City. They are so blessed. We have set our goals for July and are reaching for 65 lessons (other than our regulars) in July. I am so excited and I know that the Lord will help us reach these goals. We are praying for miracles and faith to help this area.

I hope the family is doing well πŸ™‚ You all are great and your testimonies build me up:) Dojeh!

I love you so much! Kowloon City is so great!!!!!

PS: President Hawks leaves this week and President Lam becomes our new Mission President.

a funny sign on the ferry

a funny sign on the ferry


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