#37 New Mission President

Burger place

Burger place

Oh, what a wonderful week! I feel like I say that every week. But alas, it is true. Every week as a missionary is wonderful if you have the right attitude! I love serving here in Kowloon City! What a great place. There are so many prepared people here. What makes it even better is I have an amazing companion too! Sister Warner! Oh she is great. We have a blast and we are working hard to help our investigators. I love it! She is great! So, the weekly scoop is below. Enjoy!

Monday (June 29) – We went to Sham Shui Po (pronounce it in Cantonese: Sum Seui Bou). It was a little weird to go back to my baby area. I missed it. What a great place! We went to the Dragon Center and shopped a little bit. We also had burgers for lunch. It was so good! We went with our roommates, the Mandarin Sisters – Sister Sharp and Ellsworth! I guess you could say I am learning a little Mandarin too:)

Tuesday (June 30) – We had a great time finding and teaching lessons. I am learning a lot lately on how to teach better. It is hard at first but once you get the ball rollin’ you are home free! Teaching is great and will bless my missionary efforts now and my family in the future. It is a good investment of time.

Wednesday (July 1) – We had a great meeting with President and Sister Lam! It was so great! We were able to get to know them better and they told of their conversion stories. Sister Lam was converted a long time ago while she was a young mother. President Lam has only been baptized for 20 years! That is crazy. That is how old I am:) They are great and I am super excited to serve with them! I hope to learn a lot from them too:) After we went and taught Caroline in her home. We met her mother and her two cats; William and Kenneth. It was great! Caroline is coming along. She is starting to develop more faith. She is so cute and this gospel will bless her so much! Her mom also gave us home made dumplings. They are from Northern China. Super cute family!

at the museum

at the museum

Thursday (July 2) – We had some lessons and a ward game night. I learned how to play Chinese Chess. Way different but really fun!

Friday (July 3) – We had zone training! I really like zone training. One thing that I noticed completely different is that the zone has changed a lot. I have been in the same zone for almost 7 months and it is so weird how much it changes. I learned a lot and we had a great musical number by two Sisters. It brought the Spirit and I really enjoyed it. We also had English Class and Kung Fu Class.

Saturday (July 4) – We had 3 lessons! All Brethren! It is awesome! They are coming along through our prayers, faith and lessons. It is really interesting how the gospel changes people:) We sang some American hymns and loved that it was America’s Birthday.

Sunday (July 5) – We had an awesome Sunday! I love church so much:) After church we taught two lessons and eventually made our way over to the Yip Families house for dinner that night. They were so great! They have 4 kids. Sorry I forgot to take a picture. When we finished the lesson we asked if they had anyone we could teach about eternal families to. Sister Yip got really excited and we ended up knocking some of her friends doors on the same floor. What a night! She is so great and I love it when members are really excited to do missionary work too. She is such an example to me.

This week was great! Nothing crazy happened other than more spirits being guided home to Christ. I love being a missionary. I have been out for almost 9 months now and I have loved it so much! I can’t wait for the next while to serve the Lord and to truly give Him all my heart, might, mind, and strength! (D&C 4)

Love you family! Glad the 4th was great! I had a popsicle and BBQ chicken for dinner (BBQ sauce is rare here. We went to an American Store. It is heaven there)

Sister Stromberg

PS: Today we are going to Monkey Mountain again! It should be fun!

PPS. None of the pictures are very good, so no pics this week. You can look at the video of Sister Warner drinking Ya Sei Mei. It is a Chinese Tea (word of Wisdom approved) that just knocks you out.

So because it is so hot and humid in Hong Kong you get this thing called “yiht hei” (hot air) Basically it is a ball of air in your stomach that kind of cooks the inside. Makes you more hot. Anyways, everyone has it in the summer so they drink Ya Sei Mei to get rid of it. The only thing is is that it has a repulsive taste. Not good! I chugged a cup of it in less than a minute. The other sisters about died. They think I am invincible now. you can see how Sister Warner reacted. It is really funny!

Don’t send the video out or put it on the blog. Thanks.  It is funny. You can try it when we come back 🙂  Boo


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