#38 Loving the Missionary Life

How I fell asleep

How I fell asleep


Okay, Love you!

Well I thought I could just say this and be done but then I would have to give you more information. As it says, I love being a missionary! It is such an amazing privilege to be able to teach these amazing Chinese people! They are so cute and weird but I love them to death. Being a missionary is fun. And it is the hardest thing ever. But I don’t do it alone. I have my companion, my leaders and of course the Lord. I have a pretty great and powerful team:)

Here is what has gone done here in Kowloon City! 九龍Sihng ( The Character wouldn’t work)

Week 38.9Monday (July 6th) –  We went to Monkey Mountain! A great pleasure to be with my little brothers again. Haha just kidding. The monkeys were cute though. Sister Warner almost had one climb up on her back. She was so scared! Turns out he just wanted her water bottle:)

Love my comp!

Love my comp!

Tuesday (July 7) – We taught Edward a very powerful lesson. He is doing so well but on Sunday didn’t come to church again. I am not sure why. In the lesson we shared the story about the Footprints in the Sand and how the Savior can lift him up. It was really powerful. I think it made Edward think a little bit more. The Spirit was really strong and we bore testimony that the Savior wants him to be baptized. He needs faith and trust that all will be well. Edward is great and progressing toward baptism. We hope a miracle can happen and he can get baptized before he goes to Taiwan for school in August.

Wednesday (July 8) – We taught a new investigator from the TST Elders named Alex. He is so great and has some really good questions about the Priesthood as he belongs to another Christian church. Brother Ling helped us and the lesson was really good. I feel like he understands Priesthood so much more and knows that something is different about our church. It was a great lesson. We also taught our investigator Sister Wat. She is cute and has two crazy kids. She wants to know which church is true. She attends another Christian church that is close to her house. But on Sunday her daughter came with Blueberry (member in TST; her name is awesome!). It was really cool!

Week 38.13Thursday (July 9) – Not much happened out of the ordinary. A Typhoon 8 signal was hoisted but it barely sprinkled. It was funny:)

Friday (July 10) – We taught Frankie a powerful lesson. We read 1 Nephi 4 and tried to understand more his question about why Nephi killed Laban. We shared our testimonies. As I was sharing my testimony I also realized that we may not understand everything about our lives or the gospel right now but it is our choice to put faith in what we do believe and trust that God will answer our questions when we see Him. It reminded me how faith can be exercised in everything we do. Even if it is simple. I love the scripture in Alma. “By small and simple things great things are brought to pass.”

Caroline Flowers

Caroline Flowers

We also saw Caroline. We shared about the Plan of Salvation and made paper flowers. It was really cute and fun! She is so awesome!

Week 38.15Saturday (July 11) – We had finding all day. Quite interesting. We also got 7/11 slurpees:) They were good after a hot day of finding.

Sunday (July 12) – A great Sunday! We went to church and had some less-actives there. Sadly, no investigators. We also went to dinner and shared a message with the Kam family. They are really cute and such a strong family!

Week 38.10This week was great! Always room for improvement and more faith but we are working hard. Praying for miracles to happen! I love serving here! Kowloon City is great and my companion is the best! She has taught me so much already:) Love you all and hope you have a great week:)

Ngoh ngoi leihdeih!    Sister Stromberg  湯娣妹

slept in living area, mold in bedrooms

slept in living area, mold in bedrooms

Week 38.21


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