#39 The Holy Ghost Answers

Week 39.3This week has been so amazing! Answers to prayers and praying a lot. We have some great investigators! They are coming along slowly. It is kind of funny to think that we don’t have Elders in our ward and all of our investigators except for 2, are brethren. It is really funny!

Anyways, here is the weekly scoop!

Monday (July 13) – We went to Sham Shui Po again. We seem to just keep going back. We had some fun with the Shatin and Tai Wai Sisters (Sister Yong (my trainer), Killpack, Hansen, & Cox). It was great! We had turkish Kebabs. It was really good:)

We had a referral dinner with someone from the Island Zone. The member Brother Tsze was so excited! He has introduced a little bit about the church to his friend Mary. She agreed to meet the missionaries. We met over Thai food. It was so good! Anyways, Mary is super cute! Really fun and wants to know more. We will need to turn her over to the Tuen Mun Sisters later.

Tuesday (July 14) – We had a great lesson with Frankie. He is coming along. He just really wants to know. Last time we gave him a 2 hour homework assignment to answer his question about Nephi and Laban in 1 Nephi 4. He did it all. He is really diligent and just wants to know. He has looked at religion for a long time. He was once a Buddhist Monk in Thailand for 20 years. He is a really cool person.

Wednesday (July 15) – Well it was a great day! I had my hump day. 9 months on the mission! I have loved every second. Yes, even the hard ones because you come out learning so much! I can’t wait for the next 9 months. Well, not only was it my hump day but it also was my very first day of 8 hours of finding. It was tiring but also part of the work. A good experience and what a better time than to go with an expert, Sister Warner.

Thursday (July 16) – We met a former investigator named Brother Fong. He met with the missionaries a year ago. He really wants to change and I can’t wait to help him learn more.

English Class

English Class

Friday (July 17) – We went English Class finding in Kowloon City at the park. It was really fun! We had a big banner and shared about how learning English can be fun! We got some good contacts. We also taught English Class that night. We taught them the Primary Song “Give Said the LIttle Stream,” and taught about pronunciation. It was really fun! They were so cute! I took a picture to show you!

Week 39.5Earlier that afternoon we taught a less-active member we are working with. Her name is Samantha Chan. She is really progressing. We found her knocking LA doors. She welcomed us in with open arms and has been to church for 4 weeks in a row. She loves it. I am so excited to keep helping her. I have been able to see the gospel come back into her life and help her feel happier. The gospel is changing her again. The Lord is helping her.

Saturday (July 18) – We had a turnover in Tuen Mun. We met with Mary again from Monday night. We gave her a tour of the chapel and she was able to meet the Tuen Mun Sisters. It was so great! Tuen Mun is in the New Territories so we took an hour bus ride. It was crazy! They have fields, can see Shenzhen and the buildings are short. I guess living in Hong Kong for this long I have kind of become a city girl:) I love it here! After we went finding and did studies.

Sunday (July 19) – Here is the big story! A miracle if you ask me! Our prayers were answered at church. Our investigator Frankie, (has been investigating for 7 months and was previously a monk in Thailand for 20 years) received an answer to his prayer. At church he said he felt the Spirit. It was a miracle when he told us. Frankie felt the Spirit and received an answer to his prayers. Frankie has real intent to know if this church is true. He keeps every commitment and has been to coming to church for over 4 months. Sister Warner and I have prayed and exercised our faith in Frankie that he can receive a witness of the Holy Ghost. Yesterday it happened. We are so grateful for this miracle. Frankie said he is not sure if the gospel is for him right now but his answer was that he needs to keep learning and meeting with us. We were so happy. He has very deep, good questions about anything and everything. We will continue to answer his questions the best we can. I am so happy the Lord has answered his prayer. The Holy Ghost answered his prayers.

I also love my companion. She has helped me a lot lately. Her diligence in doing this work has really been an example to me. I can see how the mission has changed her. She is an outstanding, hard working, diligent, faithful missionary. I look up to her a lot and I love learning from her. She is awesome!

Beautiful Hong Kong Island

Beautiful Hong Kong Island

I love doing this work. It is the hardest thing I have done and the most important. I love it. I am learning so much! In my personal study today I was thinking about our area, Kowloon City. I was able to realize how blessed I am to serve here at this moment. We have a great ward, amazing investigators, less-actives who can be helped and I have a fantastic companion. I love it. I am so happy to be a missionary!

Kowloon City is great! The Mission is Great! It is all great!

Love you!

Sister Stromberg


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