#41a – Choose the Apple

Temple Day

Temple Day

Wow. Missionary work is the best thing ever! I don’t ever want it to end. It is so great to hear about all my friends who are on missions or who are returning home. The great thing is that we don’t ever have to be done as missionaries. I love it so much. If I don’t come home, you know why. I am in love with serving and teaching these people.

I am so happy! 😁

I have a lot to cover as I haven’t emailed in 10 days. The temple was great! We also had interviews with President Lam just barely. It is so great. So here is the 10 day scoops of sunshine as a missionary….

Edward   Edward is so great! He is our 18 year old investigator who will for sure be baptized on August 18th, 2015. He really wants it and is working hard to be prepared. He is so great! He just understands everything. His questions mainly focus on the Plan of Salvation and other people. He is really thoughtful of others. He is so great! Anyways, he got a new job so it has been hard for him to come to church, but we came up with a solution to ask his boss if he could come into work after church. He approved. That is an answer to all of our prayers! It is such a miracle, especially in Hong Kong.

Edward with the apple & Bro. Lee

Edward with the apple & Bro. Lee

We have taught him twice since I have last written. He is doing well. He came up with a really good analogy to ask us some questions. He explained how Heavenly Father wants everyone to return to Him. On of his questions was “Why doesn’t Heavenly Father just make us all want the apple(Celestial Kingdom, Christ) instead of choosing the banana(Satan, Telestial Kingdom).” I don’t know if that makes sense but he was a genius. Since then we have been able to connect it to Edward’s analogy that he used. Choose the apple Edward! The gospel is so great and he is just soaking all of it in. The next lesson we gave him an apple. He laughed really hard. We took a picture with the apple so you can put a face to his name. He is so great. He kind of looks like he could be a K-Pop star.

Leung Family   We have been praying to teach a family on the street lately. Our prayer was answered and the Lord placed the cutest family in our path. The Leung Family is so cute. They have 3 kids and are so happy. We shared a little bit about the gospel and the mother had lots of questions that the gospel can answer for her. The had their little boy with them and he was so cute! We helped give him an English name. His name is Ethan and he is about 3. So cute. He just stood and waved at the moon for a little bit. He would say hello too! CHINESE KIDS ARE SO CUTE!!!! Ahh:) Anyways, we hope to be able to teach them again. They seem to have a lot of interest.

Fried noodles that look like worms & a chinese donut with noodles wrapped around it with soy sauce

Fried noodles that look like worms & a chinese donut with noodles wrapped around it with soy sauce

Lam Family   We met with a member who lives in Tseung Kwan O (not our area, we got permission to go visit), the Lam family. They are really awesome! They are strong in the gospel. Brother Lam was companions with President Hawk’s Mission President. (Does that make sense?) It was cool. Plus, Sister Lam’s brother was the very first missionary in Hong Kong. It is so great! It was cool to realize how the work is still going strong. We also listened to some really great Chinese wisdom. They were really nice. They said we were the first Sister Missionaries visit them and even then they haven’t had missionaries visit them in over 10 years. They are great strong members.

From our Mong Kok roof top.  This is Garden Street at night

From our Mong Kok roof top. This is Garden Street at night

Temple & Misc.   Today we went to the temple. It never ceases to amaze me. It is a special place of instruction and peace. I love the temple. Our session was in Thai and that was so cool. I love how international it is here. Anyways, next week we will have mission tour with someone special and then we have Zone Conference. It will be a busy week. It is so great to be a missionary here. Also, Frankie came to a Mainlander Baptism yesterday and said it was really special. We really hope to help him more. We feel like we are running out of ideas to help him. That is when prayer is essential. It is so important.

Well it is so great to hear all is doing well at home. People are happy, missionaries returning (my favorite ever! High five Corinne!) and missionaries going (Mikaela). Life and the mission all just move too fast. It needs to slow down. I can’t keep up. I love it here. I am a Hong Kong person. I love the city. I love the people. I love serving here. I love the gospel. I love my Savior.

I love you. Be safe.

Korean BBQ on Mon - Good stuff!

Korean BBQ on Mon – Good stuff!


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