#41b Kowloon City Members are Stellar!

Week 38.21I can’t believe I have been serving in this ward for over a month. I love them so much! They are so great! Our ward had recently split before I got here so we are a pretty new ward. Lots of miracles are happening and the ward is so happy and willing. It is amazing to see how the change in the ward has occured since the Elders have left. The Lord’s timing is perfect. We have been privileged to work with the Brethren in our ward. They are really awesome. They have really stepped to the plate since we don’t have Elders anymore. I have been able to see how the missionary work spirit has grown and their excitement for the young men to serve missions has increased. Kowloon City is doing wonderful things and I can see potential miracles happening for them. The Lord is in their lives.

Since I have just written home my letter will be a little short but it has some good stories. Here we go…

Zone Training – Friday (July 31):   In Zone Training this week, I learned a lot. Sister Warner and I have found that we need to focus more on Part-Member families. We have prayed about it and have selected a few families to focus on. We want to give them to opportunity to have an eternal family. We calculated that if we are able to bring each Part-member family to a full active family in the church, Kowloon City would have 17 new converts. 17!!! That is a lot. So as of this August and into the following months we will be focusing on part-member families. I am excited to work with them and in doing so the active member’s faith and testimony will grow.

In Zone Training we also learned a lot about different ways to find. Our previous finding efforts have proven not to be as productive as it should be. We have decided to change the methods up. We are starting tonight with new ideas and have faith we will find a new investigator. It actually makes me excited to find. But one thing I keep reflecting on is something a member from Mainland told me. Dan Dan said, “Finding isn’t hard, in fact it is a happy work because all you are doing is going out and finding the prepared ones.” She has some great advice.

Yip Family – Member Missionaries:   Sunday night we had a member dinner scheduled with the Yip Family. We had previously visited them but then last Sunday Sister Yip really wanted us over for dinner. When we got there they had invited two other people to be introduced to the gospel. It was great and we hope to be able to help them a lot more in the future. Sister Yip has been on fire. Working hard and being a true member missionary. I look up to her a lot. She has 4 wild kids and still manages to find people for us to teach and share her own testimony. I love them. They are so happy:)

*Edward*:   On Sunday we had two investigators attend church; Frankie Choi and Edward Lau. They are really solid investigators. This week Edward was on fire. He was so happy and it is amazing to see how much his testimony has grown. We had a lesson with him on Tuesday; he came to the activity on Thursday; and then church on Sunday with a lesson after. The lesson after on Sunday was very powerful. We had 4 of the Young Men there. Edward had previously stated that reading the Book of Mormon was boring and that it wasn’t super exciting. We asked the Young Men to help us. Wow, they all have powerhouse testimonies and they will make great missionaries in the future. It was a great lesson because the Spirit was felt and the Young Men shared their experiences with the Book of Mormon and Word of Wisdom. Edward even shared something he learned from reading. It was really great. The ward is just welcoming Edward with open arms. It is very happy. Our ward is outstanding!

Week 41b.1It is great to serve here in Kowloon City. It is very diverse and I love it. We have people from all over. Daily we talk to native Hong Kong people and even people from Thailand, Pakistan and Indonesia. It is so awesome! It also makes for some good food around here. I love these people and I am so grateful that I have the privilege to share this gospel with these people.

It makes me happier than a kid at a seaweed factory. (That is very happy. Oh and if you didn’t know we eat seaweed here.)


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