#42 A Disciple of Christ

Week 42.6I have a lot to say today. We will see if I get it all in or not. We have been super busy. We had Mission Tour with Elder Gong and Zone Conference along with many miracles! Missionary work is the BEST!!!

Mission Tour Devotional (Wed, Aug 5) –

First of all. It was awesome to be guided and taught by Elder and Sister Gong of the Seventy. Mission Tour was great! I have learned a lot and started to implement some of the teachings already. I feel like I am a more productive missionary and my studies have started to improve. I really liked how Elder and Sister Gong focused the whole mission tour devotional on the Savior. It really allowed me to think about myself and my Savior. As I have pondered over these past few days I have realized that I have learned so much more about the sacrament in my time serving. It has become a time for more personal reflection and conclusion rather than just a time to sleep like I used to before. The sacrament is a really powerful time. Without the sacrament the Atonement is almost worthless. It allows us to act on the Atonement. I really liked how they pointed out the main parts of when the Savior institutes the sacrament. On Sunday, I was able to reflect on what I had learned and realized. It made this sacrament meeting a great one. I am so grateful for the young men in our ward that bless and pass the sacrament. What a holy calling and duty. It allows me to be grateful for so many other things.

Interviewed by a Member of the Seventy

I also had the special opportunity to be interviewed by Elder Gong. Wow. I was nervous at first but then I could feel that he is called of God and you can feel the Spirit in his presence. It was really great to see how particular and sensitive he was. I could realize that his testimony of the Savior was deep rooted and he was about the Lord’s work always. His testimony of the Book of Mormon was great. I also enjoyed how he listened to every word I had to say as if I were an influential person speaking.  I am grateful for the time that we testified. I am so grateful that I was one of the four missionaries. What a very special opportunity it was for me to be interviewed by a Disciple of Christ in the Quorum of the Seventy.

Me, Sis DeOcampo, Sis Shee, Sis Lee

Me, Sis DeOcampo, Sis Shee, Sis Lee

Zone Conference (Thurs, Aug 6)- 

Zone Conference was really great. I have learned a lot. We have been doing lots of member missionary work and it really does help a lot more in finding new investigators and teaching people. Members are those who will be the investigators support system in the long run. They are so important. We have been so blessed that we have been able to work with a lot of our members lately. We are so blessed to have an amazing ward. We visited another family yesterday and their son brought a friend to church. He also committed to come next week. We hope to be able to start helping him and teaching him. We received another miracle at church. A less-active whom Sister Warner and I have never met came to church for the first time. She even brought her daughter who is a non-member. We were able to become friends with her and she is so sweet. I just felt connected to her. She is coming next week too. We are going to see her this week and get to know her better and of course share this wonderful and happy message with her.

Edward and Frankie-

They are coming along. Frankie still has deep questions. It is a slow process. Edward had a hard time this week. He is preparing to move to Taiwan in 2 weeks for school. He wants to be baptized so bad but when we explained it to his parents they weren’t too happy. He still wants to be baptized but it may be a trial for all of us. Faith and prayers are the best medicine for this.

The Yip Family & Sis. Warner

The Yip Family & Sis. Warner

I feel like miracles with members is so awesome. We had a really great experience at church that we didn’t expect from someone who wasn’t a member. A woman had brought her helper (who had been in Hong Kong for 1 week) to church because she knew we could provide English services. It was awesome. They came to Sunday School. We translated for this Philippine woman and she was so happy to speak to someone who could understand her. I felt bad for her situation but she said she definitely wants to come next week.

The room mates.  I love them!  We match today :)

The room mates. I love them! We match today 🙂

This week is super crazy. One of the Mandarin Sisters is training starting on Thursday. Our Cantonese transfers are next week. This transfer has gone by so fast! It will be interesting. I am staying in Kowloon City for sure. Hoping more miracles to come! Thank you for all your prayers, emails and love even these thousands of miles away.

I love you lots!   Sister Stromberg

Sis. Shee & her Burmese food.  It was so spicy I cried and sweat, mmmm.

Sis. Shee & her Burmese food. It was so spicy I cried and sweat, mmmm.

PS: I went on Zone 24’s with Sister Shee in Tsuen Wan. She made some really good Burmese food. She is from Myanmar. So cool!Week 42.8


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