#43 The Trio!!!

The Beals are so great

The Beals are so great!  Fun to see people from home.

Well as you can tell I am in a trio now! It is so fun! Sister Mendoza joined our little companionship on Thursday and it has been a blast with her. Kowloon City now has three Sisters and no Elders. It is quite an adventure and the work is still moving forward. It is so crazy. This week was great! The biggest thing that I realized is that I have been on my mission for 10 months. It is so fast. I don’t want it to go fast but there is nothing we can do. Just savor the moments teaching and helping people. That is the best we can do. Sister Warner always tells me, “Don’t ever say the mission is long.” It is totally not. It is a great adventure and I am loving every second of it. So, with that in mind here is my weekly report of stories and miracles……

The Trio!!!

The Trio!!!

Monday (Aug 10) – We had a lovely day in Kwai Fong eating Syuh faahn and then ended the day with our recent convert, Chung Chung San (Glynis) and her mother. We were able to teach her mother the Restoration. It was a blessing. Her mother is a strong member of another Christian church but she loves us an thinks our church is good because of how much she has seen her daughter change from the gospel. It was really great! She is so cute!

Tuesday (Aug 11) – We taught Edward and he kind of dropped on his hotmohng (desire?). He wants to be baptized but is struggling with the actions part of the commitments. We have talked with him. He didn’t come to church on Sunday and hasn’t picked up our calls but the plan for him is to move to Taiwan and find the missionaries there. I think that when he gets to Taiwan it will be so great for him. He will have great support there especially since the church is so much bigger than our little Hong Kong. We will continue to pray for him but I think the hardest thing as a missionary is keep telling yourself that people have agency. It is a wonderful gift from God but it is hard sometimes because you can realize peoples potential.

Wednesday (Aug 12) – We had a super great lesson with a referral from a member. The member hasn’t been to church in a while because of work but she came and brought her daughter. We taught her daughter and she is so willing to learn more. She is studying in Mainland right now but she wants to be baptized. Her name is Lau Yu. She is so cute and said that whenever she comes to Hong Kong to visit her mom she will find some time to see us. She is so cute! After we went English class finding with some members. They are so cute!

Week 43.11Thursday (Aug 13) – We picked up Sis. Mendoza. We are now a Trio! It is so fun! Learning a lot and we are getting so much done, especially because now we have three people who can call. It is so fun and definitely a new adventure. We also had an activity that night. We made food. We had an investigator come and she really liked it. It was great to be able to have Sis. Mendoza there. oh, She is from the Philippines. She lives in Manila. She has graduated school and was working in Hotel and Restaurant management before. She has been out in Hong Kong for 5 months. It is so crazy! She is super fun. A great addition to our companionship. She is also a convert of 7 years. She is a powerhouse missionary.

Friday (Aug 14) – We went finding in To Kwa Wan and then English class.

Saturday (Aug 15) – We taught Frankie that evening. It was a really simple lesson on Heavenly Father. Previously all of our lessons are complex but we wanted a simple one for the spirit to testify. It was really great! We connected it with his son who lives in England. It was a really powerful lesson. Frankie really thought. We asked him what was holding him back from being baptized because he has already heard all of our lessons. He said he hasn’t received an answer to his prayers. We really trusted in the Lord and extended a baptismal date for September 6th. (Next Saturday) He accepted and we are going to give him all of our prayers and faith. He just wants his answer. The Lord has a plan for him.

Sunday (Aug 16) – We had a great day at church. We taught a new investigator that is a referral from the Yip family. His name is Ansony and he is 14. It was a great lesson and he really wants to be baptized. It was really cool how a desire could be in a 14 year old boy. It kind of reminds me of Joseph Smith in a way. We will continue to teach him and we will see what happens. We went finding at the Kwun Tong Promenade. It was beautiful as always. We taught 3 lessons and met some really great potential investigators.

Monday (Aug 17) – Well it is Jamison’s Birthday today! Happy Birthday! I am writing home right now in the Apple store. I also just talked to the Beals. They hand delivered my package. Thank you. We took a picture together and it was super great! They are so nice. It was cool to get a little piece from Layton. Also I am excited for Jamison to start to drive and date. That might be scary mom and dad. Please don’t worry. I am praying for him. This morning we had Sister Warner’s exit interview at Kowloon Tong and a dim sum day with Glynis and her mom. It was great.

Syuh Faahn

Syuh Faahn

This week will be super busy. We are seeing lots of people and sending a missionary home. It will be a little hard but it is also a great experience. Sister Warner is so great and a very hard working missionary. Give her a big hug from me at her homecoming. Love you lots! Work hard. Pray hard. and Serve others daily. I sure love you!



Week 43.10


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