#44 Week of Change & Miracles

Week 44.5This week has been super great! It has been quite different from all my other weeks. One of adjusting and setting new goals for the transfer and my mission. I feel like being a missionary’s last companion changes your perspective. It changes the way you look at the work, investigators, your prayers, personal study, p-day, etc. I have learned a lot from Sister Warner this last transfer and I am so happy that we have been companions. She taught me more than I could ever have thought. When she left, Sister Mendoza and I felt like we had a gap in our companionship. It still feels like that sometimes. It is kind of weird but you have to move on.

Week 44.4We are adjusting really well with each other. Sister Mendoza’s attitude on the work amazes me. She is so hard working and diligent. She is a convert of 7 years and boy does her testimony shine in everything she does! It is really awesome to see it. I enjoy working with her. We have had lots of miracles happen this week even if they were just small and simple tender mercies from the Lord. I love looking back at the day and thinking how the Lord has blessed us. He really does take care of his missionaries.

Here is how the work as Sister Stromberg went for the week….

Frankie  Our investigator Frankie is doing well. We committed him to baptism for September 6th, 2015. He is making lots of progress and he is changing. He is becoming a better person. It is interesting how the Lord can humble a person and mold them into who they need to be. I can see Frankie doing great miracles now and even after he is a member. Sister Mendoza and I try to think of him as someone dressed in white teaching Sunday School or going to the temple instead of a difficult investigator. One thing that I admire about Frankie is that he resists to give up. The Spirit is helping him and he is slowly realizing the Spirit’s influence. I love this part of missionary work, seeing the gospel change people for the better.

Sis Mendoza & I

Sis Mendoza & I

When we saw him on Saturday he said that he had a feeling and he admitted it was from the Spirit. The voice said that he needs to open his heart. The lesson we had with him was great. He is changing. It is amazing how the Lord works in small and simple things to bring about great things. This week we will continue to pray for Frankie and hope to have a lesson with Sister Lam. (President Lam’s wife)

Nomi –  We met a Pakistani man on the street names Nomi. We taught him the Restoration and he did really well at accepting it. We turned him over to the English Speaking Victoria 1 Elders the following day and it was a great lesson. They had someone there that speaks Hindi and it was really cool to see how the same feelings of the Holy Ghost can be felt even if you don’t understand what people are saying. Nomi was awesome and we hope he will continue to meet with the Elders and be baptized. As in Nomi’s words, “It was grrrreat.” I love how diverse Hong Kong is.

Member Missionary Work   We have been working a lot with members since I have been in Kowloon City. We have seen countless miracles from it. We have one member Sister Yip who has brought over 8 referral families to us and one of them we are seeing on Tuesday. She has lots of potential and I can’t wait to teach them. The mother is so sweet and I can see already how they have been prepared with their simple and humble lifestyle. Sister Yip is awesome!

The Ling Family with Edward

The Ling Family with Edward

Edward  We had a great lesson with Edward at the Ling family’s house on Wednesday night. It was nice for Edward to meet a strong member family and I think he learned a lot. He definitely felt the Spirit. Anyways, Edward leaves today for Taiwan. We hope this move with allow him to really think about the gospel and how it can help him now and in the future. We had a great lesson with him earlier this week and it was great for him to share his testimony. We have sent his information to Taiwan and hope he can meet with the missionaries. I hope he can find a way to understand them because he doesn’t speak Mandarin and his English is okay. I know the Lord will bless him.

Week 44.6Our work is going great! I love serving in Kowloon City it is so awesome! The people are great and the work is moving forward. Sister Mendoza and I hope this week can bring even more miracles. We already have a pretty full schedule. I am excited. It is so awesome you went to Sister Warner’s homecoming. I am so happy you got to meet her. She is amazing! When I told her you were going to her homecoming she looked a bit nervous to meet my fam but also excited. She is so funny. I am excited school is starting for the boys. Good luck and mom I hope homeschooling Harry will go well. I will pray for you.

I love you all! Keep up the happiness and prayers. Have a fantastic week!

Love you dearly,  Sister Stromberg

Old roommates on day of departure

Old roommates on day of departure


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