#45 The Lord’s Hand in His Work

With Pres & Sis Lam after they spoke in our Sac Mtg

With Pres & Sis Lam after they spoke in our Sac Mtg

The Lord really does bless and send miracles to His missionaries, members, and well EVERYONE! So. I have way to much to say so I am going to try my best. I want to share some stories of the week and you can try to see how the Lord has blessed us this week….



Yibi – the Malaysian

On Saturday last week we were walking back home and we were at a cross walk with another girl. I just had the feeling to talk to this girl and we started up a chat in Chinglish. Her name is Yibi. Long story short was she was traveling alone looking for a hotel, felt alone and was only in Hong Kong for 3 days from Malaysia. We set up another time to meet her on Monday (Aug 24). We had a great lesson and were able to give her an English Book of Mormon. She had real interest in the church and asked some good questions. We shared a simple message about Jesus Christ and bore testimony. She said she felt different and it was obviously the Holy Ghost teaching her and telling her of truth. She said she would read the book and really wanted to meet the missionaries in Malaysia. It was so cool. I felt really connected to her and I felt like I already knew her. She was super cute and really awesome! By the time she gets back from her trip into Mainland she should have Malaysian missionaries calling her up. I think she will get baptized. I am so grateful that the Holy Ghost told me to talk to her. When you open your mouth it IS filled. It is such a miracle to see promises come true from the scriptures. I love being a missionary!

The Prayer Bow Circle

Well, we were finding in Dak Long Tsuen one night with not much success. I remembered a “beiyuh”(kind of like object lesson) that Sis. Warner had taught me. I pulled out a string and we did this object lesson to one kid at the park about prayer. Soon enough we had about 10 kids there circling us and of course their parents came over too. We were teaching about prayer and how it can answer any of their questions or problems. The kids were all so happy. We even taught them how to pray. A little boy named Adrian prayed for the first time. He was so cute. He was probably about 9 years old. He was so happy to pray. As missionaries we plant the seeds and later on they are harvested. We were able to plant seeds of God and prayer in all of those kids hearts. This makes me so happy and I LOVE Chinese children. They are so cute!


We taught Frankie this week twice. Once with Brother Ling and another one with a very special and happy missionary. We taught Frankie with President and Sister Lam on Saturday (Aug 29). I had previously explained to Sister Lam about Frankie and she really wanted to meet him. We set up a lesson with Sister Lam and Frankie. When Sister Lam came she brought President Lam too. It was awesome. I guess you could say nervous because you are teaching with your Mission President and his wife. It was nervous to say the least but a great lesson. Frankie asked so many questions and got some answers. It was so cool to be able to teach with them. I think President Lam’s conversion story and Frankie’s are very similar. Frankie’s baptismal date in for Sunday, Sept. 6. We aren’t sure if he will be ready by then. We will see this week. We don’t want to push him and who knows the Lord might have a different plan for Frankie. I am just super grateful I can bear my testimony to him and help him find his answers.

Best thing to hear as a missionary

Best thing to hear as a missionary

Hope for Miracles

This week in Kowloon City we put some promises to the test and have already seen results. My goal for this area was to involve members more and have prepared people within the ward families to be brought to the knowledge of the Savior. We have seen at least two miracles from it with many more in store for this area. Sister Warner and I started in this area with many goals in mind. We worked hard to have members at every lesson and involve each member family in missionary work in some sort of way. I turned in our member hours to the ward yesterday and we had 18 different members help us in August 2015. I see that as a miracle because when members get involved in missionary work they feel the excitement and want to share this message themselves. We have definitely started to uplift and help the ward a lot more. Sister Mendoza and I have some new goals for ward that were ideas from the Sister Fulcher Case Study paper. Her study just made me so excited. Tonight we are going to discuss our goals for this next month and transfer. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling on more miracles.

The Ball Rolling of Miracles

This past few days we have put the Elder Ballard promise to the test. We did our best to have a lesson each day and we even had to go out of our way to find some members to teach on Sunday but we made it work. It really did bring miracles! The member we ended up teaching actually wasn’t a member at all. Her name is Menzie (14 years old) and she has been coming to church for years with her aunt. She wants to be baptized but her mom won’t allow it. She said she will just wait until she is 18. We were able to teach her the first lesson which was more like a review for her and we were able to build a relationship with her. I feel like it was a hidden miracle that we were able to teach her.

When we went finding on Sunday night we had miracle after miracle. I believe that these miracles came because we went out of our way to find a member present and that we had faith we would find a new investigator. We ended up teaching 3 lesson in 1 hour and 15 min with another great family contact who we will see tonight and a new investigator scheduled for Tuesday. Miracles!! It makes me so happy and grateful for Elder Ballard’s promise. We definitely will continue to follow more closely on the lessons part and then we will see even more miracles for Kowloon City. They need miracles and I believe they can get them.


Our other investigators are doing okay. They have kind of slipped a little off the radar because it has been hard to schedule them but we are working with them. We have an investigator who we are visiting tonight named Lau Yu. She is part of a part-member family and we are so excited to teach her. I have a few concerns though. She goes to school in Guangzhou but will return to Hong Kong frequently to visit her mother who lives alone. We are going to give her a baptismal date for November. We feel like she could reach this goal as she has a strong desire to be baptized and be with her family forever.

The work is going FANTASTIC here! I am so happy I just want to jump out of my seat!!!!! Literally. Today we will have a relaxed p-day in Shatin. I really liked the family pictures of me photo-shopped in. It makes me laugh. Hope this next week goes well with school and all as well as developing more Christ-like attributes. I love you family! Keep being strong!


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