#46 Doing Missionary Work Like Bruce Lee

Week 46.2Well, there is no better way to say this than that I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK! It is the best! The hard but yet the most rewarding. We have had a stellar week and just keep seeing miracles flow. We have started to add more things to our list of to dos and are finding that we don’t have much time to even finish our studies. It is a miracle! We have had many surprise lessons and new investigators this week. I guess that is what happens when you trust in the Lord and talk to everyone. Literally Everyone! This week we met someone from Hong Kong(of course), Philippines, Mainland China, England, Australia, India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka. I love how diverse Hong Kong is. I couldn’t have picked a better place than the Lord did for my mission. Anyways, here are the highlights of the week.

Lau Yu
Week 46.6Hands down she is the cutest person ever. She just radiates happiness. I love her so much! She is an investigator and her mother is a member in our ward. She is going to study in Guangzhou for the fall so we will only see her when she comes back to visit her mother. But she is reading the Book of Mormon and will continue to pray. She is so cute! We have set a baptismal date for her for January 24, 2015. It seems so far away but it will come fast. I say what a great way to start off the new year…4 months early:)

Frankie is slowly progressing. He didn’t get baptized on Sunday. He has lots of questions and he said he won’t get baptized quite yet because he doesn’t feel like his faith is where it should be. I think that is okay. We aren’t trying to drag people to baptism but to help them come unto Christ. Frankie’s testimony will come. I know it will. He also said that all of his questions don’t matter if he understands and receives an answer about Jesus Christ as his Savior. In the meantime we have given him a 40 Challenge that Sister Warner had previously given me but we changed it to Frankie’s needs. We made a challenge with him as it has been 9 months that he has seen the missionaries. He has 40 days. In the 40 days he will only think positively about Jesus Christ believing in him. Frankie also accepted to read about Christ’s life in the Bible and the Book of Mormon everyday. I think that if his whole conversion is based on believing in Jesus Christ or not this challenge will help him. If after the 40 days he receives his answer, the following Sunday Oct 18 he will be baptized. If not he will re-evaluate where he is at and decided whether or not to stop seeing us or continue. When we extended the challenge it felt like the right thing to do. He needs a little more of a push and I believe it was the Holy Ghost confirming to us that this is what Frankie needs.

Week 46.3Booming Work – Working like Bruce Lee
We had seen someone every day this week but Saturday was full of Miracles and blessings. We had no time to even finish our personal study. We had 6 lessons with a few surprise ones on the street.

Our area has been booming. We have had miracles after miracles. We are teaching and finding at the same time and I find it really special to see how the Lord works. We have been trying to follow Preach My Gospel as much as we can and especially follow the Elder Ballard Plan. It totally works. We have been able to have more lessons and have had many many surprise new investigators. I love missionary work. When you do it completely based on Preach My Gospel everything is affected. We also hit a balanced week for the first time in my mission! That means – at least… 8 full lessons, 2 new investigators, 2 baptismal dates, and 2 investigators at church. We were so happy and grateful the Lord has helped us so much!

We had a balanced week!

We had a balanced week!

We have had many plans and actions as a companionship lately. The bulk of them having a relationship with the Elder Ballard Plan and working with members. We have decided that working with members doesn’t necessarily mean having them fellowship or visit them. We are starting to write thank you notes to them for testimonies, food, callings, etc. We also have made it a goal to sit with a new member family each week. I have already seen a change in the ward with this. They are starting to trust us more and I feel like we are almost part of their big family. It is great!

Our companionship is doing awesome. Sister Mendoza is stellar and I couldn’t have a better companion. Her patience and diligence amazes me. She is here in Hong Kong for the right reasons and it is great to work with her. We are starting a 40 day purification fast that Sister Warner left me with. We are already starting to see miracles. Kowloon City is great and I can see much more progress for investigators and members in the coming months.

No one around, what?!

No one around, what?!

Thank you for your prayers and love from home. I truly believe that these miracles are coming to the surface because of past missionaries working their hardest, prayers from everyone and faith. The Lord’s work is great. It is eternal. It is worth it. I love you and hope you have a great week!


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