#47 First Prayers & THE Kowloon City

Week 47.1Well, our area is so awesome! Kowloon City is so great and I find myself falling more and more in love with this place. It is beautiful, fun, great people, great food and of course a great place to share about Jesus Christ. I think this week I found my new favorite past time, sharing my testimony that is. It is really interesting and quite spiritually thrilling to teach some people about Christ. Most of them don’t know much about him or have never previously had a religion. When you share that there is a concept of hope and new beginning people at first don’t quite accept it but slowly they start to understand. I have found many times this week and over the course of my mission that when someone prayers to our Heavenly Father for the first time in years or even in their life you are inexplicably happy!! It is the joy of helping others find salvation and really come to know of Christ. I feel like as a missionary that is one of my very favorite things to do and experience. To say the least I love being a missionary and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I actually don’t want it to end. Missionary work is great and I think you want to know what I have done this week so here is the lastest update of the Kowloon City Sisters….

Monday – (Sept 7)

We went to the New Territories to spend some time with the Butterfly Sisters (Sis. Dudley/Robinson) and we did a little service project for a Sister who has been sick for the past month. It was so great to go up to the New T’s and it is so FLAT! Wow! I can actually see the sky without putting my head towards my back. I guess I have adapted to living in the city and I love it!

Week 47.3Tuesday – (Sept 8)

We taught some great lessons and just had a wonderful day. We were able to teach two of our investigators who are from Mainland and have only been in Hong Kong less than 10 months or a year. It is so great to teach them. Everything is quite simple and they are so willing to find out more. They are “experimenting on the words of Christ.”

Wednesday – (Sept 9)

We went to lunch with our Recent Convert Chung Chung San (Glynis) and then had a great lesson in the park afterwards. We went to the best Vietnamese restaurant ever! It was so good and it was quite cheap! That is one thing I love about Kowloon City is that there are so many different nationalities around us. We have Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Israeli, Pakistani, Indian and Chinese stores, food, and people just outside our doors. I love it! It makes for lots of learning and trying to teach many people from different walks of life. I love the diversity!

Week 47.5Friday/Saturday – (Sept 10/11)

It was so crazy. We had no time for anything. We taught lots of lessons and attended English class. I love it! Saturday was the same and we had some great street lessons/contacts as well!!!

Sunday – (Sept 12)

We had great church meetings. We had the Primary Program and they are so so so cute! I just love little kids. The songs in Chinese were so cute! We have about 10 primary kids and they are so little and happy. They love us because we show them magic tricks. I show them the magic tricks Uncle Lex used to show us. They love it! We also taught a lesson to Anson. He is doing great and is progressing really fast. His baptismal date is October 11. His is 14 and really wants to know more of truth for himself. He is really awesome!

This week was great! Missionary work is the best! Sister Mendoza and I have been talking about the Holy Ghost a lot lately and how we can discern whether the voice is the Holy Ghost, the Adversary or our own. It is really awesome! Mom, we have been looking at that paper you sent me back in December. It is really good. Thank you!

All things here in the Asian hemisphere are doing great! Miracles keep coming and the work is growing. Working hard and praying hard is what we do as missionaries and I love it so much! Good luck this week. Stay Strong! Be happy! Rely on the Lord because He knows best!

Love you!

Sister Stromberg

Week 47.4


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