#49 Do I love this place? YES I DO!!

Week 48.13I LOVE HONG KONG!!!!!!!!

Not even all my words can express or even describe how much I love this place and it’s people. I love Hong Kong so much and it just gets bigger and bigger each day. I feel like before my mission I never loved anything this much. It is amazing how a beautiful place and wonderful people coupled with the gospel make an experience so much sweeter and more precious! I love Hong Kong

Sorry I am writing a little later than normal. We decided to go to Sai Kung for p-day and it was a blast. I will send some pictures. Anyways, my week was great! Not much new happened. We have some progressing investigators and miracles are happening for Kowloon City just like we expected. Our faith has really grown as we are starting to have more and more people come to know of the gospel. People are changing. People are learning. Bridges between an individual and Deity are being built. Missionary work is the best!

So here is the weekly scoop from the wonderful Orient of Hong Kong China!
Week 48.15Temple
We went to the temple once again and it was the best! I really fell in love with the temple as it has become a light is this busy and crazy city. It was great and I sent you pictures last week so….yeah.

He is so great! He is an investigator who is being changed right now. He is so awesome and really just wants to change and be a better person, husband and father. We met him about 2 weeks ago and he has progressed immensely. Not necessarily in us teaching him lots of lessons but on his own with the help of the Lord of course. When we first met him he was smoking, had shaggy hair, and had never prayed but came with the most humble heart. I admire him so much. In just 2 weeks he has completely changed. He is praying and has become a very happy person. He cut his hair and have made some great friends at church. He is doing great and accepted the baptismal date for November 15. I am so excited for him. He is doing great and I love teaching and sharing with these wonderful people.

Rachel is a new investigator that we are so excited to teach! She is a turn over from the SSP sisters and we met her this week. She is so cute and has a friend who is a missionary in Australia. She is a flight attendant and just left for London but will be back on Saturday. She is so so cute! I am so excited to teach her and share with her my testimony. One of my favorite things is to think about how the gospel can change and bless someones life. The gospel can do miracles in her life and I can’t wait to help her. She is so cute! I am also so excited to teach a rather young girl again. I sure love teaching the brethren but just your relationship of teaching another girl is the best! I am excited!

I'm officially 20!

I’m officially 20!

What?? I am 20??!!!
Well, I have no idea where the time went. It just zipped by so fast. I can’t even fathom that just a year ago this last week I was about to go on my mission. And now look….. I am here….almost done. I feel like it is when you eat a really good ice cream and just as you get about 2/3 the way done you realize where you are but it is so great! I really do like ice cream but the Mission is so much better! I hope you understood that little analogy. My english is starting to fail me. I could barely say and English prayer last week. It was horrible. Anyways, I am 20. I feel old. But I am loving it. I am so happy that I can spend my last years as a teenager and first of adulthood serving a mission. It is the best way to spend a birthday. I sure love this work and I can’t even believe that the time has gone sooooo fast. I think what really was a slap in the face was that my two brothers both went to Homecoming. WOW! I feel like I just left high school yesterday.

I love being a missionary! For my birthday we had some great food and then for p-day went to Sai Kung. You can look it up on Google. It is so pretty. I sure had some fun. The roommates and my companion made it the best. But I think what topped this birthday over all others was that I am doing the Lord’s work makes all the difference. I sure love it. On my birthday we went finding in Kowloon City and it down poured. Literally. The lightning was right above our heads. It was a great 20th birthday. I had lots of good food and did the Lord’s work. That is all you need in a good day. Thanks for all the birthday wishes from home too. I sure love you all!!!

Fresh seafood market at Sai Kung

Fresh seafood market at Sai Kung

Sai Kung – Is this Hong Kong?!
Well today we went to Sai Kung! It is so pretty and I loved it so much! It totally didn’t feel like Hong Kong. We walked the Board walk, took pics, got some lunch and then came here to email. It was so pretty. When you think of Hong Kong you think of tall beautiful buildings on a harbor with lots of great shopping and food. That is all true but where we went was totally different. I felt like I was in Croatia again. It was so beautiful and a great p-day. Hong Kong never ceases to amaze me.

The work is great. Investigators are great. Frankie and Anson are coming along. Anson’s parents don’t want him to get baptized but we are praying really hard and helping him find is own testimony to keep him strong. Today we are meeting with our investigator from Sri Lanka. We are giving her a Book of Mormon in her language. It is so cool! Anyways, I love this work! It is endless! It is beautiful! It has miracles!

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! Glad home is great. I am not too worried about you.
Love you lots!Week 49.5


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