#50 I’ve Adopted a Little Sister

Week 50.1KOWLOON CITY IS THE PLACE FOR ME!!!! I sure love Kowloon City with all my heart. The members, investigators, people on the street, food, the harbor, you name it, I love it! I have been in this wonderful place for 4 months now and I couldn’t get enough of it. I am constantly learning new things and loving new things. This week we developed some really great relationships with the ward and are having some great lessons and experiences with our investigators.

I have a few stories for you. The best one is the last. Here you go….

Big Brother’s Example:  Yesterday at church two of our young men (they were baptized 2 years ago) brought their little sister to church. She is not a member. We got to get to know her and really hope that she will have interest in learning more about the gospel. She does have some great brothers are examples. They are strong in the church. They are preparing for missions. Just thinking of their situation makes me think of my brothers. Although I don’t have a big brother (as in age that is) I have 4 wonderful little brothers! You are such great examples to me of your self-reliance, humor, love and happiness. I have received countless emails about how great my brothers are from people in the ward and whatnot. It makes me so happy! Thank you Jake, Jamison, Carter and Harry for your great examples. I love you all! Keep up the good work!

Investigators:  We have many investigators and they are so amazing. They are progressing and working on finding their testimony in the Savior. We have one investigator named Ken Ng. He is so humble. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom. When we invited him to keep the Word of Wisdom he did without even hesitation, despite his problems with alcohol, smoking and coffee. He is so humble. He just wants to change and be a better person. He is accepting the gospel like I have never seen someone do!!! We made a plan with him to slowly kick these habits and he has real desire to change. Ken is a great example to me of complete humility. He has a baptismal date for November 15!

Week 50.3


I should tell you about one of our investigators. Her name is Chandrani and she is from Sri Lanka. We met her while visiting an LA and she is Christian but wants to know more. We gave her a Book of Mormon in her language and she was brought to tears. As she read Moroni’s promise she Spirit completely filled the room. She is starting to gain a testimony. Although we don’t know if we will be able to continue teaching her we are helping her find her faith and plant seeds for future missionaries. Her language is so beautiful and she just makes me want to go to Sri Lanka and give everyone a hug!

We had an FHE with Frankie and a wonderful Chan family in our ward. It was a nice setting that allowed the Spirit to be with us. We didn’t really focus on his questions, as we have seen in the past doesn’t really get us anywhere. We have started to bear testimony on the topics that he has a hard time with and leave the rest to the Spirit. The Spirit is the only on that can really answer his deep questions, even questions I don’t know the answer to. We will continue to see Frankie. We have another FHE with his friend in the ward this week. Frankie is awesome and his diligence amazes me!

Week 50.2Zone Training:  Zone Training was this week and I absolutely loved it. Not to mention that the entire week leading up to it I was counting down the days. It was so amazing. I felt the Spirit so strongly and I am so grateful for the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders who were able to help create an environment for the Spirit as they did. I received a lot of answers to questions and in our companionship we are applying new things. Miracles are already appearing from our labors.

Week 50.4I Adopted a Little Sister!  Now this is the story for the week. We were finding on Saturday when it started pouring rain! It was a down pour that broke Sister Mendoza’s umbrella but my little dinky one from Target for $5 was fine. Ha! We were finding and found a few people cuddled under an auditorium thing. We went and talked to them. There was this Popo and her granddaughter standing under there. We went to talk to them but the Popo only spoke Haka (another Dialect). So we mainly spoke with the little girl. We played with her for a little bit and got to know her. I gave her an English name. Her name is Allyson and she is so cute! She was the smartest 5 year old ever! She was so cute. We taught her how to pray and was just kind of her friend. She seemed like a very familiar person but I have never met her. She was so cute and I didn’t want to say goodbye once the rain stopped. So, I decided to adopt her! She is so cute! I didn’t really adopt her but I wanted to so badly. But I took a picture with her. She was so cute! I sure love this little 5 year old girl!
Our companionship is doing really great. We have had lots of spiritual experiences this week. Ones that just bring us both to endless tears. We are focused. Our purpose is strong. I really enjoy serving with Sister Mendoza.

The work is great in Kowloon City. I love this ward. I could stay here for the rest of my mission. These people are amazing! Missionary work is the best!


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