#51 General Conference Oct 2015

Ken & Gary at Conf.

Ken & Gary at Conf.

First of all… Conference was SO good! I learned so much and basically my brain is fried. So powerful! So much revelation! I love it! We had a really great time! I will just give you the time table to how it all went down over here in Hong Kong.

Saturday – Morning 11-1pm; Afternoon 2-4pm; Women’s 5-6:30pm (@Kowloon Tong)
Sunday – Morning 9-11am; Afternoon 12-2pm (@Ho Man Tin)

Week 51.3

Pui Ng & Anna Lee at Conference

It is really a long time but I love it so much! The entire stake takes buses to the chapel and we all watch it together. It made me really happy because I was able to see all the members from Cheung Sha Wan that I haven’t seen in forever! I love them so much!

Conference was SO GOOD and there is way to much that I learned for me to put in this email! I just loved it and learned so much for me now and the future! I have started the “Ponderizing Scripture” part and I am really excited. I would say my favorite talks were: What Lack I yet by Elder Lawrence, Elder Holland’s, and Elder Hales. There is one great miracle for the week I want to share with you!


Rachel Leung who lives in Telford Gardens

The Biggest miracle was of our investigator Ken Ng. He is progressing very fast and is almost completely keeping the Word of Wisdom. The best thing about Ken is that he has a strong desire to change. When someone has the desire to change they can and will with the help of the Lord. This weekend at Conference we had invited Ken a week early to attend the Priesthood Session. He accepted but we found out Friday that he could not attend due to an over time shift he had been assigned. Sister Mendoza and I were really bummed and didn’t know what to do. We prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help Ken find a way to come even if it was just for 20 minutes or so. Sure enough the Lord helped him. He called us a 4:30 saying that he had just gotten off work and still wanted to attend but would be late. He came to the Priesthood session only missing the first 10 minutes. We were so happy as he came to the chapel looking his best. He went and sat next to the Bishop and some of his member friends. We just cried and gave a grateful prayer. We were so happy. This truly was a miracle and I am so happy that we continued to follow the promptings of the Spirit that led to Ken attending the Priesthood session. He told us that he was so happy and he had the biggest smile on his face I have ever seen. The Lord is making miracles in Ken’s life. I am just so happy to have been the instrument in the Lord’s hand to help one of his children hear conference.

Week 51.8The mission is great! It is moving W A Y too fast! It is short and sweet. I love it! The Mission is the BEST! Thank you for all your support and letters from home. I love them! Love you! Have a great and safe week:)

Week 51.2

Tong Fong

Sister Stromberg

PS: I saw A-Pui and Tong Fong! They are so cute! I love them! They make me so happy:)


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