#52 A Year in Lights, Service & My Book of Mormon

Week 52.1My oh my do I love HONG KONG!!! It is the best place ever! I can’t get enough of it. The people are the best! I am constantly able to talk to so many people from everywhere everyday. It makes my heart happy because it just proves that we are all children of God.


We have been very blessed this week to have met a few amazing potentials and new investigators. First of all our investigator Ken Ng is doing great! He is progressing really fast and is really humble. Are main focus for him is the Word of Wisdom and attending church. He has to work on Sundays but we invited him to ask his boss if he can have Sundays off to go to church. I really hope and pray that his boss will understand and he will be able to come to church on Sundays. We talked about it in ward council and the ward really wants Ken to be able to come to church. Another great thing about Ken this week is the introduced us to his brother, Roy Ng. Roy is just like his brother and he wants to change. Ken has told his brother about our meetings with him and Roy wanted to come see what it was like. We are really excited to start helping them both come unto Christ. I think it will benefit them both to have support system along the way.

Week 52.2Tracy

Our other miracle this week was we met with a new investigator named Tracy Chan last Sunday. She came to church this last Sunday and was so happy. She loved church and made some great new friends. Come to find out that one of our members actually grew up with her and they were so happy to see her at church after years of no contact. It was a blessing. Our members know her whole family and were once really great friends. It makes me so happy. Tracy wants to be baptized and has set a baptismal date for December 27th. She has a strong desire to come unto Christ and knows it can change her life. I am really excited! The best thing is that she was an answer to our prayers. All it took was for a member to call us from Aberdeen to help Tracy come to church and make her life happier.

Week 52.3Frankie

I think another miracle of the week was when we met with Frankie. We did a really different lesson than normal. We talked about Christ and His gospel’s influence on our lives and who we become. Frankie has heard it all. He just needs time. Frankie will be moving jobs in December and moving to mainland. We really want to help him come unto baptism before he leaves. We are going to give Frankie some time but his desire is really strong and still there. He wants to keep meeting with us which is a good thing. I admire his patience and persistence.

Our area is doing great! Many miracles. Our companionship is great! There are so many miracles and growing times for us both. I love serving with Sister Mendoza as she is full of light and has a hard working attitude. She is a great missionary. I love Kowloon City!

I have been out a year now and have so much to learn still. I have completely changed as a person and I love who I am becoming. The Lord is the best! I honestly can’t say any more times than I have that the mission goes by so fast. I love the mission! It is the best! Happy to be out a year with all that I have learned behind me to help me. Now onto many more months and years to come in the service of my God.

I love being a missionary!  Love, Sister Stromberg

Week 52.10



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