#53 A Change of Pace

Surprise visit from Bro. Wilde - my neighbor at home.

Surprise visit from Bro. Wilde – my neighbor at home.

This week has been a week of change for us Kowloon City Sisters. Luckily, I have not been transferred as I love this area so much! I don’t ever want to leave! But, we got Elders in our area this last Thursday. It has been really different. We are slowly turning over all of our investigators and we know that the Elders can really help them out. Our Elders are Elder Kim (Seoul, Korea) and Elder Turner (a new missionary from Centerville, UT). So close huh?

Week 53.2We have had a change of pace from going non-stop and not even being able to finish our studies to a slower pace. We are excited because we can go finding more and we hope to find some really prepared people. We are looking for a new teaching pool which makes me excited because I get to meet more new friends! YAY!

Week 53.6This week our miracle was with our Less-Active, Choi Lei Lei (Elaine). We hadn’t been able to schedule or get a hold of her for about a month and then by the Lord’s help we followed a prompting which led to us running into her on the street in To Kwa Wan. It was really great and an answer to our prayers. We met with her on Saturday with one of our Relief Society sisters. They became friends and Elaine was really nice and opened up a little bit with Sister Kam. It made me happy because Elaine is normally quiet and shy.

My comp Sis. Mendoza

My comp Sis. Mendoza

Okay, so the Gift of Tongues is real!! Not only has my Cantonese progressed but also I can understand about 75% of Mandarin conversations. There is no way I could do that without the Gift of Tongues! Another thing is that last week we met these really great Filipinos in the park in Hung Hom and they were so nice. We went back and talked to them more about the gospel. They are really sweet. They mostly spoke in Tagalog with my companion. The first time I couldn’t understand anything but now I can understand so much! I haven’t even studied Tagalog! It was a miracle and truly the Gift of Tongues working. I feel like the more that I am around it the more I can understand. It sounds a little bit like Spanish. I am going off my Dora the Explorer Spanish and living with Filipinas Tagalog. It was a great miracle and it made me happy. I now know how to say one sentence of my testimony in Tagalog. It is so awesome! I love being a missionary. It is the best thing ever!

Opening the pkg from Bro. Wilde from home

Opening the pkg from Bro. Wilde from home

We are doing great.Sorry, there isn’t much going on this week. Just doing lots of turn overs and finding with the Elders. Our companionship is super strong and we are doing great. We love serving together!

I love you all! Keep strong and be happy! A happy life is a contagious life!
Sister Stromberg

Week 53.16PS: Thanks for the Package. Honestly when I came down the stairs it totally surprised me to see Brother Wilde. It was nice to talk to him for a bit. Thanks for the package:) I really liked it.

I have been having problems with my eyes lately...possibly the pollution.

I have been having problems with my eyes lately…possibly the pollution.


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