#54 Building Our Faith

Week 54.1We have had quite an interesting week. Almost zero lessons but that is okay, that means that the Lord is testing our faith before he sends miracles. We have done a lot of finding this week and visiting members so we can have at least 1 full lesson (opening prayer, 20 min lesson, closing prayer) each day. Can I say I love the Sisters in our wonderful Kowloon City ward. They are so humble and their testimonies are powerful. These last 4 1/2 months I have had the opportunity to work with the Brethren because almost all of our investigators were men but now we have women and I am starting to adapt. What?! Who would have thought I needed to adapt? Ha. It is a slow process but I am starting to learn how to teach women more again and I love it. Like I said we visited lots of Sisters and I was so happy to get to know them more and share my testimony. They already know the doctrine but when we share our lessons they think of their conversion story. Might I say that we have some solid sisters! I love them!

As with lots of finding lately our faith has started to tremble. No worries it hasn’t gotten very low. It is a continuous effort to keep it up and when you have faith and keep working then every thing falls into place. The Lord’s time is perfect. Now, I don’t know when we will get investigators but I sure trust the Lord as to when we will find them and who it will be. I mean, his plan is the most P E R F E C T thing in this world. It can’t and will not ever falter. I am so happy to have the knowledge of Heavenly Father’s plan and although I don’t completely understand it I am confident that one day I will receive answers to all my questions and doubts.

The year of the pig on p-day

The year of the pig on p-day

We had some fun times this week. Like I had a kid come up to me yesterday while we were waiting for an appointment and he was so so surprised that I spoke Chinese. It was hilarious! Sister Mendoza filmed it without me knowing. I will see if I can send it.

Another one was on Halloween we were walking by Lok Man Sun Chuen and there was a little girl with a paper pumpkin mask. She was so cute. We told her happy Halloween and she was so happy. She said trick or treat and we told her we had candy for her. You should of seen her face. It was literally give a kid some candy. She was so happy. Sister Mendoza and I pulled out two jolly ranchers that we had kept in our bag to keep us awake in meetings. She was so happy! I loved making that little girls day! It was the only candy she had in her paper box.

Anyways, I am so happy that things are going well at home. Happy Birthday Dad! I can’t believe you are 1 year older:) Well and then I think of it and I feel old. But it is part of life. I hope your Birthday was great! I wish you the best of luck with your new grill:) Make some good steaks!

Humble Kowloon City

Humble Kowloon City

I am so happy you got the package. Brother Wilde was so generous to take the package home for me. Tell him thank you again. It was so great to see him. I hope you liked the ties. As I was picking them out I was think that Jake might feel a little weird. HA! That picture you sent me was the first picture in years I have seen him with a regular tie instead of bow ties. I am so happy you liked the candy. It is really good candy and is famous among missionaries here.

I love you. My week has been great and I look forward to more happiness and love in the service of my Heavenly Father. It is going by way too fast but “mouh baahnfaaht” (no solution). I will make every minute count. I love the mission!

Love humbly,  Sister Stromberg


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