#55 Kowloon City is the Promised Land

Dragon made of banana leaves - took 1 week to create

Dragon made of banana leaves – took 1 week to create

Oh I cannot express in words how much I love Kowloon City! It is the best place ever and I love it so much! There is so much to do here and the people are so awesome! In my point of view it is the PROMISED LAND! 

This past week has been great. We aren’t teaching as many lessons as we used to but that is okay. It is all about the attitude. It is the only thing that you can control. Remember that.

I will just go over what were the highlights of my week…

Chung Popo

Chung Popo

1) Chung Popo- We visited a Less-Actives mother about a month ago and went to visit her again. She recognized us! We decided it would be a great service and who knows it will prepare her to receive the gospel in the Spirit World. She is so cute and she never really leaves her house. We are some of her only friends. We go and sit with the 92 year old Popo and basically talk about her family. For how old she is she is so smart and her brain is there with her. She is so cute! We sang her a song and headed on our way with happiness in our hearts.



2) Shatin Bike Ride– We went to Shatin for last p-day. It was gorgeous and it totally doesn’t feel like the Hong Kong I have served in. It was a beautiful river side bike ride that ended up at the ocean. I can just say it has been forever since I rode a bike but I stayed up;) So, I have been in the city for about a year now and I love it! It is so awesome!

Shatin bike ride

Shatin bike ride

You can look at the pictures. Oh and kind of a funny thing is…I have stayed in the same Zone and the SAME District my entire mission. That is totally unheard of. I love it!

3) Service – We did a lot more service this week than normal and I loved it. We tied some blankets down in Wan Chai for a hospital and then I taught a mother English. It was so great! Service just makes your heart happy:) And a mission is pure service if you are doing it willingly and happily. It is the best! I love my mission!!!!!

Week 55.64) Our Investigators – We have about 3 regular investigators right now and we are on the look out for more new ones. Tracy (15) is so cute and we are really working with her. Sister Chung (Glynis an RC in our ward’s mother) is coming along and needless to say that she loves us! Sister Tam (our members neighbor) is so great! We are working with them to progress but it is a lot slower than normal. Patience is definitely required. I don’t mind it. I just love helping, serving and teaching them. They are so great!

The Promised Land from above

The Promised Land from above

This week has been awesome! I love Kowloon City! It is so diverse and such a happy place! Definitly the promised land to me. It is just my favorite! I love you all and hope your week went well. Go into the next week with the most happy attitude you can have. It will make your week more special!

Love you!

Sister Stromberg

PS: Mom, today we are going to the Jade Market.

The Gibson bun by myself

The Gibson bun by myself


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