#57b A Four Day Catch-Up

Week 57b.1

Sister Mendoza & I

你們好! 我好開心做傳教士!!! 🙂 我好愛天父和耶穌基督.

Well, I am learning to read and write characters now which is a completely new ball game. I feel like I got the language pretty good and there is always room for improving. But working with characters is so fun and actually quite hard but I am up for the challenge:) It makes everything really so much easier. Before I couldn’t read the scriptures with my investigators, can’t read manuals, text messages and the board in Relief Society and Sunday school. Now it is coming together and boy does it make me happy.

So, it has only been 4 days. I will try to write as much as I can without repeating things. So bear with me:) Just know that every second as a missionary is rewarding and you can see the Lord’s hand in it all… that is the best part!

Tam 姊妹 is doing great! She is make more friends at church and is starting to progress. We visited her on Saturday and it was a very successful lesson. We were able to teach her children and we learned a lot of new things about her family. Her 7 year old daughter broke into tears while we were teaching because of some family problems. Sister Tam and her daughter Nikki really like church and come just about every week. This week we were able to come to knowledge of new obstacles in their life. We will continue to work with them. What made me happy these past 3 days was that we were able to have a closer relationship and they trust us full-heartedly. At church yesterday, Sister Tam read a few verses of scripture that we had given her. She read it and did not understand. She came to us looking for more help to understand. We took a few minutes to help her. It was really great and it made me so happy. She is progressing! They are such a great family and the son (who is addicted to video games) is starting to change and become a more mature son. The gospel is changing them!

Week 57b.2

Sister Tam’s wonderful meal – it was soooo good!  I love shrimp & fish  now!

Sunday night we met with a member family and an investigator. This investigator has been going to church for years but can’t get baptized because her mother won’t allow her to. Her aunt helps care for her and brings her to church. There isn’t much we can do right now but we are helping Menzie build her testimony so that when she is old enough to be baptized she can be already strong in the gospel. She is so great and the family was so kind to open up their home to us.

This week was great. We are working with the Elders more and I quite enjoy having another set of missionaries in the ward to help with the work. We are both super happy to serve in Kowloon City. I am so grateful the Lord has placed me in this place at this time to serve these people. If you would have asked me a year ago I would not guess that this is where I would be. I am so happy to serve and I find myself growing and learning everyday. We are starting to see some miracles come into play and will continue to learn a lot and work hard. One scripture that really helped me this week was Mosiah 23: 21-23. It is such a powerful scripture and really helped me. It was shared in sacrament meeting. Now that is just proof that that is one reason why we go to church: to get answers to our prayers:)

It has been a great week! I hope all y’all’s is good too! Oh and I taught the 本地 (native speaker) missionary who lives with us now what y’all means:)

PS: If you didn’t understand the above title it says: Hello! I am so happy to be a missionary! I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Love you a bunch!

Sister Stromberg




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